Tuesday, 28 January 2014

The Great Interior Design giveaway

Hello! Just a quickie today.
I have had so much lovely and needed support re The Great Interior Design Challenge that I decided to purchase two of the wonderful books and give one away.
The book is ace, better than I ever expected and of course, my room is in there looking better than I remember.
The book has loads of Interior Design tips for every room in the house and really handy DIY tips including up-cycling projects featured in the show.
The photography is top banana and all the rooms from the heats are featured.
I have just spent a happy afternoon perusing its pages and I know you will love it too.
The rules.
Follow me here and leave a quick comment, maybe tell me which room you are planning on designing next?
Alternatively, follow me on IG (Oooh Betty) and leave me a note or even pop over to my Facebook page and give me a like.

I will announce the winner in a weeks time which will be whatever this day is next week. I think it is a Tuesday?
Good luck! X

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Friday, 24 January 2014

The Great Interior Design Challenge - the morning after the night before

did you watch it last night?
I think the whole series is brill, such a great format.

I filmed the episode back in September, hence the tanned glow and tiny frocks, so it has been a long wait to see the final cut and also to keep it a secret from you.
I have been very controlled in not immediately blogging last night but I always find that a nights sleep is best, particularly when one is on the wrong side of merry.
What I want to get across in this blog post is just the bits that the time constraint forced out on the TV show. There are elements of the design that are important to me and therefore important that I talk about…if you know what I mean. I am not being all serious about it (fat chance) it is just in my head and it needs to come out.

I sprayed the basic Ikea table trestles green. I left Ricardo a little note on the typewriter

  Firstly, let me tell you what my take on Interior Design is, without using Wikipedia, and don't forget I have no experience and no training. This may soon become obvious ;-)
In my mind it is all rather simple.
 Do what the client wants, make their ideas look ace and design the room and its furniture to suit the way they live/use the room. That is basically what I did.
Ricardo wanted a new minimalist look. He did NOT want the hidden storage. We removed the double wardrobes, a massive job might I add. It certainly looked hard work from where I was sitting (with my cappuccino).
I knew that he wanted a grown up desk area and I knew from the start that this would be the perfect space for it. 
The desk would double up as a relaxed eating area because obviously, his table and chairs were now gone (god knows where?).
 I added vintage school stools, that stacked, and could easily be placed around the table for an impromptu gathering. Ricardo looked like an impromptu gathering kinda guy.
I absolutely have to point out that Sophie Robinson mentioned Ricardo had nowhere to place his unsightly bills and paper work, Uh, 2 filing cabinets right there!!

I added some wooden shutters to the window.
This was high on Ricardos wish list.
The sofa (we will hit on that elephant in a mo), is a sofa bed, guests would sleep in this room so he wanted the ability to black out the window. I think the shutters were fab and I know Ricardo was delighted.

I was really keen to add an industrial style light.
I made this using a very basic and low cost mechanics inspection lamp, and added an up to date wire shade. I spray painted the lamp to a dark green shade to tie it in with the other lights.
I am going to make one of these for my house.
The total cost was £18 and you get a really long flex which enables one to hook it and hang it wherever one pleases. I am a great fan of hooking and hanging.

My up cycling appears a little, shall we say half hearted….it probably was, BUT, in my defence with the whole creative thing, I had very little scope to be as creative as I would have wished.
Ricardo wanted very little colour, no pattern and definitely no florals. I was itching to get a stitchin but it forced me out of my comfort zone and I loved that about it.
The TV stand worked brilliantly for all its simplicity and it looked pretty good. Luckily the judges agreed.
From a functional point of view, Ricardo had the problem of lifting his TV out of the way every time he opened up the sofa bed. His new fancy pants, moveable media unit (its getting serious) was the perfect solution. I think he was planning on getting all creative with the crates once we had shipped out so its all good.

The wallpaper…..oh god the wallpaper.
What a hoohaa!
What was I to do? paint the walls grey?
I liked it, I love a bit of drama.
If you are into a bit of faux brick, firstly keep it to yourself and secondly pop on here and you can buy it for just £20 a roll.

the ladder was a hit!

I did buy Ricardo a new sofa within my £1000 budget. It was a second hand find but it was cool, it was a sofa bed and when I was told that he would like to keep his existing one I was not amused.
This soon passed as do most of my emotions.
I had to make the best of the sofa but I know that it would have looked a darn sight better, and more polished, had I got my own way but lets face it, I got my own way with the wallpaper so I really can't complain.

Overall I thought it was a truly great experience.
I got fantastic feedback on Twitter etc
You have been utterly amazing and I have realised more than anything that I have the most wonderful family and friends.
Big congrats to the winner of our heat Luke, well deserved and Dee, if you could only see everything that poor, lovely woman had to cope with you would've cried for her. She coped so well.
My builder Johnny was a diamond, I miss him and I also loved my camera man Charlie. I hope they read this and know I appreciated them.
I am now drawing to the end of my most important speech. If you have read to this point without dozing off then I will send you a free gift ;-)

Thanks for reading. x

lets see Ricardo one more time!

Saturday, 18 January 2014

Oooh Betty Peg Doll collection

I have been busy over the last couple of weeks trying to decide on what to do next on a creative level.
Maybe wanting a change, and to get away from woodland creatures - not literally!

If you have followed my blog for a while you will know that I love peg dolls, always have.
My little peg doll kits are always a hit at the fairs and they make great gifts for teachers and friends so I decided to extend them into a little Spring/Summer range

I have recently been slightly more involved in Pinterest, using it for boys bedroom ideas and inspiration and I just love all the peg doll creations, some painted to look like a family, some the characters in Star Wars and some just very simple….a bit like mine.

