Thursday, 30 August 2012

Sun, sea and reality.

We are back at our house at the end of a runway....hoorah.

Before I begin to tell you of my holibobs I must just mention that I am not an ungrateful whiner although I can sometimes be a bit whingy.

Well, where to begin?
My Betty, littlest and moi have just returned from a week in Cala D'Or or as some drunken yob on the journey called it 'Cala Dior'. We should of realised, right at that moment, where the journey would take us!

We were holdaying on a complex, not our usual thing, but we did it for littlest in the hope he would make some pals. As you all know, littlest is one of three boys, but his brothers are currently away with their dad. They are holidaying in a luxury villa in Turkey (lucky buggers), so we had to be aware that Littlest may feel a bit lonely, as is understandable.
Unfortunately, for Littlest, the complex was full of Germans. Now please, please know that I am very fond of the Germans as a nation. The point I am making is that Littlest is not yet fluent in the German language so palling up was tricky.

Our apartment was a disgrace. I honestly believe that a hostel would have been preferable.
We had to move on the second day as the ceiling caved in, I am not kidding you.

The second apartment was an improvement but I did not get the urge to do any 'self catering' (which would have been by means of a 2 ring electric hob that was part of the sinks draining board?? ).
We ate out for every meal, the choice of food was limited. I began to dream of an M&S Lancashire cheese and carrot chutney sandwich.

We took a taxi to the Marina in search of good food. The Marina was beautiful and the food was lush.
Mr Betty spent time planning which yacht he would buy.....I think he was tempted to hot wire one and sail us home at one point (or possibly a few points) in the holiday.

What I will say about our disastrous holiday is this. Mr Betty, littlest and I had great family time and our little unit is a happy one.
We played lots of hangman, eye spy and did plenty of crosswords.
We talked more than we usually do, we laughed a lot (mainly at the apartment) and we all fell in love a little bit more.

We enjoyed the beach and the pool.
Littlest met a girl called Lola.

She looked just like him.

His cheeky cheeks became golden brown.

And he spent quality time with his daddy.

What we have learned....
For future holidays we will know that this sort of holiday/place is not for us.
We will find a place we like, and get there in our own way (not via Ryanair).
We now understand that Littlest only really needs us, decent food and his pad and pen (and maybe some Lego).

I realised from a personal view that I do not like being too hot and I am a terrible homebody. I missed the comforts and the colours of my home.
I also realised that I am very, very lucky.

Again, I would like to say that I am not a 'ungrateful gordon' just ....maybe.....a bit fussy :)

I am now enjoying my house more than ever. We are eating like kings, enjoying 'real' coffee like never before and sleeping like babies. The beds in the apartment were made from steel and concrete (or that's what they felt like).
We are counting the days until the big boys return, we are all missing them terribly.

Today I will mostly be eating, drinking and gazing at all the things I love in my house.

Oh, forgot to mention. Largest son has received his GCSE results whilst we were away. He passed them all with flying colours and I am as proud as proud can be. He will start at his college of choice in September and will be studying maths statistics, accountancy and business at A'level.
Yes, he does get his brains from me ;)

Thanks for reading. X

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Sunday, 19 August 2012

Fair stuff, food and friends.

I have had a lovely far.
I made my way to Magpies and I vintage and craft fair this morning. I got there at 11 so as not to miss any bobby dazzlers. I immediately stumbled upon a dreamy bit of retro pottery....unfortunately it was just being snapped up, dang!

I soon picked my bottom lip up from the cold market floor and carried on pottling.
I met up with my friend Sarah (there was some kitty dealings to be done) and we happily pottled together, it is nice to chat and shop.

As per usual 90% of my purchases were fabric related.

I bought Kitty fabrics.

And a new cushion for my kitchen chair.
I am spending a lot more time in my kitchen since the refit so a cushion for my back was a must.

I treated myself to yet more tea towels for my new kitchen

I love tea towels and they were only £1 each :)
They are all vintage ST Michael or as littlest calls it 'marks expensive'.

And here I am embarking on yet another insane collection.

I can't even use these little gadgets as yet but it is a buddy for knitting Nancy. I think I may name him knitting Nigel. I like the name Nigel but I am not sure why?

