Friday, 29 March 2013

Charity Shop Treasures part 3

Yesterday was my charity shop volunteering day and I have (praise the lord) got some treasures to share.
Very definitely not as wonderful as last weeks, but I must say I am quite relieved.
After posting the pic of the Stockholm leaping deer I was inundated with requests to buy, I felt awful letting people down....but, it did go to 2 of my most fave people and they had wanted it for ages.
So that is a nice thing to happen.

I will still post about things that may be of interest to people, it is after all, a very good boost to the shop.

Todays treasure is more random.

boxed pifco hairdryer (could concuss if not handled correctly)

book illustrated by harry rountree, so beautiful

gorgeous regency china

vintage sheets

cute retro baby wool

huge collection of 1930s cigarette cards

ace old tin (now mine)

and this
I love a bit of Pam Ayres, my mum is a big fan!
During my coffee break I had a little read through and I thought I would share my favourite.

this is for my friend Beth

I am a Witney Blanket
Original & Best
You'll never get cold feet
With me across your chest

Thanks for reading. x

Thursday, 28 March 2013

Au Naturale

Is anyone else completely in love with the new H&M advert featuring Vanessa Paradis??
It stirs in me, the need to go 'Au Naturale'
Don't panic, you are not about to be faced with pictures of me in the buff, that would just be cruel...I am  certainly no Ms Paradis.

Whilst still debating about the scheme for the bedroom (sorry to bore you), I decided I would search for some nature inspired ideas. 
For many years I have bobbed by Zara Home for interior stuff. I haven't, truth be told, bought that much but I think that could be about to change.
See what you think.

I just love it!
I am not saying that this is the direction in which my boudoir will be going but it is definitely food for thought. 
The search continues.....

I am off to the charity shop. I hope i find some treasures to share. x

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

They are so last month!

 Tis safe to say that my 'Puss on a Bus' has been a bit of a flop.
I am well aware that Foxes are the in thing, and therefore they will be the most popular of my critters, but I have also had to face up to the fact that since I put my Kittys on buses, they have gone off the boil.

I liked the buses I cannot lie, but being the business tycoon that I am (I'm actually not), I knew that I must address the dwindling sales problem sooner rather than later.
Badger in a Bag does not rhyme but this is only down to the fact that the word badger is really lacking in like sounding words, one must not always rely on made up words.
The word cat however, has so many options, kitty not so good.

I have always been rather partial to brick patterned paper, originally used in the very beginning of my critter box design. I figured I would revert to my very first box.
This bought me to 'A Cat in a Flat

shadows created by sun...shocking I know


I am going to add some street/flat names to the front of the box. The word 'Mews' is a favourite at the moment.

You will also notice that I have created some Tom cats. Being the proud owner of a tom cat named Bill I was concerned he would feel that I had a preference, if you know what I mean.
The Ginger tom was a must after reading A Street Cat Named Bob. If you haven't read it yet, you absolutely must. I am Bob mad!

So, what do you think? Better packaging? 
Do you like my Toms?

I have made a few ready for a fair next month. It is one that I haven't been a part of before so I am very excited. It is in Didsbury, one of my most favourite places. I will tell you more nearer to the time.
Thanks for reading. x

Monday, 25 March 2013

I can do minimalist....

The bedroom floors will be finished by Thursday. The next stage is decorating.
The final stage will be dressing.
My worry is this. I have made a bit of a thing about my new minimalist approach and whilst pottling around my home I am doubting myself.
Can I achieve a minimalist look?
What will I do with all my 'stuff'?
What is minimalism?
Who am I?

Mr Betty is home and he is also doubting my minimalistic dreams.
Watch this space!!

Tuesday, 19 March 2013


minimalist bedroom update
the room is bare, carpet is up and we have a two week wait for the flooring company.
the best laid plans hey....

the floors will be sanded, filled and painted in an off white floor paint, can't wait.
so, to keep my interest alive i have been bedding shopping, via the internet, and I would have loved to show you lots of different ideas from many different shops but alas, I just love all the bedding from Urban Outfitters

please help me decide :)

I love all these bedspreads, I think they will make the room.
It is also a logical choice as I already have a large amount of white bedding.

I also like the simplicity of this throw, also available in pink.

or do I go for a funky duvet cover?

share your thoughts, I need help, I could actually buy them all (but I don't have any money).

tonight I will mostly be missing Mr Betty. 
he has flown off to Dubai, I stood on the top of the car to wave him off, it made him cry :(
thanks for reading. x

Friday, 15 March 2013

Take one pillowcase

I do like a retro pillowcase.
If I see one, I buy it.
Sometimes I actually use it as a pillowcase!!

Whilst at The Vintage Village last sunday I spied a particularly nice pile of pillowcases, I bought two.
I gave one to Mrs Teawagon (she had been unable to attend VV) and I pondered over the one I kept for myself.
After a couple of days of ponderment I decided I would 'cut into it'.Why?, I hear you say.
Well, two reasons, one is that it wouldn't possibly fit in with my new minimalist bedroom scheme (still underway) and two, I am mad.

I will be appearing, behind stall, at Magpies & I market, Altrincham, this Sunday.
With this event in mind the first thing I did was to fashion some needle cases out of said pillowcase.

I then thought i should make something for myself.

And then my mind turned to kitties (this does occur a lot).

And lastly, I thought I might share a piece of this most special pillowcase.

