Friday, 30 November 2012

At last....

Thank you so much for all the help re my badger design.
After quite a bit of messing, re-doing and thinking I have finally reached a decision.
I really liked the idea of badger being a bad boy and I did put him behind bars for a short time (he was not impressed).
But, in the end, I agreed with the majority and have gone for 'Badger in a Bag'.

I hope he meets your approval.

At the moment he is wearing just a scarf. Mother did produce some little knitted waistcoats in her 24 hour sweat shop but I am quite liking his semi nakedness.
His scarf is rather Dr Who don't you think?

The badger comes in the same design of box as the foxes and kittys but it is very cleverly (if I do say so myself), made to look like a bag......crafty hey!

I am still working from my temporary work station and I can now reveal exactly what it is. It is a thrifty find might I just add.

2 shelves behind sliding glass doors, cutlery drawer beneath (great for stapler etc), drop down desk with 2 more shelves and sliding doors hiding yet more shelves.

It is a kitchenette!!
Purchased for £15.00 can you believe.
The amount of stuff it holds is amazing.  The drop down work space is massive.

Very important things.

More very important things.

Some important things and some pretty useless things that just look good.

I am missing Maurice and I have been warming him up once a day (this is how I treat Mr Betty too).

Bring on the spring!

Tonight I will be working some more. I have an event on Sunday and I will be sure to report back on this one as it is going to be a fabby afternoon.
Mother is closing up the sweat shop for a few days due to the removal of her gall bladder which will be taking place tomorrow. She is rather anxious.

Thanks for reading and have a great weekend. x

Oooh! Should just mention that my Badger in a Bag is available in my Etsy shop from today.
Click here to shop

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Badger in a ?

Today I am her to ask for help.
It's nothing too tricky, I don't need financial or marital advice so stay with me.

Last night, in-between clearing up sick and washing bedding (don't ask), I decided to work on my Badger idea.
I always use my standard kitty template so it was just a case of creating a nice badger face.


The Gang!
I also replenished my fox stock.
I have had no luck on Etsy and Folksy but luckily I always sell well at the fairs.

Now, as you may have established from the post title, I am requiring assistance with the presentation of the badgers. Will they be in box? What will their title be?
I am toying with 'Bernard the Badger' or something similar (Bill, Brian).
All suggestions welcome.
I also need to come up with an outfit idea. What do you think about a waistcoat/scarf combo?

I have been working at a new, temporary workstation today due to Maurice reaching arctic temperatures.
I will show you my new unit in a lot more detail very soon, she needs a fair bit of tlc!

Is the gingham melamine a giveaway?

I will make it my project for tomorrow evening on my return from the charity shop.

Tonight I will mostly be eating something from Marks Expensive and drinking a couple of Italian lagers. Thanks Mr Betty for reading the 'can't be arsed cooking signs'.

Thanks for reading and get those thinking caps on. x

Saturday, 24 November 2012

Thrifty Christmas

I am going to attempt to do a 'how to' post today. I have never done one before so don't expect too much. I may share all my thrifty Christmas ideas, I may forget (very possible).
So, today will be my thrifty peg magnets, great as a gift for almost anyone but not including boys.
One can make loads of these for an initial outlay of as little as £5.

Roll of washi tape or fabric tape. I have used 4 different patterns. £1.60 per roll (Ebay)
Roll of self adhesive magnetic tape. £1.99 (Ebay)
Wooden pegs £1.00 for 48 (Pound shop)

This is so simple that I am possibly patronizing most of you talented people but I shall waffle on regardless.

Firstly, measure the tape against the peg.

Cut to size, peel backing from tape and stick to peg. I trimmed the tape after too. A craft knife is handy for this but I usually avoid knife use as I have a clumsy nature.

Repeat process for the lower, shorter part of the peg.

Lastly one needs to make the peg magnetic as it is very handy dandy to be able to post important notes on ones fridge. I like to remind Mr Betty about important things such as buying olives.

Jobs a guddun!

If, like moi, one likes a bit of fancy packaging. I find that the little sello wallets are brill.
I like to add a bit of coloured card and some snippets of retro annual, don't ask me why for I do not really know.

Bags/wallets 99p (The Works)
Coloured postcards £2.00 (Paperchase)

I think these are an ideal stocking filler and I shall, of course, be making a few for myself too.

Before I pop off to make some more peg magnets and come up with my next thrifty Christmas idea  I must introduce you to my new friend.

This is my new/old proper big grown up computer.
It is fab and Mr Betty has not huffed over my shoulder once during this blogging session.
I feel very professional and extremely lucky.
I will be making her a little jacket so that she looks smart and I have named her
Pippin because she is an apple!

Have you any thrifty gift ideas to share?
Please let me know if you do as I need a thrifty one this year.

Tonight Mr betty and I are hitting the Manchester Christmas markets with eldest and his GF Plum.
I will have some mulled wine and a big hot sausage.

