Saturday, 31 March 2012

Vintage Fair Pics and general bits & bats.

Everyone having a good weekend so far?
Mine has been slightly disappointing but I will get on to that in a mo.
I suffered a sleepless night last night, eldest son (but not old enough) rolled in at a ridiculous hour with tales of being on various buses for near on 4 hours. Knowing him like one does their own son I don't find the story that hard to believe. He did once go to school in one of his own shoes and one of his brothers. The only reason we discovered his error was that his bro noticed he was one shoe amiss.

Yesterday I tried to retrieve my Mojo.

But, alas, my making labels remain in their little jar.

I spent time fanning through my many craft and inspirational magazines.

But still nothing. I am going to take all you lovely people's advice and let it rock up in it's own time.
When it does eventually turn up, if it isn't hanging it's little Mojo head in shame then there will be trouble!

On the plus side, my desk is lovely and tidy.

So this morn after a rather disturbed night I was up and ready for my first appearance at a new fair in Heaton Moor.
I knew little about it, I did know that it was a produce market and there would be a beer festival in the bar. I was aware that in the room my table would be in there would be a craft fair. I had mentioned to the organiser that I was mainly Vintage but that I also sold vintage craft supplies and some little bits of my own crafts.
On arrival it all looked promising. There was tea making facilities. It was warm and dry. There was a chair for me to park my toosh, yes, it was all good.
I was most pleased with how my stall looked.

All in all it was going well.
Things started to go down hill once the clock struck ten and the fair began......
Sound effects please (Mabel and Bean if you would be so kind). The sound effects required are deathly silence but with an eerie wind.
I asked the organiser if we could have some tunes for a bit of ambience, we got Snow Patrol. As succesful as Snow Patrol are, they do make me want to weep whilst ringing the people I know to tell them that I love them and that the end is nigh, that's just me, maybe?
Now please don't get me wrong here, the organiser was most lovely. Twas not her fault.
I think maybe people have gone on their jollies, or, they heard Snow Patrol from the bar combined with my sobs and turned on their heels.
I did meet some nice people however.

That's not a nice person btw, that is me (slightly blurry pic taken by littlest, blurry pics work well for me).
I bought the head band that I am modelling from a lovely mother and daughter team. We had a great chat and I discovered that they sell at Magpies and I fair in Altrincham so I will look forward to seeing them again. You can check their blog out here
I also had a visit from my most bestest customer (no really). Littlestmy and I are fellow tweepers. We had a really good chat and she kept me sane so thanks Miss Taylor.
I also chatted with a lady called Sam from a new magazine. She took a few pics of my stall so, fingers crossed it was not a complete waste of a Saturday morning.
The magazine is called Pretty Nostalgic and you can read all about it here.
Sam was telling me about a lovely article she had just written about her collection of old photos.
The magazine will be available in May.

Tonight Mr Betty, littlest and moi will be dining out. Middling and Eldest are at the footie as usual.

I once read a book, it was one of my favourite reads actually. It was all about avoiding chains, ie, chains of eateries, petrol stations etc etc.
The book was called Unchained and is written by the comedian Dave Gorman (bear with me on this folks I am slowly getting to the point). Basically he sets himself the challenge of driving across America using only unchained supplies, independant cafe's and restaurants, independant hotels and independent filling stations. The book is amazing and it really inspired me to do the same.

Anyway, tonight we are going to the Trafford Centre, eating at Giraffe and buying Lego so as you can see I have been about as good at that challenge as I was at my vegetarianism (day 2 ate a slice of Salami in error and truth be told a bit of Mr Bettys sausage).

Thank you all for reading, sorry my tales of the fair are a bit depressing.
Thanks for all the Fair support via Twitter Mrs Thrifty and Fading Grace. It means a lot. X

Location:Kro Bar Heaton Moor

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Tea wagon delivery and Spring Clean continues.

I seem to be getting some rather thrilling deliveries of late.
Malcolm arrived last week and this week I received this little package.

