Wednesday, 27 February 2013

A Springy Thingy Giveaway

Oooh, what a day!!
It is so sunny and lovely here in Manchester (no it really is).
I have been inspired this week by many things and I thought I would share an idea, and my happy feeling, with a Springy Thingy Giveaway.

I did this post last year when my blog was a wee fledgling. I enjoyed hearing other peoples favourite things about this time of year. I know it is not officially spring, but there are lambs on the field in front of my house so to me it is damn well near enough.

Whilst searching T'Ebay for 'vintage plastic things', which just so happens to be one of my most bestest pastimes, I stumbled upon this.

I love pretty much everything about it.
I thought to myself....I could make that if I put my mind to it.
Of course, it would be more simple, much like myself. It would also be made of things that I had, or that I could find whilst pottling.

pottling finds
Last night, during a heavy TV viewing session I had a little fiddle (not of the rude kind).

It is but a pilot run, but I think with a bit more fiddling (still not rude), I could make it even better.
What do you think?

So, I feel I should let someone else have a go which brings me neatly to the first part of the giveaway.

DIY posy brooch kit (will include brooch back of course)
I bet you can do a better job than me.

The second part of my giveaway is a pin cushion that I made out of a perfectly nice vintage pot towel.
read about my crime here.

pins included
.....and the third part ties in rather nicely as it is actually an un-butchered pot towel.
This is ace!!

vintage oxo
......and lastly, but certainly not leastly, are some traditional Oooh Betty goodies

DIY dolly peg. find inspiration here

vintage springy trim
I hope this gets you in a Springy mood :)
The rules are as follows: tell me what you love about Spring,
follow me here or on Facebook, and if you share the link, anywhere, let me know and you will get double dibs.
I hope that is not asking too much. I am trying to be a bit more business like and I won't lie....I want to reach 200 followers. 200 is a good number and it just so happens to be the exact number of random boys socks I have in my random boys socks basket (yes, I do have one).

Thanks for reading, it was a bit of a long-un. x

Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Betty the Butcher

Forgive me for I have sinned.
I really don't know what came over me? possibly a dark cloud....or was I temporarily possessed by an evil spirit?
Please don't hate me!!

I was bored! 
And,would I have ever used this most wonderful, vintage tea-towel?
People do need pin cushions, don't they?
Only leave your thoughts if they are nice ones!!

Friday, 22 February 2013

Nice Things

squirrel cushion

 chair vintage Robin Day
thrifted vintage crochet cushion

owl mug
dolly peg pic

thrifted sylvanian family caravan (miniature project)

bobble trim

porcelain birds vintage
pudding mould vintage (chalk pot)
fox postcard

clutter??? where?
Thanks for looking. x

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Juxtapos Handmade

This is a book I got for my birthday last week.
I haven't done a book review for months, possibly because of a lack of anything worth sharing.
I love this book, it is so inspirational and different.
Over the last few days this book has been placed on my coffee table and I have picked it up every night 
I have pinched a few pics from Googlies to share, there is so much more.

this has to be the next project

There are a few things that I have been able to re-create (of sorts) with Littlest.
There is a Thumb War picture created using thumb prints that have been made into little characters.
Littlest made his own version, there were green finger prints everywhere but it was brill. He even made a card for Mr betty and made a thumb family picture....his character was a little finger print!

The book also features some paper food art, dead easy.
Using coloured tissue paper, cutting out onion rings, lettuce etc, then stacking as a sandwich....brilliant fun and looks fab.
I would defo recommend this book to anyone, arty or not. 

The book is published by Gingko Press.
 p.s I will post some of our creations. x

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Mr Bettys Big Day

Yes, another birthday in our family this week.
Mr Betty has reached the ripe old age of 29 (ouch).
I was really struggling for a present idea, he is so tricky to buy for. For obvious reasons I bought him some David Beckham undies. I might lock him out of the house in them and create the advert moment ;)

I chose to treat him to an 'experience' and hopefully create some great memories and let me tell you,
we have just had the most amazing day!!

Mr Betty and the Harris Hawk

Mr Harris Hawk. We walked him, brilliant!