Thanks for reading.x

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Housey Housie

As I mentioned in my last post, I have been having a bit of housey time. (spell check is telling me that housey is not a word, what?, it so is!).
This has involved no cleaning whatsoever which is a quite typical around these parts.What it has involved is quite a bit of titivating and shuffling.
Here are a few pics for your perusal. 

Crochet bunting by me (hence not pressed).

Freecycled side table. 

Cozying up the sofa with Grandmas patchwork blanket.

Basket of things to do.

Granny Chic....if you cant beat em, join em!

New/old fabric fashioned into a table cloth (by me). Purchased at the award winning Vintage Village, Stockport.

New/old peg rack. Bought at magpies and I market, Altrincham.

Has anyone else been getting their house winter ready?
Are you, like me, feeling more and more like staying in and getting cozy?
I very much feel that I need to get out all my blankets, light some candles and wrap up in a woolly cardy...or two.

My next plan this week is to work on the playroom. I find this room a bit tricky as it is quite modern for 'da boyz'. I feel it rather cruel to subject them to too much pink and flowery.
Mr Betty just has to put up and shut up!

Don't forget to enter my Christmassy giveaway, just pop back to my last post and check out the booty.

There has also been some rather good news today. Mr Betty has finally had enough of the kids and myself using his special big computer. He has ordered me my very own big special computer.....second hand of course!

Thanks or reading, I must actually get on with some crafting now. x

Sunday, 18 November 2012

Christmassy Giveaway.

I am itching to get started upon the road to the Christmas holidays.
I thought I would get started, and put myself 'in the mood', by having a little blog giveaway with a Christmas theme.
I do not want to read any comments from people that have already done all their shopping and have them wrapped up and possibly even placed under a perfectly decorated Christmas tree (real of course).
I won't think you are geeky, I will just be in awe ;).

So, here are the goodies that are waiting to be given away.

Vintage Dolly Peg Kit

Vintage Christmas (I think) Snow Globe
It could actually be little red riding hood but there is snow so who cares!

A Fox in a Box (of course).

Vintage Christmas Decorations and a rather battered but lovely tin.

Ladybird Christmas book.

Lovely pictures from aforementioned book.

Just some little treats for the festive season.

All one has to do to be part of this Christmas giveaway extravaganza is to be a follower and tell me, if you would, what you would most like to see under your Christmas tree on Christmas morning.
I think this should be a dream like, no budget, as big or as small, fantasy present.
I am having Colin Firth so he is off limits. (he will be covered in chocolate might I add).
This should be fun!

Today I will be watching back to back episodes of Dog The Bounty Hunter.
Thanks for reading. x

Thursday, 15 November 2012

Nice things.

I have been having a blog break...only a few days mind.
I've been all homey this week and I have thoroughly enjoyed it.
Today I have a few pics for you.

50p each from Tesco

Cute spotted envelopes for Christmas Etsy sales.

Wooden deer hanger 94p Tesco

Knitted slippers Tesco £6

An attempt to keep my toes warm whilst in the caravan (and look stylish to boot).

Christmas tree biscuits from

Cute mitts from Tesco £5

Green stem jar Matalan £5

funky pot towel Matalan 2 for £2

funky pot towel Matalan 2 for £2

Crafty suitcase for travels

I spent the day with my blog pal Jane.
I do believe that crafting can sometimes be a bit of a lonesome life and although I am happy as happy can be with a bit of Jeremy Vine and my caravan, it is rather lovely to spend the day with a fellow crafter.
I think everyone should get themselves a co-crafter (good name dontcha think), pack up a days work in ones favourite suitcase and meet up for a lovely day of chatting and creating.
You may struggle to find one as lovely as mine ;)

Tonight I will be eating veggie curry, drinking pineapple juice and partaking in a spot of crochet.
Thanks for reading. x

Friday, 9 November 2012

Pre Vintage Village Peep.

Today I have been a bit busy...not too busy....just a bit busy.
I am verging on being fully prepped for Sunday when I will be standing at Manchesters best Vintage Fair and that is official!
I cannot wait and I have some pretty good stuff (if I do say so myself).
I will keep the best stuff for Sunday but here are a few pics to wet the appetite.

Today I had the good fortune to stumble across this little beauty.
I have been after a typewriter of this caliber for quite some time and now I cannot decide whether to sell it or not. It am in a bit of a quandary.

Isn't it fine.
It is quite a vibrant turquoise in 'real life'.

I will decide tomorrow, you know how I love to have my stall looking as best as best it can be.
I will post a few bits tomorrow if I get time. I have some nice Christmas gift ideas for all you highly prepared people.
So who's coming to see me on Sunday?
The market is in the victorian market hall, Stockport from 10-4
Stuart will be there with his amazing cup cakes, save me my favourite please.
Mrs B Taylor will be there de-stashing some of her cool collectables.
And, did I mention, it is an award winning fair!

Thanks for reading. x