Before I even opened it I was feeling giddy, just look at the packaging and the Vintage Sheet postcard, I almost, I say almost, couldn't bring myself to unravel it.
But I was brave and I did.

Yeah baby!
A pile, a wodge some might say, of vintage wallpaper squares and rectangles. Pretty much the best selection, ever.
As you may have already worked out, these have been sent by Little Tea Wagon.
Her Etsy shop has the whoop whoop factor, her blog is brill and even though she admittedly has a penchant for Advocaat she is actually pretty cool!

Now please let me reassure you, I have not just bought all these bits of paper for the hell of it. I am not going to just sit looking at them (I did do that a bit but only for 2 days and no one saw me doing it).
I actually had a master plan in my mind and today I put my plans into action.

This is a Ta Dah moment so please make the necessary sound effect.
I have had this old office cupboard for donks and it has been turquoise for quite some time but up until today it had displayed a variety of fabric behind it's glass door panels. I had done retro, I have tried a bit of chintz but I was always a bit nonplussed with it's looks. Today my feelings towards my old, hand me down filing cupboard have changed, and they have changed for the better.
I love it!
The bedroom is slightly toxic and Mr Betty and I will probably wake up hallucinating at some point in the night but it is a small price to pay for cupboard love.

Today, in-between talking kitties down from 30ft trees, I have ploughed on with my Springy cleaning and organising jobs.
Today it was my kitchens turn to get the once over.
I am still planning to get a new one but for the time being I had a move around and a good old sort out.

I have tucked my table and chairs into the corner so I can swing open the patio doors for the spring and summer time.

I have cleaned and organised my big kitchen cupboard (sorry about the reflections on the pic).
I have cook books at the bottom alongside all my old electrical baking and blending thingys.
I have a cakey shelf, new mixing bowl, cake stand and my beloved Tate and Lyle jars.
There is a coffee pot shelf right at the top.
And as you can see, lots, lots more. Because I have inherited a lot of crystal and coloured glasses they must always stay but I am thinking that I could do with a little cabinet for my living room. I will be looking in to that (read buying one).

Tonight I will be eating a veggie curry, going to footie training and then lying on the sofa for the best night of tv. Happy days! (not including the footie training).
Thanks for reading. X

Btw, in case you are worrying, my Mojo is still missing but I have had lots of lovely messages regarding this issue. The messages are mainly telling me that others are suffering the same affliction. This is of little reassurance to me regarding my Mojo coming home soon but at least I now know that I am not alone.

Monday, 26 March 2012

Where has my mojo gone?

I am having trouble with my brain today, actually I am having problems with my body too. If I went to see the Dr he could not do anything for me for my situation is not of a medical nature.
What I have is a missing Mojo.
I have no excuse for my lack of productivity.
I have achieved zilch.
I am an under achiever of the worst kind (I actually am an official under achiever on EBay but that is another story).
I promised some crafty produce......nowt
What can I tell you, is it the weather? I managed to fill a hole in the bedroom (in the wall). I made it so I suppose it was my job to repair it. I spent about an hour tinkering (new fave word) with a free cycled Singer sewing machine.....nowt.
Is my Mojo gone forever? Is it the clocks changing? What should I do?
Barocca is of little help and it tastes like shit.

Oh well, I do have some stuff to show you. What is a blog without a bit of eye candy I ask you.

Here are a few of my thrifty finds. I had one of those toadstools money boxes when I was little. There is no key to enter it's mini door but I don't worry about stuff like that.
I got a few old match boxes, really nice ones too. What do you think about the tin? It is so battered but I think it is one of my all time faves.

I do like these TG Green jars. I do not need a flour jar, I have one (read a few) already.
This will be going to market. The salad servers are nice too. Sometimes, I don't know about you, but I am attracted to the boxes more than what they actually contain.

These are quite cool however. Pineapples make everything ok.

