Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Giveaway winner announcement on a lovely day.

Today is the day....well yesterday was the day but I forgot.
I will announce the winner shortly, I have a few thingy majiggys to talk of first.

There are a few new kitty faces on the block.

These may help the winner to decide the syle of kitty they wish to own. You may notice that behind their funny little heads is a rather marvellous vintage wallpaper patchwork. This is courtesy of Little Teawagon
and is all part of my new kitty packaging. I will show you the whole caboodle in a couple of days when completely finished.

I am very excited to be returning to http://www.thevintagevillage.co.uk/ for it's next fair on June 10th. I am already in the throws of preparation and enjoying every minute of it.
As always I will be sharing my fair prep with you and here is the first thing I have been working on.

I have missed having a doll house on my stall as it is always such a great talking point. Ladies remember owning the very same one as a girl, the children like to take a closer look inside and I like to spend some time arranging all the furniture of course.
So, I have been working on another. I will add some finishing touches and extras before the 10th of June and it will hopefully be as much of a pleaser as my last one.

My haberdashery prep is underway too.

I will be taking lots of new fabrics and trims, I will also have a new selection of Vintage buttons that will be just perfect for gifts.

A lot of my crafting and prepping has been taking place in the great outdoors over the last couple of days (my garden to be precise on location).
Is the whole of our damp little country having the same great weather. I do hope so!

Line drying is just bliss. I like to wash my bedding in the morn, dry in the aft and put straight on to the bed in the eve. Don't tell Mr Betty I do this as he is petrified of spiders and it is a well known fact that every sheet bought in from a line dry is housing at least 5 little spids.

I am gradually adding to my garden wall, anything goes!

Today I met with Mrs Teawagon for what is becoming a regular chit chat session. I think we are proper friends now. We had tea and teacakes in an ice-cream parlour (but no ice-cream) and then went for a little mooch.

I got these.

Oh my! These are the best pinking shears EVER. What a precise bit of engineering they are.
I let Mr Betty have a try of them and even he was impressed. I can now give back the ones that my mum let me borrow approximately 7 years ago.
I think they will embark on their maiden cutting voyage tomorrow during some Jubilee bunting creation. I have already done some Jubilee granny square bunting....hark at me!

So, today I did the giveaway draw.
How did I chose the winner I hear you ask. Well, I asked littlest for his help and we wrote all the entrants down on some Hairy Manilla (I will explain this later in the week) and we popped all the bits of card into his army helmet. He then placed his dirty little felt tippy hand into the aforementioned helmet and picked one out. I absolutely should have some photographic evidence of this but a paddling pool was involved (don't ask) and I love my camera too much.

Anyhows, the winner is Maria of Rosey Tinted Spectacles Maria, I will email you shortly.

Thank you to all the folks that entered, I loved hearing about all of your pets and their funny personalities.
Also, thanks to everyone that messaged support for my wibble wobble problem. I cannot believe how many others suffer with it and my heart really does go out to anyone that has it often or god forbid, long term. I am pleased to say that I am now a lot better with a bit of medicinal help of course.

I love all my blog friends I really do.

Tonight I will be drinking tea then sleeping a happy sleep. X

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Sunday, 27 May 2012

Things that are making me smile.

Been a bit quiet here as I have been ill, well I say ill but actually not officially ill. Let me explain.
I have had what I think is Vertigo? I feel like I am always boring you with my woes but I am not going to moan.
Vertigo is the pits (slighty moany). I have been all over the place. Just lay down for 2 days with my head in one position, very boring. Missed all the sun (bit more moany now).
Felt woozey every time I moved (reaching really whiney). Got some tablets via NHS direct (why does anyone complain about the NHS? They never let me down). Feeling better now but got to go Drs tomorrow incase I have had a stroke....unlikely as my crochet has been bob on!

Anyway, I will include my reduction in dizziness in my smile category if that is ok.
The sun,aaaah, what a difference it makes.

Mr Betty and moi purchased 2 olive trees, he paid and I directed.
We planted them, he planted and I directed some more, tis all about teamwork!

The Virginia creepers have started to creep and make my walled garden area look a bit prettier.

And I bought a couple of extra plants for the top of my outside kitchen cupboard ( every home should have one).

