Monday, 30 September 2013

I love this house part 5

5 years ago, and just when our family seemed to be getting too big for our little house, my mum suggested that we both sell our little houses and pool our cash
to us this was the biggest gift ever
each of our 3 boys would have their own bedroom
I would live in a home that we would have never normally been able to afford and of course, I would be back living with Mother Betty

I am a big advocate of children benefiting from an extended family
I feel that my boys gain so much from having their Grandma right next door
we also have that wonderful blessing of nipping out, just the two of us, whenever mum is around and my mum has the benefit of no bills to worry over, a man in the form of Mr Betty to undertake any man jobs and the fact that family get togethers are rather easy in the planning

by way of celebrating this living together milestone I thought it would be rather chirpy to feature my mums annexe as part of my 'I love this house' post
I of course love this house and I can often be found in there enjoying a good old mother and daughter gossip
although mother and I have very different styles, we are also rather alike when it comes to constant changing. Mother actually furniture shifts more often than I do and that really is some what of a full time job!!

so, if you just go through the door from our playroom

whiz on past the piles of laundry in our laundry room
you will find yourself at my mums

the view from the mezzanine bedroom
mums decking and patio
the bathroom in the eaves
a seat in the window
mum loves a plate or two!
perfectly compact kitchen
so what do you think?
I know that she loves it

I know of people that would like their mother to be living with them, or at least a bit closer. I know people that already have a granny annexe of some sort
I am sure that there will be people that have their fathers living with them too
it very much works for us and the support is invaluable

happy 5 years mum
thanks for reading x

Monday, 23 September 2013

Things that are making me smile

If I ever needed things to make me smile then it is today.
I have had that funny feeling that a bug is on its way, fuzzy head, aching bones...well on Saturday eve it totally arrived, runny nose that was actually running onto my lovely pillow case (sorry but honesty is the best policy). Sore teeth, earache, a throat that feels like a kangaroos jock strap, you get the picture.
I actually look ill, proper ugly!
Anyhows, I always like to force a smile and her are the things that are helping me down that path and onto the road to recovery.

This magazine is immense.
I have read it, page to page,and it is just beautiful.
I want to have adventures like the people in the stories.
Mr Betty and I have both been totally inspired.
If you can get it, do,

These little shoppers are ace.
Only £1.50 from Primark, it was to be merely an emergency receptacle but I am finding myself using it rather a lot.
E is for Emma by the way for that is my name.

Loving the fact that when Littlest suffers the overwhelming disappointment of  finding a girly mini figure within those little foil packets, he gifts them to me and my printers tray.
Just the fact that I am so happy to add to my collection seems to make the disappointment ebb away.....almost.

I am a cushion addict, there are no excuses. I can't even sit in most of the seating in my house at the moment for the bum area is so crammed with cushion loveliness.
It is not something I am going to seek professional help for as I don't actually care,

God I love these compact Japanese books.
I am building up quite a collection.
My plan was this. I decided I would cut back on my magazine frenzy and instead treat myself to one of these each month. I have stuck to 50% of my plan.
This one is Stockholm family style. I love the family style books the mostest and I have found much inspiration in this edition for my next interior challenge, Littlests bedroom.
Watch this space!

Thanks for reading, please wish my bug away for me. I hate being bedridden.
Mr Betty has gone to get me some treats.  X

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Monday, 16 September 2013

Crafty Mag and Me part 2


Did you get issue 6 of Crafty Mag?
My home was featured as I mentioned in a previous post, and the lovely people over at Crafty have also added a few extra pics to their blog page.
If you haven't already visited the Crafty Mag blog, you absolutely can find it here

Just by way of having some super professional pics on my blog for a change I thought I would share them here too.

What was mentioned a lot in the article, was how much my home is filled with things that other makers have made.
I love the fact that this came through and I like the fact that I can mention some people whose gorgeous makes appear amongst the pictures in the magazine.

Quite a few cushions and critters made by the lovely Jodi-Jo Retro
Patchwork, Owl, origami birds and macrame made by my besty Little Teawagon
Bird picture by blog friend Hey Homewrecker
Quite a few purchases from one of my most fave shops Lapin and Me
and a cushion made by my gorgeous friend Vanessa of Den at Beechwood
A picture of Ophelia Buttons girls
....and quite a bit of Ikea ;-)

I will not be mentioning my magazine fame anymore for fear of me getting a big head (to go with my big hair).
Tell you what immediately brings any head swelling down....dirty grundys!!
I'm off to do some much needed laundry type chores

btw...Maurice has just been featured in Reloved Magazine

Don't say anything, it is all about Maurice!!!