A couple of rather splendid Taunton Vale items. 'other Oooh Betty' loves the flour shakers and has about a million. Again, straight to market. I did have another of the spoon rests and I can remember A Thrifty Mrs purchased it from me. I can imagine her placing her spoon upon it's little spoon shaped rest in-between stirring her Spag Bol ( after adding a couple of red wine ice cubes of course).

I already have one of these Rose trays on my mantle piece. Personally I think they are ace. Great for a dressing table or serving a couple of sherrys to the inlaws.
The little swan is perfect for hair grips, cotton buds or other such pokey things.
I have 2 of the trays to sell.

The fair I will be selling at next is this one. It is in Heaton Moor. I will be in the room above Kro Bar and from 10-1.30.
I will have a mixture of vintage, haberdashery items and crafts although because of my missing Mojo the craft situation is looking a bit bleak.
I would love to see some friendly faces there so come along if you are local or if you feel I am worth travelling for. There is a beer festival and a produce market too.

I did manage to finish off a couple of Oooh Betty kitties for a custom order.

Made for 2 sisters. I have tried to make them different but the same if that makes sense.
I have heard that sisters can fall out over such things. I have 2 brothers so have little experience of these issues. All I can remember regarding sibling rivalry is finding dead wasps in my bed......bastards (brothers not the wasps, the wasps were dead so I have no beef with them).

I have always sold my 'knitting on the go' needles and pouches.
I think they are dead handy. I don't knit myself but that is by the by.

I have pretty much sold out so I decided to do some in fabric instead of felt, bit more professional
me thinketh.

This is my prototype. I wanted to do them in 2 layers of fabric as they do need to be a bit sturdy. This is an old ikea fabric that I have had for years. I am quite happy with this one and I will be making some more. I can do these whilst my Mojo is missing as I already have the idea stored in my head.
I also made one lot of bunting.

Again, no Mojo required. It is very pink!
I am not knocking Bunting makers when I say this but I do see a lot of crafters selling bunting and I love a bit of bunting myself. Sometimes I think us crafters need to sell different stuff. I just need my Mojo for new ideas that is all I am trying to say and there is a lot of bunting out there that is a lot better than mine.

Has anyone else lost their Mojo, is it an epidemic or god forbid a pandemic?
Does anyone know the difference between an epidemic and a pandemic, are they even 2 different things?
Does anyone have any advice on how to get my Mojo back or maybe you have stumbled across it somewhere. Did I leave it at a cafe maybe or has it just gone off of it's own accord due to lack of use?
All words of encouragement gratefully received.
Thanks for reading.

Saturday, 24 March 2012

Today I have mostly been doing this......

I don't want to be one of those people that woffles on about the weather but today it just has to be mentioned. I wouldn't really have been doing the things I have been doing if it wasn't for this fabby weather. It is actually hot. Really hot.
Mr Betty and I have been painting the front of the house, I will post pictures this week as I have a few more things to do. Mr painted the render and I did the woodwork.
I have been sat in the garden doing my crafty stuff whilst drinking tea, absolute bliss.
We have eaten dinner in a pub beer garden with littlest son, (big boys went off to the football).
I have planted out my herbs whilst the kitties took their first furtive steps around the garden.

They look so tiny in the big outside world (kitties, not herbs). They have to be accompanied by an adult at the moment (again, kitties, not herbs).

I made a pin board for displaying some of my makes.

Mod Podge rocks! I used some more of the vintage strawberry wall paper that 'other Oooh Betty' kindly gave me and painted the frame in my fave peach emulsion.

Mr Betty has acquired an extremely dirty Land Rover today.
Apparently it is a dormobile, yes, you are supposed to camp in it.
He has been tinkering with it whatever that means. I am hoping it means cleaning it.

It is a camper I am told. I can assure you that I will not be sleeping in that! The window fell out whilst Mr Betty was moving it.
It has been stood somewhere, unloved for quite some time. Alderley Edge to be precise.