Mr Betty very kindly drove me and my wobbly legs to our local car boot this morn and held me up whilst I struggled around. It had to be done, I needed a fix, you understand.

I was most happy to find 2 flasks for the picnic hamper I purchased last year.

Doesn't it look lovely!

I also bought loads more ribbons from a lady I purchased from over a year ago. Thank the lord she saved some for me ;)

This pic doesn't really do the ribbon justice but I am trying to kill 2 birds with one stone by showing off my new Pyrex at the same time......shepherds pie anyone?

I also got this retro doll making book which is very handy for mini clothes ideas, kitties in mind.

I think the girl on the front cover has been subjected to the same DIY hair cut that I had to cope with as a child, I feel for ya kid I really do.

Picked up this wicked mug for 50p.

It is a bit damaged but I just love the print. It will be filled with pens and pencils like all my other less than perfect mugs. Mr Betty shared his opinion on our mug situation during my purchase but I just ignored him. He does worry so.

Little rose tin, I am sure I will find some thingys to put inside it by the end of the day.

It quite possibly could be ideal for knitting needles? Will check this idea out shortly.

Lastly for today is a picture that is quite possibly questionable.
It is one of those things that you fall in love with but really struggle to work out why.

It has gone straight on my wall and I am pretty sure that that is where it will stay.
Opinions please, love it? Hate it? Not sure? Don't care? Have just dozed off?

It is the start of the holidays for Littlest boy and Largest boy has officially finished school and only has to attend to take his few, final exams.
I will leave you with a picture that brought a little tear to my eye.

Pretty self explanatory as far as pics go, very simple, but to me it just says it all.

I am glad that the 'CAUTION WET FLOOR' sign he came home with is out of sight. He's a good boy really. X

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Thursday, 24 May 2012

Wish list numeroo 5

Just a quick wish list today.
I have a busy brain at the moment, ideas a plenty and I do want to start making but
I am awaiting the arrival of crucial supplies so I have yet to get started.
I came to the decision that there is no better way to bide time than a bit of dreaming and wishing.

The sun has made me think about camping and whilst thinking about camping I have been thinking about blankets, obviously.
To be more specific I have been wishing for Welsh blankies.

And on investigating theses beauties I have stumbled upon all of these.

It is not good to wish for a blanket and for it to develop into a want for lampshades, chairs and purses!!
Too late now, I want it all. Maybe a mug is within my financial grasp.

Once I have placed my Welsh blanket on the floor of my teepee (I do actually own a teepe, not just in my dreams) I am thinking that I will require a few of these for the outside.

The more flowery and 'way out' the better. With a bit of luck I will acquire some of these whilst jumbling and booting. I will be visiting a car boot this weekend and it will be the first this year as I always seem to be busy on a Sunday.

I really, really want a yacht. Not a full size one, Mr Betty and I have already had a sailing phase and the wetsuit situation was all too much for us.
I want one just like this one for my window ledge. I don't mind if I stumble across an old battered boat that needs new sails and a lick of paint in fact I think I would rather enjoy a boat renovation project.
My last wish list item today has a very sad tale attached to it.

As you may already know, I am a woman.....
I am a woman who is lacking......
I am a woman who has no dressing table and truth be told I have never had a dressing table in all my 21 years ;)

I WANT a dressing table and I really want an Ercol dressing table.
How wonderful they are, I just love Ercol. I already know what I would put in the drawers and that the drawers would be lined with beautiful paper. I can see my nail polish collection and little glass bowls holding slides and brooches dotted around on it's lovely varnished top. I can even picture my puffy morning face in it's perfectly angled mirror........one day...

This eve I will mostly be eating a scone with jam, drinking tea and dreaming of kitties sailing in yachts with pretty sails.

Thanks for reading. X

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Monday, 21 May 2012

A Giveaway that will 'Cheer me Up'

Hello again!

Today I am a little gloomy, only a little I might add so do not be worrying oneself.
Is there any better time to be holding a giveaway? I think not, it is a sure fire way to make ones heart smile.

Things have improved since this mornings moaning blog post. Mr Betty has saved the day and done the only thing he knows is guaranteed to put a smile back on my face....Oi! Not 'that' you dirty lot, no, no, he took me to a haberdashery store.
I am now fully stocked with kitty making supplies (felt and threads) and I have big plans.

