Thursday, 31 January 2013

Charity Shop Finds part 1

Vintage enamel pot. Damaged (or shabby if you will).

 Just got back from the shop and as promised I am now going to share some charity shop treasure.
I have to pre-warn you that my finds are not as amazing as I had hoped for my first ever Charity Shop post but, I have committed and therefore here I am!

But firstly, I am wishing to bore you with some info on my particular shop (I now call it MY shop).
The shop is a Beechwood cancer care branch, one of 4 that supports a local cancer charity.
It is far removed from some of the glamourous almost boutique like shops that seem to popping up everywhere, the ones that sell Primark clothes at double the original price!!
The main sellersat Beechwood are clothes and books. It also sells furniture (woohoo).

I am thinking that next week I will post some pics of the actual shop and hope that there will be some cool furniture I can share.
The shop gets quite random donations, sometimes they are pants and sometimes they can be brilliant. Today there were actually some pants....eeew

So, here we go.

I think these are ace. Vintage travel hangers in cool colours.

Why didn't I buy this mug?

Just for the hell of it I decided to capture some old St Michael labels.

This is me, modeling (ahem) a vintage fur hat. It had a fur bobble and I rather liked it.

I am very much thinking that this will be mine. 

Quite good Pyrex, not the patterns I like. I do however like the platter shape plates.

So, not amazingly inspiring but I am sure these posts will be better in the future and I am also sure that I will be bringing stuff home on a regular basis.

Tonight I will mostly be eating fish and chips, naughty but nice. I will be crafternooning with Mrs Teawagon
and I am going to tell you all about it. Expect pictures of cake, cups of tea and some wooley creations.

Thanks for reading. x

Sunday, 27 January 2013

A Bee in my Bonnet

Yes, tis true, I have a Bee in my Bonnet.
Well, I don't actually have a bee in my bonnet, truth be told I don't even have a bonnet. I do have a beret though (there is no bee in that either before you ask).
Once, my mum had a bee in her blouse. She had to rip it right open to release the bee. This all occurred in the Cooperative supermarket at the bottom of our road.
I don't remember much from my seventh year but this memory remains very clear.....

Anyway, back to me and my bee if we may.

My bee is charity shop donations/ donors. As you know, I volunteer at a local shop and I have to tell you that I am shocked by the contents in some of the bags we receive through the door.
Sometimes, more times than you would believe, we receive a bag of rubbish. Honestly, it will be just domestic waste. Packaging, old papers and bills. Broken toys or ornaments.
Do people think that we could sell this or that we are all highly talented restorers of all things damaged.

The thing is this, the charity shop has to pay to have the rubbish removed but it is free to use ones local dump....know what I mean.

I really wish that there could be some sort of TV campaign that would outline the charity donations do's and dont's. I think the obvious rule is 'would you buy it?'.
Anyway, I will stop my bee buzzing for now and share some back room pics of  my charity shop.

The rag corner. All destined for the ragman.


Bric a brac
Electrical. Waiting to be PAT tested


What do you think?
It is pretty bad on these pics truth be told, post Christmas clear outs have lead to a huge amount of donations. It is very much a case of 'shoveling snow whilst it is still snowing'.
I have decided to do a new regular (ahem) post about the charity shop. It will be a lot more interesting than this one, don't panic.
It is going to be a 'look what I could have had' kind of thing.
During my day at the shop I will take pics of things that are rather tempting, maybe valuable or just plain interesting and share them with you on this here blog.
I am well aware that this could lead to a "could you get that for me" situation and I will, if that situation occurs, do my very best.

Today I am to be a Busy Miss Lizzy. I have a very important day tomorrow, I will report all at some point. It is such an important day that I actually had my eye brows threaded last night....Blimey!!
Tell you a little secret, don't tell Mr Betty I told you.
The nice lady eye brow threader said that Mr Bettys eyebrows were unruly so guess what...Yes! you guessed correctly, Mr Betty had a bitta eye brow threading too. Hilarious, you should have heard the groaning during, and for approximately 2 hours after. Never again.

Anyhows, that is all for now, must plough on.
Thanks for reading. x

Monday, 21 January 2013

The Joy of Vintage Miniatures

Very snowy here but not snowy enough for school closures. Littlest is livid.
Just a quickie before I become a domestic goddess for the day, wanted to share something.
Pop along and check out my latest contribution. I love writing for Vintage Manchester and yet another of my NY resolutions is to write more.
This Saturday I am attending a very cool shop opening which will be followed up by my next article.
I will let you know when it is online.
Hope to be back later if not too exhausted, my house resembles a squat ;)
Thanks for reading. X

Friday, 18 January 2013

Thrifty Thursday (yeah, it's a day late).

2013=the year of efficiency.....NOT
I am thinking that Thrifty Thursday may need to become something else.
I have come to realize, 2 weeks into the New Year, that I am not a person capable of leading a structured life.