It had a nest tucked behind the front grill.
I bet the bird family that lived in this were a happy bunch.

Littlest is very excited by this discovery and is going to take it into school for 'show and tell'

I did one thrifting trip this week. I had very little success but did get some great vintage sheets.

And a lovely, large, peachy jug.

I am going to use the jug as a vase.

I must show you a little something that I treated myself to this week.

I saw these at last weeks Magpies and I fair but didn't buy at the time. Then I suffered with that 'why didn't I buy that' feeling all the next day. Luckily I had a business card for the seller and had already befriended them in the world of blog. I got in touch, asked for one, and within 2 days it was mine.

How cute is this? I think this is such a lovely cushion and it is very Springy with the lambs and the chicks in the design.
Pop over here to read Vanessa's blog and there is a link to her Etsy shop. She has a great eye for pattern and creates gorgeous bags and wall art.
Tomorrow I am going to friends for a tea and cake get together, my kinda event!

If you can Pop over to my blog on Monday I would really appreciate it as I would like some feedback on my craft stuff. I should have some pics ready by then.
I am selling at a fair in Heaton Moor on Saturday and it is more craft based so I need to get with the programme this week. I want to produce new stuff.
I will still be selling some vintage bits too.
I will tell you all the details of the venue etc when I blog this week. I am very excited as usual.
I am a bit tired this evening so I apologise for my poor blogging style.

Thanks for reading. X

Thursday, 22 March 2012

Guest Post - Potty about Pottery- by 'the other Oooh Betty! '

This blog is just pure eye candy.
The other Oooh Betty is just pattern mad. She, like me, loves a bit of Staffordshire pottery and she is an avid collector of coffee pots.
I will ensure that very soon we get pictures of all of her collection but I think she is waiting til she has her extension that will therefore enable her to display them on one, very long shelf.
Yes, she is actually having an extension just to house her ever growing collection. She is mad like me and that's why we are pals.

Yummy I would say!
Other Oooh Betty is not precious about her collection, no siree! I have probably had a cup of coffee out of all the mugs pictured in the last pic. Her fave is the green swirly one at the bottom of the first tower.I bought her the one above that and my fave is third up on the second tower, I don't know why, it just is.
Which do you like or do you have any of these patterns?
Do you own any different patterns of the Staffordshire soup mugs?
Is anyone else this potty about pottery?

Here is my little bit for the day, pottery related of course.
Just an idea and it is a bit thrifty.

Instead of chucking out all ones pottery odds and sods use them in a number of ways to brighten up the garden or yard.
Thrifted rack £1
Random thrifted pots, jelly mould and sugar bowls from existing stash
Random cake plates all thrifted for pennies.
Get your equivalent of Mr Betty to put the rack up and put some screws in for the plates. Make sure you ask the Mr at a completely inappropriate moment as it adds to the fun.
Hang mismatched plates from screws using normal plate hangers.
Buy a tray of cheap bedding plants, I used primroses that my mum bought (for herself but she won't mind). Transfer plants from tray and stick into random pots.
Cheery wall for Spring.

Tomorrow I will be telling you how I have gone a bit mad for melamine. Oh dear,, where will it end??
Thanks for reading. X

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

When Beryl met Malcolm.

I have received my package from Sophie of Fading Grace.
Did any of you guess what it was?
Is anybody else getting fed up of waiting for her Jumble sale blog? Only kidding Sophie (not).

Well, this is how it all came about.
I have a butterfly named Beryl, she is a beauty, beautiful Beryl.
Now beauties like Beryl don't like to be alone, she is of a flighty nature you see. She rather reminds me of Rita Fairclough of Coronation Street.
I have been aware of Beryls lonely plight for a while but have never found the right companion for her.
She likes dapper, she fancies the mature type, she has high standards.