A good bit of my bad yesterday was when I hopped over to my favourite stall Kitsch Republic and I was able to purchase much needed kitty eye buttons, kitty skirt fabric and some pretty vintage postcard re-prints.

I didn't venture much further round the Market due to earlier in the day and what we will now, only refer to as, 'the hoo haa'.
I did make a purchase from the other end of my stall, the Teawagon department shall we say.

I cannot resist Little Teawagon vintage wallpaper and I have big plans in mind for this little lot.
Fingers crossed I will make up for the lack of purchases I made yesterday and find some treasures to bring home during this coming week.

Anyhows, let's move swiftly on to the giveaway that I am hoping will make me feel more cheery.

I do like to stick to a theme when it comes to my giveaways and I always like to include a vintage Ladybird book....or two

I thought these were nice little bookie wookies for the spring/summer time.
Ladybird books rock and I love my copy of the British Birds and their nests....ahhhh

I also promised a kitty.

This kitty is for demonstration purposes only as I would like the winner to chose a kitty of their choice.
I have added a little vintage fabric bundle in case kitty should require a new dress, a pin cushion that may also be used as a kitty cushion and some vintage knitting needles in an 'out and about' carry pouch of handiness (any size knitting needles can be added).
The knitting needles will come in handy if kitty should leave her scarf on the bus and require a replacement.

To enter my giveaway is very simply simpleton, much like myself.
If you leave a comment to say hi, tell me about your kitty (names will be helpful), doggie, bunny etc and you are in! If you do not have a pet then cuddly toys and dolls are very much acceptable.
I will draw the winner a week today which will be a Monday but I have no idea what date that is as I am rubbish at stuff like that.

And so folks, this eve I will mostly be making kitties, planning secret plans and eating a Marks Expensive meal (lazy daisy mode).
Thanks for reading. X

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3 reasons to carry on and a 'cheer me up' giveaway

I am not normally a big fan of the 'Keep Calm' stuff but I saw this and it just about summed up yesterday.

Let me explain in not too much detail.
Yesterday was a right royal hoohaa. Mrs Teawagon and Moi had a 'bit of bovver' with our stall (I may be able to talk about it in more depth in a few months time) and we had an atrocious day of sales to boot.
Reassuringly, I think all the stall holders suffered the same but this is little comfort after a tiring day with little to show for. Anyhows, everything happens for a reason and it has forced me to do a bit of soul searching and make some decisions on the direction in which I may go (hopefully out of this pit of doom).
The reason I chose the 'Keep Calm and Kitty On' sign is that the one thing that I sold well was my Oooh Betty Kitties and I am now thinking that I need to focus more on them and less on trying to come up with new ideas.
This brings me neatly to the first of my 3 reasons to 'kitty on' and she goes by the name Ophelia and apparently she is 'The Boss'.
Last night when I finally sat down, IPad on knee, I did my usual whizz through Facebook, Flickr etc. On arriving at Twitter I found a picture of a little girl called Oophey holding one of my little kitties with the happiest little face (Oophey, not the kitty). Just the tonic after a pants day so thank you Ophelia The Boss. X
My 2nd reason to keep calm and carry on is a lady who came all the way from Rochdale to see Jane and I. This lady thinks that it was nothing to come from Rochdale but to me it means more than miles. I would have never known how much this lady likes and reads my blog and she was also a very good customer as she loves to craft.
The visit from our crafty friend put the smile back on my face so thank you lovely lady from Rochdale. X
Reason number 3 is one of my fave customers but I fear I was in the midst of doom yesterday and didn't make her as welcome at my stall as I should have. I appreciate you and I will be thinking of you whilst you battle on with the Crochet practice.
So thank you Sarah P X
I am entering these 3 great peeps into my 'cheer me up' giveaway whether they like it or not.

The giveaway will be posted later today. I am trying to create a bit of a frenzy by doing a build up....(it is not that I have yet to sort out the giveaway items, honest).
All I know at the moment is that it will definitely involve a kitty!
Thank god for blogging :)
See you later. X

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Friday, 18 May 2012

A birthday, a lovely gift and a Magpies & I sneaky peek.

This week we have had a birthday in our 'house at the end of the runway' .
Littlest has turned 6. We have had a party, spent hours building Lego and tried to explain that you don't actually get visibly taller on the day of your birthday. I still don't think he quite understands.