I am sharing my makes today in the hope that you like them and that you can give me some honest feedback. 
I think I am pleased with them.

All my cushions are made using wool fabric and good felt (v.important).
I like the fact that I can make them to suit individual people and families. Quite good as a wedding gift?

night night

create your own style house front
dog tooth fabric handle

use the chalk pen on the inside of the box too!

The pics above are my fave creation.
It is a mini, carry along suitcase doll house.
It is painted in blackboard paint and will come with a chalk pen.
The design on the outside and the inside can be tailored to the owner of the house case.
It comes with the family members of your choice and in the future it can be added to.
I just like my case to be opened on my sideboard.
I am hoping it will appeal to big people and little people.

Finally I have tweaked my peg doll kits a little to fit in with my new range (hark at me with a range).
I will be adding all these items to my Etsy shop today and then hoping for the best!

Thanks for reading and I hope you like x

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

I love this house part 2 - revisited

I have not done an 'I love this house' post for a while, this one is spesh!
Back in June I blogged about this house, a house I love and since then Jayne, the homeowner, has had some major work done extending her kitchen and living room.
The results are just brilliant.

Jayne has such great style, I couldn't wait to get round there with my camera.
Not a difficult place to photograph as you will see.

love the yellow, love the cushions

great decision to leave the beams exposed

wallpaper envy!

the simple white kitchen is the perfect backdrop for all Jaynes  kitchenalia

Jayne is still pottling and planning in her newly extended house, and I am sure there will be lots of little changes, I absolutely love it.
 Her use of colour is inspiring and it makes for such a cozy, fun family home.
Jayne loves to entertain and the kitchen is now perfect for get togethers with a large extending table that seats 10 and a sofa looking out to the garden.
Her living room has virtually doubled in size and now has room for a fantastic corner sofa. Jayne tells me her boys love the new room and her husband has been able to set up his much loved record deck in the extended space.
I am always inspired to be more daring with colour when I come back from a visit to Jaynes house which is not a bad thing, we all need colour in our lives!!

Thanks for reading. x

Saturday, 4 January 2014

thrifty finds

I have not done one of these posts for ages
I have been thrifting obviously, I am always on the look out for treasure!
all the finds today are from what I like to call 'my charity shop' or the other local village shop that is only about 2 doors down
I love treasure

I always buy a vintage chopping board when I see one
they look good and I do actually use them….which is more than can be said for all my retro pottery ;-)
this one is not the best ever but it looks flipping ace with my others

we get quite a lot of worn out blankets at 'my charity shop'
quite often they go into the dog blanket department, quite often they get ragged
I suddenly decided yesterday that I would quite fancy using some of the old pure wool blankets to make cushions
I cut away the good bits (for me) and put the rest straight into a basket for the dogs
I made a donation of course!

the middle one is very mustardy in real life, the top one is stripy
I will share the finished cushions with you very soon…if they are good enough that is

 I love these desk calendars
probably more ornament than use, but as I already have one I will be gifting this to a friend who missed out on one on my stall some time ago

yes, these are real Minnetonkas!
Now folks, these were quite a find, but alas they are too small
I would say they are a European 4
If you want them and you have itty bitty feet, do shout up
they are boxed and brand new and rather delightful

very vintage snippers

gadgets, love em
after struggling through Christmas with some rather substandard nut crackers I just stumbled upon these yesterday
I just adore the packaging and I am pleased to report that they don't half crack a nut with ease

hope you like my finds
hope you have found some treasure of your own 

thanks for reading x

ps sorry about the shadowy pictures, it doesn't get light in Manchester anymore

Friday, 3 January 2014


this is something I don't normally bother with
I know from chats with folk that do go in for the whole NYR thing that they rarely last past January
I am going to set myself just a few resolutions and see how I go

number one resolution 

now this pic will have you thinking that I am announcing some sort of weight loss programme but this is not true 
I am merely aiming for a healthy start to the day
if I even think about full time healthy eating I have to eat a Mars Bar to stop the dizziness
at present I am a bit of a skip breakfast sort of a gal
then, I will often find myself grabbing a muffin or a croissant on the go. I am convinced this is why I often feel sluggish and have to have a nap during Peter Andres 60 minute makeover
I am also adding in a vitamin regime to this, Iron, C, and some others that I haven't got a clue about.

number two resolution

this is my new Filofax that I purchased, for myself, before Christmas
it is orange
I have never used a diary before, I have always relied on my brain which could never be described as reliable truth be told
I have missed a few things, I have double booked, so things are about to change
I am quite looking forward to the new organised me
this Filofax is really compact so I can carry it with me at all times

number three resolution

this is my much loved suitcase on legs
it has been a cat bed, a display stand and now it is housing Littlests books in the playroom
firstly I want to make some more of these, they are so useful but this pic is actually about me getting the boys rooms decorated
I want to revamp all their rooms this year
I want to make them all quilts
I want to just get on with it instead of just talking about it

number 4 resolution

time management is something I feel I am quite good at but I do tend to work when I absolutely have to rather than when I have spare time
I am going to set certain days to achieve certain goals
I want to blog regularly, make and create regularly and put quality time into reaching my goals
talking about what I should be doing I am good at, getting around to it I am very bad at

wish me luck folks
if you never hear about this plan of mine again, it is because I have failed ;-)

do you have resolutions?
is it something you always do?
do you succeed?

thanks for reading x