Maybe, when I am back in good health I may attempt structured living one more time.
I went to see Dr Penny earlier in the week and was told that I have 'chronically low' iron levels.
Dr Penny has a plan and the plan is this.
 I will take 3 iron tablets a day for 8 weeks, stop, and then see if the iron 
supply diminishes. If they do the outcome is basically grim.
It involves cameras, 1 down my throat and 1 up my a**e. If it comes to that I can assure you that
 1) I will be in a very bad mood 
2) I will not be blogging about it and
 3) Things will go quiet on here for a while and on my return to blogging the whole episode will not be spoken of ever again!!

So, for now, I just have 'chronic' constipation to look forward to. Deep joy.

anyway, moving away from my a**e and on to more jolly things,
here are my thrifty finds.

I couldn't resist these. Lets hope I can find them at Christmas!

Pretty tray, not my usual thing but I like it and one can never have too many trays.

This is the makers mark. Not seen this one before.

I am most pleased with this wooden lamp base, right up my street.
I just need a funky shade now. 

I also received a lovely package from Linda of
If you haven't visited her blog, do, it is brilliant and funny. I love her most recent post about her failure to complete a jigsaw puzzle. 

Here are a few of the lovely things I got.

Just beautiful. I don't think I will ever want to use these cards.

I have already put my birdie on the wall.

Could these placemats be any more perfect in my kitchen?!

I am so lucky! I think Linda knows me so well. I also got an orange flask (me and orange), and
a lovely ladybird book (me and ladybird books).
Thanks Linda and I have sent you a few treats too.

Today I will mostly be working on my newest critter addition. 
They should be on my Etsy shelves very soon, just in time for Easter???

Thanks for reading. x

Footnote: 3 tricky questions courtesy of my 6 year old son.
1- what does 'Toss Piece' mean
2-what is PMT
3- How do I get myself some fake ID

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

winner, winner, what's for dinner?

Hello all!
Frosty is not the word, thank goodness Mr Betty had the good sense to buy me a hat for Christmas.
Being a short haired lass (I am growing it a bit), one does worry about ones ears. I have been wearing the aforementioned hat today and it has done a sterling job!

I am here to announce the winners of my giveaway, chosen from all my lovely followers.
The 1st prize is a Badger in a Bag, along with some extras, and the two 2nd prizes are a inspiration pack (fabric, buttons and trim) and a pin cushion made by my good self.

The strange thing about this is that the 3 I have drawn are bloggers I feel I hardly know, blog wise of course. It has been rather nice getting to know their lovely blogs and I will most definitely, in the future, check over my follower list and have a good read of all the blogs.....much better than TV(other than Dog The Bounty Hunter, that is my fave).

Before I announce the winners I must just share (bore you with) some pics.
I have been spending a few pennies with Lapin and Me of late, very addictive. 

Cute 'TOYS' bunting, in the sale.

Couldn't resist. Got this before Christmas and I love her.

Great xmas present, years magazine subscription. I don't live in the country but it is nice
 to dream. Coasters from Vintage Village.

Can't bear to pack away my 'Little Teawagon' bauble.
I am risking bad luck and keeping this deco out!!

 Okay, time for the winners.
1st prize winner is  (you have a gorgeous summer house)
2nd prize winner is (you have a very cute dog)
3rd prize winner is (you are cool)

I will contact you all if I can and you can contact me at with your address.

Lastly, and the reason I have added 'what's for dinner' in my title is that I have realised, I have been neglecting my 'tonight I will mostly be.....'
I think that I have become uninspired with my mealtime choices. This is going to be an additional NY resolution. Meal planning, trying new things and talking more about food.

So tonight I will mostly be.....reading my many recipe books. Any family recipe ideas welcome (as long as they don't contain sluggy mushrooms).
Thanks for reading. x

Sunday, 13 January 2013

Vintage Village Love

Today has been wonderful. Slight hiccup when the car door went funny and made
me late but it all came good in the end.
I managed to arrive at 10.30 so I didn't feel like I had missed out on too much but I was too late
to buy a Jodi-Jo retro fox cushion.
I have ordered one and I can't wait to show you.
I have took a few pics...see if you can spot one of my Mr Foxes.

loved this coffee pot....had to leave it as I am trying to be sensible
the coat hooks are amazing too

Jodi-Jo retro stall. just love it all

Sam Young was standing and offering great deals on Pretty Nostalgic magazine.
The prettiest most inspiring mag.
Jodi-Jo magnets....I bought more!

the best cup cakes in the word 

Jodi-Jo magnets
I wish I had seen this sleigh before Christmas

It was most lovely chatting to all my stallie friends and meeting up with two lovely friends for a joint mooch.
I will show you my purchases on Thrifty Thursday as I am trying to become more structured again (when blogging).
If you remember I attempted this last year. It lasted for about a fortnight then, so I am not overly hopeful this time.

This week I am being a homebody. Sorting, shuffling and possibly a bit of painting...oooh.
I have people visiting so I will take a break during these times, maybe have some tea and a cake.
I hope you have all had a lovely weekend and maybe found treasure.

Don't forget that my foxes, badgers and kittys are still for sale with a 25% donation to Millie's Trust.
Millie would have been one yesterday so she is very much on my mind. I want to do as much as possible to help her trust. If you haven't already, bob over to her web page here.

