Tuesday, 30 July 2013

An Idiot Abroad (aged 7 years and 2 months)

Unless visiting a highly interesting place e.g Russia, HongKong etc I have to admit to finding other peoples holiday stories rather boring...sorry!
As I myself have just returned from a most wonderful family holiday in Portugal, I am obviously keen to waffle on about it.  I however, have decided to refrain, and instead I am going to share Littlests holiday journal with you.
He really has managed to capture the essence of our vacation.

By the end of this sorry tale I am sure you will be wondering what on earth this poor child was doing all holiday. I am hoping he only reached for his pen and pad when short of anything better to do which can occur on even the bestest of trips, particularly when you are just 7.
Over to you Mikey.

taking ages on the plane
I can't go to sleep I wish that baby would shut-up
my Mum and Dad are playing Sudoku I hate it when they do stuff like that.
my brother and my brothers girlfriend had to sit next to a stranger

got up early today
I got straight in the pool
it is burning hot
 I hate it when it is hot

pushed jack in the pool....me next

loads of rubbish outside our house, I wish people would stop having fags

going to the shop
I wonder what I will see
got a splinter, I hate them
looking for goggles.....non

loads of newts

so bored, I wonder what to do
I just went in the pool
 it was cold
having a walk in the garden....nothing
going to have an adventure with jack later
 went on the adventure with jack, we played Modern Warfare
then we got home

got up early....again
then we went to the boring shop
got some sweety guns, they did not work
Jack and Plum are still asleep
met some cats, they are always here
the kittys are on the roof and I can't play with them
having a Barbacue today

playing survival, that's when you pack some food and stay outside
went to the shop and I bought toys
got up early again
I got out our dinghy
have got in the pool, it is cold
bought a gamer computer it is ferry cool

Jack completed my challenge
I wonder what he will do next
got in the pool and did a front flip
it is the last day. I'll make the most of it!
don't know hat to do except be bored


I hope you enjoyed this happy go lucky diary, I feel the cost of the holiday was well worth it ;)
Back soon with an update that I hope will be a little more cheery.
Thanks for reading. x

Monday, 15 July 2013

My Vintage Village Purchases and more

Oh  my goodness, life is good!
The sun is still sunning, my son has survived 4 days at Wakestock and yesterday I was 'Finder of the Fair" at the Vintage Village.

If you are a regular reader of my blog you will have heard my Vintage Village tales many a time before. In case you do not know of Vintage Village and by god you should, here is a link to Vintage Village at Stockports victorian market hall.

My 'Finds of the Fair' will be on their website very soon and I am most pleased with my summery themed selection.
If it wasn't for the fact that I am travelling abroad this week for my family jollies, I probably would have bought the lot!!

I did, of course, purchase a couple of things.

this handy (or footy if you like) stool which perfectly matches the one I showed you here
these stools work in great harmony with my Ercol chairs. I couldn't have my feet arise whilst Mr Bettys size 9s are on the deck could I!!

maybe needs a cushion....I wonder if I have any fabric?

such a great birthday card, I will save it for someone special

I just love these wired vintage headbands. great for bad hair days or even better on good hair days.
As you can see above, I bought another 3 from here

And here are a few other nice things

car boot find, I just love vintage wooden jigsaws
I have displayed it on my new/old sideboard that is getting fuller by the day

a brilliant new fabric discovery in the form of the offcuts of vintage skirts and dresses
30p a bundle from Retro Rehab, Oldham Street, Manchester
thanks for the tip off girls

and lastly but not leastly is my instant collection of Vintage Fisher Price people (and dog)
goodness me, I have been coveting these for a while, unwilling to pay online auction prices
anyhows, cut a story, car boot, 50p the lot
i was highly amused when an IG friend suggested that they made up a very good Fisher Price version of the Village People

Have you had any good finds of late, been to any good fairs, car boot sales?
I love seeing what people have bought home!

