Monday, 21 October 2013

The School Run update

just a quick update on 'The School Run' appeal
you may remember this post
I was asking....I still am asking, for handcrafted toys for nursery children in The Gambia

today was most exciting as the first bundle arrived, all the way from Belfast
 I am more than a bit tempted to keep them, but I won't

I love this yellow one the mostest!

Linda of Hey Homewrecker has sent Mr Betty and I, 6 of these loveable critters
how perfect are they!?!
Mr Betty has shared the news over on The School Run Facebook page
and Crafty Mag have very kindly showed their support by blogging about us,
you can find the article here

so please, please support this great charity
I will be without Mr Betty for over a month whilst he makes the journey so I will be a virtual charity case myself ;-)

little makes are just perfect
I will wrap each one up before it leaves on its travels
Myself and the Mr will mention everyone,
 and every gift that we receive

my address is 6, Cunningham Drive, Moss Nook, M225LT
if you would like me to send you a self addressed envelope, just ask!

thank you xxx

Saturday, 19 October 2013

another smile post!

sorry about this being yet another smile post, thing is, these are my fave posts
I enjoy sharing a few things that have happened, been added etc
I hope they make you smile too

my spare time has been spent playing with my new doll house
it is something I don't think I am going to grow out of ;-)
I have put all my favourite pieces of furniture in and even filmed my very first mini movie for IG, doll house related of course

the house makes it pretty easy..the wallpaper is just perfect
however the downstairs might need a little tinkering

I have already started to think about Christmas, it is hard not to when the shops are full of such tempting delights
this little mushroom is from Wilkos, it was a hangy thingy but I like it like this
I am, as always, on the look out for vintage decorations too

I just had to mention, with this being a smile post, that my Littlest is just so in to his toys
It amazes me that he keeps going back to old toys and making new games
I also love how a pig can be part of some creation that also involves a giraffe, imagination is a wonderful thing

not mentioned in my Vintage Village treasure post, bit by accident, is this gift I picked up for Mr Betty
Mr Betty loves collecting vintage cars (life size and miniature)
I just couldn't resist this one, I love it's orangeness (oi spellcheck, that is so a real word)

I have already started picking bits up for my stall at next months Vintage Village
I am also going to have a good sort out of my collections, making way for new things at 
Christmas, maybe
I like this Pyrosil measuring jug, rather handy...I will probably keep it

ever growing collection of Washi tapes

lastly, and definitely most importantly, is this pretty letter E
I only get pooh post. bills, letters about grey hair etc
when something ace comes it just makes my day
thank you Linda, thank you for thinking about me when you found the letter E

thanks for reading x

Monday, 14 October 2013

Vintage Village treasures of the most special kind

What a day I had yesterday.
 I had lie in including coffee in bed (delivered by Mr Betty), I had dinner out with the men in my life, and I even enjoyed coffee and cake with a special lady. 
BUT, and this is not saying that all the above were not extremely special, the time I had at Vintage Village held at Stockport's victorian market hall was beyond brill.
Oh my goodness did I spend some pennies on some special treasures.
I think this must be my best haul yet.

that'll be 1 pence please sir

Crystal Waterfall is desperate to move in to her new nest
she has been after a house with shutters for quite some time

the decor is right up her (and my) street
music is essential, Perry Como is on as I type

the phone is already installed, she does like to chat on the phone ALOT

the furniture, oh the preloved furniture for Crystal

she has some kiddos, not sure she will make such a good mother ;-0

another Staffordshire jar to add to my collection
Are you well jel ?
I bought the doll house, the furniture, the cash register and the Little Betty from Waynes 'All Our Yesterdays' stall. He had been lucky enough to purchase stock from a toy shop that had closed down in the 70's. All its most wonderful, pristine stock, had been preserved in the stockroom for all those years.
I already knew that the house would be for sale on Sunday, I was so determined not to buy it. Obviously my resolve soon flew out of the door when I saw it in real life.
It is absolutely perfect.
It is a Danish house made by Danse and apparently was the cheaper alternative to the Lundby.
I can kind of see that it is a budget model, no staircase, no window frames etc but I just love the decor.

I had wanted a toy sewing machine for quite a while....don't we all.
When I saw that there was a Little Betty it just had to be mine. It is perfect, it is a lovely blue and it's original box is almost as pretty as the actual machine.

I can't wait to furnish my new house with all my fave furniture and the new bits I bought yesterday. It is going to look fab. I will share it later in the week.

I have a few blog posts lined up for this week. I have a 'Smile Post' that includes new equipment and some very exciting news.
I also want to do a post on miniatures that will include my doll house....furnished and the Lundby house I recently renovated for my friend Ms Beth.

Thanks for reading and don't be too jel ;-) x

Friday, 4 October 2013

'The School Run'

 on 3rd March 2014, Mr Betty and 5 of his friends are setting off to The Gambia, West Africa
they will be driving three vintage Land Rover ambulances loaded with school supplies, medical equipment and mosquito nets

you can read all about it here
it is all for nursery school children as the nursery schools are not funded by the government
the charity that "the SchoolRun' is working alongside fund the nursery school teachers wages
this enables the young children to get the best start in life

the raising of funds is all under way, Mr Betty has bought one of the Land Rovers as our donation to the cause

the Land Rover ambulances will enable the village in question to negotiate the ungraded roads in the area and will be used for hospital visits, school runs and other  essential journeys

so, with this in mind, I am asking for your crafty help

my concern is this
the kiddos will be getting much needed school stuff that will be invaluable 
they will also be receiving brand new footballs, all children need a football, but what about treats??
I want each of them to have a special treat 

do you reckon you could help us?
could you send a SMALL handmade gift that would suit a child?

I am thinking of sending a few of my critters over and also mini sewing kits
I am thinking that you lot create the most perfectly perfect treats too

if you fancy it then just pop the treat in a little envelope and send it to me 
6, Cunningham Drive
Moss Nook,
M22 5LT

I will, of course, document everything received, and Mr Betty will
share all the progress over on his The School Run page

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

New Shop!

so, this is what has happened...
after much deliberation, I have decided to be a brave teddy, and open a Big Cartel shop
Etsy has never really worked for me, I think that the stuff that I sell gets lost among its huge expanse of shelves, shelves that reach all around the world, lets be honest
I am going to keep a few things in my Etsy shop but I really feel the need to move along a little

I have just struggled, for approximately and hour to add my domain name to the Big Cartel shop, I will only know for sure that this has worked in 24-48 hours (or so the big gigs at 123-reg tell me)
maybe tomorrow I will be able to type in and I will be magically transported to my brand new shop
please pray for this to happen, I need all the help I can get!!

not too sure how it will all work out?
will the 'cushion needing public' find my new shop?

lets not worry hey

here are the new cushions I have made and these are the pics I have used on Big Cartel
 your feedback would be muchly helpful

obvs, I will be adding my badger cushions and fox cushions before the week is out, they are so nearly made, just the boring bit to do
I have made them using some rather nice autumnal woollen fabrics that are just perfect for cozying up ones sofa
I am also planning on creating new design critters and characters
these are still a work in progress but they will replicate the characters on all my cushions

lastly, as I do feel like I am wittering rather, I am going to be selling vintage homewares in the shop
only things that I really love and would really like to keep myself ;-)

watch this space and watch out for the new link that will hopefully (god willing), transport us magically to the new Oooh Betty premises...PLEASE WORK

thanks for reading. x