Sarah and I took a short break to partake in coffee and cake and were swiftly (not that swiftly) joined by Mrs Teawagon .
After a lovely chitter chatter and a bit of putting the world to rights we went for our second look around the market
I had a little possible purchase to consider whilst I drank my coffee and I was now at the decision stage.

Why did I have to think about this little fella??
Isn't he adorable.
I will be ordering a jumper from the sweat shop that runs alongside my home, ie, my mums annexe. He needs a bit of knitwear don't you agree?
This boy doll is Italian and I am guessing from the 70s. I paid £3 for him.

On a different note I have been making a few kitty's this weekend trying to keep up with the jumper production going on in mothers sweat shop. She has branched put to jumper dresses and hats of late.

Dottie is modelling the new hat/sweater dress combo.
I have not yet listed them in my folksy shop but there are still a few available and I am planning a shop update on return from my holibobs.

As I mentioned earlier on in this rather long and drawn out blog post, I was delivering a couple of kitties to my friend Sarah today. Sarah buys them for her daughter Eve and she has rather a collection developing. She is actually one of my best customers (along with Heather).
I came home with a lovely little gift from Sarah and Eve.

How cute is my new little owl. I have displayed him beneath my bibbly bobbly lamp.
So, to wrap this post up, before you all drop off your little sofas, I have had a most wonderful day today.

Tonight I will mostly be ironing :(

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Location:Magpies and I, Altrincham.

Saturday, 18 August 2012

10 nice things.


1, vintage Italian pottery pin dish with a leather base. Thrifted.
2, a bobbly scarf for a little pottery dog
3, fresh basil and virgin olive oil
4, too many cotton reels and ribbons
5, holiday count down
6, pretty vintage handbag, thrifted.
7, mismatch of patterned kitchenalia
8, vintage leather sandals, thrifted.
9, kitsch retro tin full of my buttons, thrifted.
10, felt teddies, daughter and daddy

I will be back tomorrow with tales from the fair.
I am going to Magpies and I as a customer.....whoop!
No spending budget in mind as yet ;)

Thanks for reading. X

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Monday, 13 August 2012

Things that are making me smile and a winner.

How are you all?
I have had a super busy weekend. Church jumble sale on Saturday, Vintage Village on Sunday.
Both were as wonderful as always and I will bring you some pics of the fair tomorrow.

I haven't done a 'smile blog' in quite some time and as I am about to announce the winner of my giveaway, which is a guaranteed smile maker, I thought I should do one right now.

Firstly I must mention a certain person that definitely made me smile yesterday.
Cathy came all the way from Oswestry in Shropshire to visit the Vintage Village fair yesterday and to say hi. Thanks Cathy. X are my smiley things.

A jumble sale find. Part of a large collection of vintage cars that I snapped up as a gift for Mr Betty. I have kept this one for myself for obvious reasons.

Jumble sale find number 2.
A most perfect melamine jug in a lovely vibrant red colour. Really big size, perfect for custard!

My first attempt at this sort of pin cushion....please tell me if they have an official title??
These are far from perfect but I rather like them and I have them displayed on my fireplace.

My new (wonky) light shade. I have had the base for a long time but never managed to find the right shade. Resorting to eBay I eventually found this rather dandy one.

My spotty oilcloth. Bought for the makeover of my kitchen table, great for messy kids and messy mums. Tea in a teapot and cakes bought round by a lovely new friend.

Now, moving on, I have to mention the kitty's. Not my real rascally, scratchy kitty's....
In my thrifty world I was forever worried about the offcuts of felt that I was always left with after creating a new kitty. Not enough for a whole kitty, not really enough for much.....

I decided that I just had to go back to my old version of kitty and use up all my feltie scraps.
The first one is called Topsy and if she would be welcome I would like her to go and live with my little friend Eve.

Eve already has a kitty called Merete and I know that Eve is very concerned that Merete may be lonely. Also, Eve has a home schooling programme for all her dolls and I am rather keen that at least some of my kitty's get a decent education ;)
If Eves mum (Sarah) can send me her address I will pop her in the post before my jollies next week.