Remember to pop over to the Vintage Village link and check out my fair finds.
Thanks for reading. x

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Nice Things

I was going to have a weeks break from this here blog, just so I can sunbathe (not really), but things have got the better of me, I just cannot stay away too long.

Don't you think everything looks and feels better when the sun is a shining?
Everything is so vibrant and pretty.

My body clock has gone a bit off kilter, you know when you sleep early and wake early?
I think it is nice to fall asleep whilst it is lovely and cool, and then rise before it gets too hot.
The early mornings are just beautiful and I am enjoying hanging out the washing and sipping a cup of tea on the decking....simple things and all that.

I decided to grab my camera this morning and catch the pretty morning light.

1) my beautiful Show Us Your Threads cake stand
2) love the top tier
3) I love this boy cat so much
4)Mr Betty built me a trellis room
5) the question that gets asked every night by every boy
6) vintage utensils
7) a little purple clock
8) flowers in the window
9) vintage ice bucket
10) a pretty little face
11) thrifted foot stool
12) a new cushion
13) Hamma time
14) ......and a bit of fun with FIMO
15) vintage tray
16) whilst everyone does the 'black and white thing', I seem to be going the other way (and fast)
170 my new/old sideboard

Thanks for reading x

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Beech Road Festival

This coming Sunday, Sunday 7th of July to be more precise, long with some of my Craft Mafia friend, will have a marquee at The Beech Road festival.
Beech Road is in Chorlton and it is such a great place to visit, even on non fair days.
It has great restaurants and cafes, the loveliest of shops and just an all round 'good vibe'.

This event has something for everyone.
It is very family orientated.
Most importantly...obviously, is our Craft Mafia marquee of fab.
In our Marquee of fabulousness will be me, along with my critters and cushions.
Also, Basils Brother will be making his bow tie debut, every self respecting gent should have a bow tie and I do believe that Basils are the best!

My good friend Ophelia Button will be there in all her glory showcasing her Peg Ladies, Vintage inspired button jewellery and plenty more fantastic treasures.

The lovely Emma of Show Us Your Threads will be selling a selection of her wired headbands and scrunchies. These are made from the most fab selection of vintage fabrics.

Emma will also be selling her handmade, vintage cake stands. They are gorgeous, every girl should have a pretty cakestand!

I really hope you can make it.
We will be on the green in front of the Horse and Jockey pub from 12 til 5
Come, have a mooch, enjoy a coffee at Beech Road cafe and a super juice at 'The Cafe On The Corner'
Thanks for reading. x

Monday, 1 July 2013

Cushions, a winner and a competition piece


Yet another beautiful day, so enjoying sunny times.
Today I have drawn a winner of my cushion giveaway comp.
It does seem to be all about the cushions at the mo. I have been making them for my new/old Ercol suite.

these are not actually made by me but you get the idea

I have been making critter cushions for Beech Road Festival, Chorlton, which is to be held this coming Sunday. I have even made one for a Terrys Fabric competition, has anyone else been involved in this ?

First, if I may, I would like to show you the cushion design that I made for the aforementioned comp.
As an entrant I was asked to choose 2 pieces of fabric from their range, I chose a nice graphic print for the front and a coordinating stripey for the back. 
 My fabric choice arrived the very next day along with a 50cm x 50cm cushion inner...how lovely, just my kind of thing!!

I have called my cushion Flo as it is modelled on my mums kitty, full name Flora Davies.
I have stuck to my tried and tested felt on fabric method because well,  that is how I roll.


I really enjoyed making something a bit different and it will be a lovely gift for my Mum.
What do you think? In with a chance?

So, enough about me, let me announce the winner of my comp.
This has been drawn by Littlest using a bowl and arrow technique (not a spelling mistake).

I think of her as Jammy Pudding, hope she doesn't mind. Well done Ali!
Let me know which cushion you would like and I will pop it in the post to you as soon as time permits.

Thanks for reading. x