Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Nice Things

I was going to have a weeks break from this here blog, just so I can sunbathe (not really), but things have got the better of me, I just cannot stay away too long.

Don't you think everything looks and feels better when the sun is a shining?
Everything is so vibrant and pretty.

My body clock has gone a bit off kilter, you know when you sleep early and wake early?
I think it is nice to fall asleep whilst it is lovely and cool, and then rise before it gets too hot.
The early mornings are just beautiful and I am enjoying hanging out the washing and sipping a cup of tea on the decking....simple things and all that.

I decided to grab my camera this morning and catch the pretty morning light.

1) my beautiful Show Us Your Threads cake stand
2) love the top tier
3) I love this boy cat so much
4)Mr Betty built me a trellis room
5) the question that gets asked every night by every boy
6) vintage utensils
7) a little purple clock
8) flowers in the window
9) vintage ice bucket
10) a pretty little face
11) thrifted foot stool
12) a new cushion
13) Hamma time
14) ......and a bit of fun with FIMO
15) vintage tray
16) whilst everyone does the 'black and white thing', I seem to be going the other way (and fast)
170 my new/old sideboard

Thanks for reading x


  1. I've just said to Sophie (Hettie Brown) that I love the early morning best on hot days ... when no-one's around, and not too hot to potter about ...

    Love your pics and the view of your living room is just perfect ... my house is a tip, am sort of not doing much lately!

    Have a wonderful Wednesday, Emma

    Love Claire xxx

  2. Such a splendid array of nick nackery, it looks like a happy home. EE xx

  3. A lovely, individual, colourful home ...
    M x

  4. What a lovely colourful home.

  5. Yes this sunshine most definitely makes us feel a great deal happier about life, but I think we are all waking earlier. Maybe the birds are feeling the same and hence the increase I volume of their singing :-). Have enjoyed the tour around your home very colourful and beautiful. Love your cat!! Enjoy this glorious weather xo

  6. I love your pictures! Your cake stand is wonderful x

  7. Beautiful pics. I love your kitchen utensils. I have a few that I've just literally plonked into a vintage basket - not the most fabulous of displays. Do you use yours? xx

  8. Very cute pictures!! :) Happy week! xo Holly

  9. I love your deer and your Fimo people. Lovely photos.

  10. Great collections and a very cute home!Love the deer and the kitty!

  11. love the giant pom poms!!!

  12. I am loving the skyline utensils.....such taste you have old gal!
    D x

  13. Thanks for adding to my friends and your comments on my blog. Yours is lovely and am now following your exploits!
    PS: The crates are painted and I have no finger ends left from sandpapering them... x

  14. Yes, the sun does make everything better, it's true. Love that sideboard in the last photo, it's lush! x

  15. I love your 'what's for tea blackboard' does anyone ever tell you?! Heather x

  16. I loooove that side board! :)