It has developed in to a month long celebration as it happens. Many family members have taken him out to celebrate, we took him to the Lego experience, he has had a party and it will all culminate tomorrow as we take a family trip to see the Avengers. I am hoping that will satisfy him for another year.
I have to say, he is such a good little boy that he deserves it all.

I have met up with 2 of my friends today, both by the name of Jane/Jayne.
First thing this morn, after the school runs were out of the way, me and Jayne (other Oooh Betty) had a cheeky coffee and a major catch up. I have had to make it clear that she has not been 'replaced' as my stall partner by other Jane (Mrs Teawagon)......even I am confused by this story now.
Let's move on.
I have mentioned in the past that 'Other Oooh Betty' is always buying me gifts and today was no exception.

I am so chuffed with this red sewing box. It came with little cottons etc. It is now my little box of tricks.
Thank you OOB. X

I then went on to meet Mrs Teawagon at a little place called 'The Tea Hive' in Cholton. We drank Lattes and ate a bit of lunch. We were actually meeting up for highly important business purposes . We had crucial stall and fair planning on our minds. After a couple of hours of chatting and giggling we left each other in the car park with the following planning in place;

1- take a float
2- we will drink lots of coffee
3-we will eat pies

On my return to our 'house at the end of the runway' I have transformed myself in to a highly efficient woman. After feeding the boys, Mr Betty and all the kitties I have organised all my fair stuff.....ish.
As promised what feels like weeks ago, here follows a sneaky look at a few of my Magpies & I

I can assure you that there will be a lot more too. I will blog all the official Magpies & I fair info tomorrow.
I am very excited for this coming Sunday, I hope to see some familiar faces, I am looking forward to chatting and giggling and more than anything I am looking forward to a Thai Pie.....

Tonight, as it is now 10pm, I will mostly be having a cup of tea and going to bed.
Thanks for reading. X

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Tuesday, 15 May 2012

My Magpies & I announcement and some other fabby things.

I have been blog absent for a few days, no excuse I'm afraid. I have kinda been busy but with what I am not too sure.

If you are a fellow tweeter you will have seen that I have a rather exciting announcement to make about my stall at Magpies & I this coming Sunday.
Just in case you don't know the fair details the market is held at the indoor Market hall in Altrincham, Cheshire on the 3rd sunday of the month. There is good music, great food and an outstanding selection of vintage goodies and crafty items. I love it!

My exciting fair news is about my new partner for the day (and maybe more than one day). Don't panic peeps, Mr Betty is still my man, this is a crafty partner I talk of.
She is talented, modest and has lovely shiney hair.
Here are some examples of her crafty creations and I am sure by the time you have looked at the pics you will 1, know why I am so giddy and 2, know exactly who I am talking about.

These are what I would consider to be the must have bag. Correct size for all ones essentials, purse, lip balm, yarn & hook and thrifted treasures accumulated on travels. Made from a vintage fabric, funky fabric combo of loveliness. Across body stylie for security purposes, what lady could cope with a bag snatch situation resulting in the loss of a half finished granny blanket I ask you?

Bunting that makes my bunting look like a string of old ladies knik knoks. Made from the best vintage sheets a girl could wish for and believe you me that is exactly the sort of thing that I actually do wish for.

Fabby artwork that you can buy nowhere else (apart from
here ). How cute, makes me want to grow my hair in a bob and clip in a little flowery hair grip......

So, I am sure that by now you all know who I am chirping about, yes, it is none other than Mrs Teawagon of Teawagon Tales. What a coup!
We are holding a very serious and important business meeting where we will discuss nothing other than our businessy stuff on Friday. We will not waste time on coffee and cake. We may even take notes!

I cannot wait for Sunday. I have someone to chat with, someone to 'man the stall' during coffee/wee wee runs and most importantly I have a new fabby friend.

Over the next few days my blogs will mostly be about fair stuff but as always I will add anything of any interest that happens in the life of Oooh Betty.

Talking of intersting things that happen.....

This old chap was freecycled, by moi, yesterday. I could not believe my luck.
I asked the kind freecylce lady if he could be mine and she said 'yes'. I drove to Edgeley in a bit of a frenzy and bought him home to live with Terence. He is a bit shy at present (as you can see) but there are signs of him beginning to mingle. He has been named Cedric.