Mr Betty with Dennis, the most loving owl in the world.

I cannot tell you how enjoyable this was.
We learnt so much about the birds of prey, learnt how to care for them, train them.
I paid for a private 2 hour session, really good value and I was along as a viewer. I did get a cuddle with Dennis of course.

Here is a link for the falconry centre.
I am considering taking Littlest for his birthday too.

Thanks for reading. x

Friday, 15 February 2013

Lovely gifts from lovely people

I thought I would share some pictures of the lovely gifts I received for my birthday
I have been very lucky this year, and because I have been blessed with some very talented friends, I am now the proud owner of some lovely homemade gifts.

Where to start??

patchwork heaven

This gift actually bought a tear to my eye. I love it so much.
This was made by my blog friend Little Teawagon. Our new friendship this year has been amazing!

CK sewing box (with hidden extras)

My little brother came up trumps this year. I know for sure that the Cath Kidston shop is not his natural habitat (he is a mechanic). The fact that he braved the store and even selected a  few treats to pop inside is a virtual miracle.

paper straws!!
This gorgeous school milk bottle is a gift from the lovely Ms Beth Taylor
We are both Aquarians and her birthday is on Valentines day. She knows me well! 

you all have to buy this book
This book is a book I didn't even know existed.
It was a gift from  Vanessa my fair,craft and coffees pal. 
I have already been inspired by this book and Littlest dashed off and created a 'Thumb War' picture immediately after having a flick through.
I will do a book review on it in a few days so you can have a peek inside.

another Beth gift and a Lapin necklace from Mr Betty

handmade specs case from vanessa....already in regular use

tin of treasure
 The above tin is a gift from OOB (Other Oooh Betty). She buys me stuff all the time truth be told.
Filled with goodies of joy including an Orla pen, cool recycled notelets and jot pad. 
I am going to use some of the papers in my doll house, watch this space.

 Let us not forget Barbara, as if we would!
Barbara was made by Mrs Teawagon and she comes everywhere with me (not Mrs T although I would not mind if she did). 

more CK
Lastly, for now, is my pretty T-Pot and jug from my good friend Little Laura.
Little Laura is very little and a bloody good mate.

So, as you can see, I did very well indeed.
I have the best friends and I feel very blessed.
(crying again) x

Thursday, 14 February 2013

Birthday Barbara

Yesterday it was Barbaras Birthday.
Barbara is now middle aged and feeling it.

What Barbara needed was something to take her mind off this rather distressing milestone, a shopping spree, some nice food, maybe a few drinkies and most importantly a night away from home with her OH Mr B.

Barbara does Brunch

Oooh Barbara, slow down!

Barbara beautifies

Barbaras blumptious bed
Barbara got everything she wanted and now 40 don't seem all that bad. x

Sunday, 10 February 2013

Vintage Village Treasures

I have just had a most enjoyable morning at Stockports Vintage Village (it is award winning don't ya know). My mother gave me some spending money so I could get myself something nice for my birthday. So much more satisfying than next vouchers ;)
My first stop, obviously, was Jodi-Jo Retro
A fox was at the forefront of my mind after missing out at last months fair, I have thought of little else.

Here he is at last.

And then I just had to be buy this cushion. It is patchwork and I just love it.

To own any of these fabrics......

 Talking of fabrics...I couldn't resist these, also from Jodi-Jo.
New cushions?
I was really lucky to have found these tea towels too. I was tipped off by Mrs Teawgon, they were stashed under a stall???

Aren't they amazing. Can't see me ever using them. but just knowing they are mine is enough.

Lastly, and my biggest investment, was this.

Arabia Finland jug

This picture does not do it justice.
It is so nice, and I have had my eye on it for months but never had the finances.
It is a lovely big size, 6" tall. It will take pride of place in the middle of my kitchen table and I am going to fill it with daffodils.
The lovely Snygg Style gave me a special birthday discount.

Now I am home I am enjoying my favourite cake and a cup of tea.

Stuart Thornley Bakewell Tart Cupcake....GONE!!
Thanks for reading. x

Btw, not my birthday today, it is actually on Wednesday. I am to be forty...ssshhh.