Friday, 13 September 2013

My girls

It's not that I am tired of Foxes, Badgers, and Pugs, not a chance. All it is is that I fancied a new project, a new direction shall we say.
At first I was keen to create a Blythe doll inspired cushion, but after buying a cute little postcard I decided to just make cute little faces.
Each one will be individual, each one will include little vintage buttons but every one will wear a pink heart in her hair...I'm not sure why, they just will.
Also, and most importantly I think, each one will have a name and her very own character. I may even make some boy ones!

(Are you feeling a giveaway is on the cards?)

Elizabeth is a little unsure in life, sometimes lacking in confidence.
Cheeky at times but you would never know this because she looks like butter wouldn't melt.

Josie is happy go lucky and absolutely obsessed with ponies.

Frankie, always up for fun and loves feeling the wind in her hair.

Peggy is a studious type, always has her head in a book. 
She loves a romance novel every now and then.

I hope you like my girls as much as I do.
Once they actually become cushions I shall pop them into my shop, all ready for Christmas.
Thinking ahead....the new me!!

Thanks for reading. X

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Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Lo Fi Dreamkeepers

Last week I was most happy to be asked to be a part of one of the LoFi craft groups in a more official capacity.
As you know, LoFi night is my most fave night of the month.
I get to sit with my friends, eat nice food, chat, and create something fantastic.
I have learnt a lot of new skills...needle felting, patchwork and I have met some very special people.

a little bit of inspiration courtesy of Nico and an extract from the BFG

Nico aka Ms Ophelia Button and I decided to make 'Dreamkeepers"
After seeing so many beautiful dreamcatchers around in shops, craft magazines and the like, we chose to give the idea a little twist, and not only catch our dreams, but keep them in a safe place forever.

hard at it
 Nico and myself did a practice run at my house, helped along with pink lemonade and chocolate cake.
The design that worked best was to build up the dream in the lid of the jar, decorating the actual jar with paper or fabric.
The jar could then be screwed in place over the lid.
My jar contained one of my Fimo figures of an old lady, happy and healthy and wearing her hair in a bun. I also added a pretty mug and a sweet little cake (things that make me happy). 
Most importantly in my jar was a little silver typewriter and an Oooh Betty book.
My biggest dream is to write a book.
The typewriter was one of my mums charms, given to her when she got her first job at the Daily Mail in Manchester.

not so hard at ;-)
Some of the LoFiers glued their trinkets into the jar lid, others created a floating effect using cotton or wire (I used wire).
One of our favourites was a girls dream of having big hair....brilliant!

work in progress
 Between myself and Nico we took fabrics, buttons, trims, trinkets, doll heads, beads and lots more.

nature inspired dream keeper
It was so interesting seeing all the dreamy creations.
Even Mr Betty got involved in the practice session and created a travel inspired dream keeper.

favourite things dream keeper (Ms Beths)

Belle and Boo/ Nico and her bunny Pantoufle

dreams of a healthy old age, tea, cake and an Oooh betty me

I can't wait to find out what we will be making next month and I am also hoping that I get asked to be a LoFi helper again sometime in the future.

If you want to read the official Craft Mafia LoFI post you can find it here
You can also use the link to find out all the Manchester Craft Mafia events.

Thanks for reading and I hope you feel inspired to dream x

Saturday, 7 September 2013

The Vintage Village is 3 so please vote for me!!

Hello all!
This Sunday is the award winning Vintage Village at Stockports victorian covered market hall.
Although I don't have my own stall I have been very lucky to share a stall with my friend Ms Beth Taylor.
As I have been extremely 'bogged down' with a recent secret mission (I will tell you as soon as I can), I have been a bit pants at sourcing good stock...but, I do have a few treasures in store for our stall on Sunday.

If you are one of the lovely people that come and visit me at Vintage Village I would be absolutley over the moon if you were to vote for me as Vintage Village most favourite stallie.
I know I am a bit of a randomer when it comes to my stall holding but you must be sure of the fact that I do try ;-)

Anyhows, begging over, here is THE FORM
and also, here is the link for the VV and all the details about its 3rd BIRTHDAY BASH
It is going to be something else!!

Here is a few snippets of the goodies I will have for offer this coming Sunday and I can also tell you that the aforementioned Ms Beth Taylor is having a massive clearout of her collections at fantastic prices, I may need to leave my purse at home.

small enough to be a vanity case, big enough for a dirty weekend ;-)

can't actually believe I am selling these!

.....or these

orange plastic

vintage barkcloth

good old Knitting Nancy
I really do hope to see you there.
Come and say Hi, I will be wearing a vintage pinny and my quiff will be pointing to heaven.

Thanks for reading...and don't forget to vote!!