Pure, pillowcase pleasure and I still have a bit left.
Thanks for reading. x

Thursday, 14 March 2013

Charity Shop Treasure (maybe)

Hello, just back from the charity shop and I actually found treasure, AND took some pics!!
Now, please don't think I just wander around taking pics of things for you, today I did a bit of tidying and then I was on till duty. We were quite busy due to a pound sale.
 I also had a very long and interesting chat with a stamp collector (can't think of its official title, something to do with phlem??). 
 Anyhows, on with my discoveries.

A large amount of Stockholm Leaping Deer....tempted!

I love this sort of thing, can anyone think of a use for it other than singles?

Pretty vintage china....tempted!

Nearly bought this. Vintage airline melamine, shame it is brown (and dirty).

and, I bought these little donkeys home.
Tonight I will mostly be eating pizza (naughty, lazy, but nice) and probably making pompoms....somebody stop me!!!
Thanks for reading. x

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Ophelia Button

Do you remember when I did a post called 'dolly peg how to'?
I thought they were pretty cool, that is until I saw Ophelia Buttons creations.

I am very lucky because I know Ophelia Button, aka Nico.
I met her at Lo-Fi, probably my most favourite night out, ever. Nico is the lady that teaches me how to make things such as fascinators, patchwork hearts and pincushion rings.

Nico has very kindly put together a guest post so that you can see her amazing ladies.
I bet you like them, and her, as much as I do.


My name is Red (you will probably recognise me as the face of valentines!)

I was created by Ophelia button at button headquarters.

It's a colorful place where we are let loose to chose our outfits from a vast array of beautiful vintage materials.

We adorn ourselves and our wool with found treasures!

As I was chosen as the face of valentines some of my friends were a tiny bit jealous, and when 'Ooh Betty' asked if we would like to be her guests, I thought this the perfect opportunity to show off my friends.

We are all beautiful in our own individual way. I hope you agree x

Thanks for reading. x

Saturday, 9 March 2013

A lovely winner.

Just before I announce the winner of my Springy Thingy giveaway I was hoping to mention a couple of magazines.
Firstly, I would like to tell you about Red magazines April issue.
It reached the shelves last wednesday and on page 124 was Maurice and myself.
The feature was about how important it is to have a space of ones own and I was really pleased with it.
If you get a chance to look at it, let me know what you think.

The other magazine I would like to tell you about is 'Betty' magazine.
I have popped a link on the right hand side of my blog to save you a search.
My good friend Beth told me about this gorgeous magazine you must check it out.

Ok, on with the winner announcement.

Yay! Tis Bee of The Linen Cloud
Send me your address Bee :)

I will be doing another giveaway later in the month as I introduce a new critter to the clan.
Tonight I will mostly be PARTYING!!!

Eldest has returned from Blackpool in on piece...Praise the Lord. x

Friday, 8 March 2013

A shade confused.

I am having a bedroom refurb.
This is to include the following: new bed and bedding
                   sanded/painted floorboards
new window dressing (best bit)
new light fitting/shade

It is, of course, mine and the Mrs room but he has quite clearly stated that he wishes to have no part in the whole process. I think after 9 years of me and my decor ups and downs he is totally cheesed off.
I like this. It suits me down to the ground.

I plan to do all the bits that could cause him to huff and puff whilst he is away working in Dubai...plan or what!!

I thought that I would share my thought process on my blog if that is ok, and don't laugh...I am going minimalist. My theory is this; peaceful bedroom (colours etc) peaceful sleep.

As you know, I am of a thrifty nature so everything is going to be to a tight budget, until I get to the soft furnishings anyhow. I have been looking at light shades for under 30 pounds and I am quite impressed with the choice at this price level.
See what you think.

I like all of these shades and I think it is reassuring to know that one can still get a stylish bargain!!
I think I will move on to curtain fabrics next. 

Tonight I will mostly be getting drunk to enable me to sleep through the night. 
Eldest is going to a gig in Blackpool and is staying the night... IN BLACKPOOL. 
Stressed is not the word.

FOOTNOTE: This morning, Littlest asked me "what is PMT"
I tried to exlain PMT as best I could. He followed my explanation with "Oh, I thought it was an explosive"
I explained he was probably thinking of TNT.
He then asked me "would it be ok if I told Mrs Allen that I think she may have PMT"
I said, No!!
Mrs Allen is his teacher.

Thursday, 7 March 2013

Aunty Ruth

Aunty Ruth was actually Mr Betty's step grandma but she was, in reality, the same as a real grandma.
Aunty Ruth lived next door to Mr Betty's mum and dad, much the same as my mum lives next door to me. Sadly, Aunty Ruth has very recently passed away.

Aunty Ruth was a teacher, all her working life. She was also a hoarder, just like you see on the TV, possibly worse.
My in-laws are struggling to clear her little house and along the way I get a few things that are deemed 'right up my street'. 
Today I received some clothes. 3 dresses and a cape. 
I am not much of a vintage clothing wearer but I do have a few items and I can very much appreciate beautiful things, that bit is easy.

Mr Betty was a bit cheeky and said that I would never fit into these beautiful dresses.

Well, Mr Betty was wrong!!
They fit perfectly and are the most beautiful dresses I have ever worn.
All handmade by Aunty Ruth's tiny, skilled hands.

Aunty Ruth, I hope I can wear them with as much grace, as you have showed throughout your life. x