I will announce the winner of my giveaway on Wednesday. All followers welcome (even new ones).

Thanks for reading. x

Saturday, 12 January 2013

Thrifty Finds

Not the best week for thrifty treasures but I shall share anyway.

Great discounts at Oxfam at the moment. All the Oxfam new stock, which I think is rather fine, is pretty much 99p a piece. I got 2 things that I needed.

A cute little graph paper book with a handy wallet at the back.
May be forced to do some more official designing in the near future.

I also snagged this pretty little tape measure. I desperately needed one of these as my Cath Kidston one snapped. Lets see how long this one lasts.

Enamel kettle

Cool teatowel.
I was delighted to find this enamel kettle for a couple of quid. 
I was keen to try a bit of stove top boiling after being inspired by Instagram pictures of just that.
I quite like the idea of using my new wood burner to heat the water. I will let you know how it goes.

The funky tea towel...75p, could possibly become a cushion cover. 
These finds were all part of a shopping trip booty whilst in Urmston with Mrs Teawagon.
Teawagon also directed me to a lovely, old fashioned wool shop where I stocked up on important supplies and some new yarn for Easter Bunny jumpers.
Mother has been given new directions re knitting designs and is 'on the job' as I type.
I am hoping to introduce my easter Bunnies within the next few days.

Tomorrow I am visiting Vintage Village as a customer.
I am double excited as I am meeting a few friends there and a new baby....can't wait!

Back tomorrow, hopefully revealing some fair treasures.
Thanks for reading. x

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Nice Things

Hello All!

My badgers making money for charity :)

How are you? 
I am currently adjusting to some free time, rather nice and yet a bit strange at the same time.
I have been busy building up stock and thinking in depth about sorting my house out.
The thinking is the easy bit ;)
From reading everyones blogs I see that everyone is going through the post Christmas 
organizing phase, it must be like the Noro virus...highly contagious but nausea inducing.

Something I made instead of doing more important things.

I am not including the Noro virus as part of my 'nice things' title by the way. My good friend had the virus over Christmas and she was a total mess.
I am just talking gumf now, on to some nice things.

Just arrived courtesy of Lapin &Me.

Extra large fabric covered buttons. Soon to be stitched on
my corduroy blazer.

Our boy Bill. He is now the size of a wild cat but still insists
on climbing over my head.

New footstool. Covered (unprofessionally).
    Thankyou for such a lovely response to my giveaway and Millies Trust.
For this reason and plenty more reasons I absolutely must add blogging to my 'nice things' post today. 
Such a wonderful forum for thoughts, community, friendships and general happy state of mind.

Thanks for reading. x 

Monday, 7 January 2013

Giveaway Additions

Morning all!
A bit of Monday morning efficiency is occurring at Chez Betty.
Littlest is at school, not happy about it. He said 'bloody school' three times. I am not proud of this fact.
Middle son is off...Inset day (I find this laughable). Sorry to all teachers, you are ace :)

The reason for this early morn blog post is to make some additions to yesterdays post as I realise, being the foolian that I am I have been rather unclear.
Because I am making some additions re 'the rules' I thought it would only be fair if i also make some additions to the giveaway prizes.

I will be adding some haberdashery bits to the badger prize.

Inspiration pack (buttons,trim and fabric) plus 2 colourful doillies.

And I will also be adding a 2nd prize

Inspiration pack plus a vintage fabric pincushion.

....and even a 3rd prize

Inspiration pack plus a vintage fabric pincushion (am I repeating myself )

Now, onto the admin side of things.
I am now aware that I have no way of monitoring who pops over to Facebook and likes Millies Trust
but I also know that all my lovely blog visitors will do just that because you are ace.
If you are not a Facebooker then that makes it a bit tricky mcsnicky but do not worry.
I am entering all my commenters, followers and new followers into this giveaway.
This is all about awareness regarding the importance of basic first aid and in particular for young children and babies.
You can visit the official website here and find out all about Dan, Jo and their amazing work.

Thanks to my Etsy shoppers of yesterday.
I am still donating 25% of my sales to Millies Trust.
Click on a fox, a badger or a kitty and donate whilst gaining a friendly critter.

Thanks for reading. x

Sunday, 6 January 2013

An Oooh Betty giveaway.

Happy New Year!
This post was compiled a couple of days ago (5 to be precise).
I was aware that I might actually be bed ridden with post party syndrome.
If all goes to plan I will be able to position my iPad on my be-duveted lap (made up word),
press publish and then go back to sleep.

I would like to celebrate the beginning of 2013 with an Oooh Betty giveaway.
I would like to offer up a Badger in a Bag.

There is one rule to follow for entry and it is of the utmost importance.
Pop over HERE and simply click 'like'. Very easy!
This will take you to a Facebook page set up by my good friend Dan and his wonderful wife Jo.
Very recently they tragically lost their perfect baby girl Millie
 and they are currently focusing all their time in making sure this
 doesn't happen to anyone else.
They are amazing.

I would like to donate a percentage of my Etsy sales to Millie's Trust.
I don't sell a lot but if I do sell a fox, a badger or a kitty I will donate 25%.

Thanks for reading. X