Another happy, happy thing that happened is this.....

A new doll house.

Thrifted this very same day.

It is most excellent on many levels, well 2 if you wish to be pedantic.
The floors are brill. It is old and worn, the windows are broken but it stil looks the part. It is to be my next project. What do you think?

I am also pleased and relieved to announce that I completed the inside of my sewing stool, at last.

After much deliberation I decided to line the inside of the lid with the same fabric as the top. It is such a pretty print that I thought it was the best solution. Did I make the right choice?
I am taking it to the fair on Sunday to be sold, I hope. I am even going to put a few vintage haberdashery bits inside as a little Brucie Bonus if it is to go to a new home.

I think that is all for today and this eve I will mostly be eating Lemon cake made by my mum, making Jubilee granny square bunting and drinking tea.

Whoops, nearly forgot....

I just had to buy this for myself. I don't normally buy myself Lego, honestly.
This is part of a Lego range that is just for girls. This is Emma's studio and with me being an Emma and really pining for a studio I thought it apt that it should be mine.
Have a closer look at the pic as it is so sweet. The drawers that Emma is reaching into have coloured Lego fabric bolts. Check out the drawing board! Bet you want one now ;)

Thanks for reading. X

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Friday, 11 May 2012

Quick kitty update and cheap haberdashery tip off.

I thought it was about time I did an update on my 2 kitties.
They are now 7 months old and have both just been 'done' and micro chipped.
Lola is very slinky and naughty, Bill is fat and lazy.
They are very scratchy and Mr Betty is forever telling them off. I get the feeling that this may be falling on deaf ears.
Both of them like the garden.

Particularly next doors tree.

This is Billy and I think that if he keeps growing at the same rate he may actually turn out to be a full size Bengal tiger, god forbid. Look at the size of those paws.
They have an outdoor chair that is on the decking but under a canopy. They like to have a snooze in the fresh air but they are not too keen on getting wet.

They still love each other very much.

Today I went out with the other Oooh Betty for a bit of a charity shop mooch. I got a couple of vintage bits which I will share with you shortly but the things I am most pleased with are the haberdashery bits I picked up.
The St Anns Hospice shop on Mauldeth Road in Manchester had a whole lot of end of line stock from Urban Outfitters. I could actually of spent a fortune but because I am a bit thrifty I held back.
I got a few bits of Urban Outfitters underwear (new of course) but I cannot put pics of that on as Mr Betty might read this and get over excited and I can do without that ;)
Here is what I purchased.

Each bit was £2 each and I think that is very reasonable. I do think I might need to seek help from BA very soon (bobblaholics anonymous).

I also got this just because it is an 'E'

If you are local it is well worth a visit. Clothes, men's and ladies. Housey stuff, books and lots of ribbons.

Here are a few of the Vintage Treasures I have found on my travels this week.

Boxed sherry glasses x 6 in the original box. I don't normally buy glasses but I just fell for these.
I also got the round tin tray with a rather nice floral design.

Possibly being a bit hopeful here.
I recently got some new sunnies and I thought that this beaded sunglasses case was ideal for the summer, if it ever arrives.

Yesterday I was a busy miss lizzy. I was at home all day and I decided it would be a good time to get down with the crafting.
I did one lot of crochet granny square bunting and I made a few more bibbly bobbly pin cushions.

I packaged them and made a little price sign. Do you think £3.00 is the right price?

I also made some more corsages brooches. I like making these. I use crochet doilies, linen, lace, fabric and vintage buttons. They fasten on using kilt pins.

My next project is some London 2012 Jubilee inspired embroidery hoops.
I will hopefully complete one this evening and I will be needing some feedback from you over the weekend. If they are twonk we will say no more about it.

I will be missing the Vintage Village Fair this weekend as it is Littlests birthday next week and we have a few celebrations planned. I will be doing the Magpies&I Market the Sunday after and all the crafty bits are in preparation for that. I cannot wait.

Tonight I will mostly be finishing off my London hoop, watching Corrie (quite good at the mo) and doing something with wooden hangers??
Thanks for reading, have a lovely weekend and I will be back soon. X

Somebody please remind me to post about my Lego!

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