You can imagine my surprise when I stumbled upon the perfect partner for my beautiful Beryl whilst visiting one of my fave blogs.
I explained the plight of lonely Beryl to Sophie and checked that her new friend was of suitable social standing and a date was arranged.
Malcolm (yes, I know, the perfect gents name) would travel over as soon as Sophie had made the necessary arrangements and they could then spend the rest of their lives together, here in my house at the end of the runway.
Beryl had sensed that something rather exciting was about to happen. I could tell because she has been all of a flutter.
I had been out this morning and on my arrival home there he was with a little postcard by way of a formal introduction.
He has arrived safely and seems quite cool about the whole thing but I feel that with a name like Malcolm he could only ever be cool.
So here they are.

A rather eye catching pair don't you think.
They will become closer together over time. Malcolm is a gentleman and wishes to take things slowly, Beryl, well she is still flighty but is just happy with the company for the moment.
This really is a happy corner of my home today.

I will be back tomorrow with 'other Oooh Bettys' guest post.
Thanks for reading. X

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Mr Betty's big delivery, crochet (just for the hell of it) and the giveaway draw.

Today was a big day for Mr Betty.
He has received the delivery of all deliveries. Mr Betty is very blokey and loves Land Rovers, he loves all things Land Rovery.
Today's delivery was Land Rover parts and they have travelled all the way from Dubai.
By way of proof of this fact there was a huge amount of sand included and I must admit to being amazed that little grains of desert sand have travelled all that way and are now dusted all over my drive, house and settled in Mr Bettys crevices.

The crates arrived on the truck pictured above. They were removed using a fork lift truck, all very exciting. All the crates were opened using a crow bar. On his return from school, littlest son was placed inside the crates and given the very important task of passing up parts to his Daddy and Adam (Mr Bettys trusted sidekick).
I was on Tea making duties.

This is my cup of tea btw, the blokes get their tea served up in my 'unattractive mugs'. you all know what I mean!!
The parts are now neatly stacked on metal racking in our big shed. It is very organised and official.

The last few evenings I have mainly been doing crochet just for the hell of it.

They may become cushion covers. I am thinking of backing them in a patterned fabric for a bit of oomph. I need to press them, that's the boring bit though.
It can be a tricky hobby to have when one is the proud owner of two kitties who are under cover terrorists. In fact, truth be told, they don't just stop at wool. They are partial to a bit of cotton, they quite enjoy winging around the odd embroidery thread too.
I have kept them busy this evening with the very important task of drawing the winner of my 'Springy Thingy' giveaway, more on that shortly.

Just like to share a couple of things that are making me smile today.

This is a little picture that my Grandma made many years ago. I have just put it up today and I am liking it lots.I would like to build up a cluster of pictures above my desk, I do have a new addition winging it's way from Sophie. Pop over to her blog and see if you can guess what she is sending me.

I am also enjoying my stack of mismatched blue and white plates.I am happier living in a mismatched world these days as I never have to worry about breakages. 'other Oooh Betty' is a bugger for breaking things and she will be guest blogging this week with her huge selection of pottery. It will be called 'potty about pottery'. She does have some things that aren't broken (yet).

I went to the dump today and found this.

It is battered beyond belief but it is red and it has badges so how could I just leave it. It is functional and I am a bit mad.

Now on to most important matters.
I, with the help of Lola, have made my Springy Thingy draw.

I would have liked be all pro blogger and picture the unfurled piece of paper therefore unveiling the winner but alas, Lola made quite a job of her little task and chewed the paper up.
They had eaten fishy whiskas for lunch so it was rather whiffy too.

Luckily I was left with a piece big enough to reveal the word 'Henny' and can on that basis announce the winner to be Handmade by Henny
This is rather a nice outcome as she only started blogging this month. I hope we see more of her in the blog world in the next few weeks as she seems to be a very lovely lady.

I will be making the giveaway a regular thing as I love giving prezzies. The things I giveaway may never be worth a fortune but they will always be interesting ;)

I will be back soon with more blarb.
Thanks for reading. X