And now I must announce the winner of the giveaway and let Jill know where her new home will be. She has been very excited and has struggled to eat her sardines due to nerves.

The winner is Anne of 'marmalade and catmint'. Rather an apt blog name wouldn't you say.
Congrats Anne. I read your blog regularly so I know she is going to a lovely new home.
Send me your address and I will send Jill on her journey before my jolly hollies.

I will be giving away more kitty's in future as I love doing a giveaway.

Tonight I will mostly be drinking tea, eating a chocolate pot (the fasting was a disaster) and watching TV......ahhhh.
Thanks for reading. X

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Friday, 10 August 2012

Something fab for the Fab Gear Fair

This Sunday is the Vintage Village at Stockports victorian market hall.
The theme is 'Fab Gear' so I felt the need to bring something 'fab' to the table.

Defo Fab don't ya think?
Plastic, orange......what more do you want?

One can find all the details of the fair right here?
Will I see you there?
I do hope so. X

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Location:Stockports Victorian Market Hall

Thursday, 9 August 2012

Snippets of my new kitchen.

We are very nearly there with our kitchen makeover marathon. The tiler came today and I can't say what a difference the tiles have made.
Also, Mr Betty picked up my 'new to me' table and we both worked hard today with it's makeover.
All my favourite bits and bobs are out (not my rude bits, that would be unhygienic) and I have fallen in love with them all over again (again, not my rude bits).

I am going to enjoy all the finishing touches now.
I am looking forward to choosing some artwork, I really want a bench seat of some description and I WILL put some shelves up in the next few days.

I hope you like my kitchen so far.
There will be plenty more pics I am sure.

Also, whilst I had my White paint to hand, I decided to press on with my little project.
It started with a tip off from 'Other Oooh Betty' about a little house shaped shelf unit at a local junk shop and it ended today as I Mod Podged the final piece of wallpaper in it's little roof space.

Sorry the pics are a bit questionable, I have been rushing too much.
I am very happy with it and I may take it to the fair on Sunday for display purposes.

I hope you are all enjoying the sun, I have managed to do quite a bit of painting tables etc whilst also enjoying the outdoors.

Anyone else in the middle of a room makeover?

Tonight I will mostly be eating soup.....Mr Betty and I are in the throws of a strange diet that was on TV. It involves 5 days of eating whatever one fancies and 2 days of fasting. I will explain more when I am not on a 'fasting day'. I am too hungry to think straight ;)

Thanks for reading. X

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Wednesday, 8 August 2012

A very handy stool.

When choosing my new kitchen (did I mention I was having a new kitchen?), I thought tall cupboards would be a grand idea. Storage, as everyone knows is essential especially when one keeps buying more kitchenalia whilst getting rid of very little.
There are some things that one only uses on rare occasions.I am referring to items like sandwich toaster, fondue, corn know what I am talking about.

I like my new tall cupboards I really do, only problem being that I am unable to reach said cupboards. I knew I had to find a solution, and fast!

Purchased from EBay for a meagre £15. Collected last night by the in-laws.
Already topped with a pretty piece of oil cloth.
Lovely fold out wooden steps.
Perfect indeed.

This is me in action. I am of an athletic nature don't you know (yeah yeah).
This afternoon I am sanding and undercoating something rather special. Depending on how far I get with the project I will be back later.
More fair stuff to come too.

Don't forget to enter my giveaway right here?
Still a few days to go til the draw. X

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Location:My kitchen (earlier life, kitchen in Warrington).

Vintage Village Stockport

This week is all about the fair on Sunday.
Luckily I have my organising head on and I am also feeling rather crafty.

Anyone fancy a set of matching Liberty-esque luggage ?
The set includes a rather posh vanity case and a weekend case, perfect for a mini break to gay Paris.....

What about a handy dandy retro serving tray.
This tray has a rather useful rattan rim, you know the type. Perfect for anyone with a slightly unsteady hand.

I will be back later today (god willing) with some more fair snippets.
I am now off to do a bit of sorting at the charity shop. I spotted yesterday that there is a £1 sale underway, twill be utter carnage!
Wish me luck.

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