Monday, 28 November 2011

A little clock house, 3 flying birds and some felt baubles.

I am flipping poorly!
I have a chest infection and I am fed up. I get ill quite often due to a long term illness and crafting is a great way to keep me busy whilst I am house bound.
As I have been in all weekend I have been a busy miss lizzy on the old crafting front.
I have done bed ridden crafting and some 'feeling a bit better' desk crafting.
I would like to have shared some thrifty treasure but alas, I have not been a thrifting for days.

I will share some of my creations instead.

My father in-law gave me an old, brown, mantle clock which I was not mad about and then some months later he showed me a picture of a clock that contained a miniature clock makers shop. It was beautiful.
Since then I have been as keen as a cucumber about doing one myself so I did and here it is

I realise I should have done progress piccies but I am always too giddy kipper during the making process and then it slips my slippery mind.
I have used some my spare bits of vintage doll house furniture (I have a 70s lundby house too).

A little, dreamy sewing room complete with a cheeky kitty.
I made the little pictures and revamped the dresser and wall lamp. To be honest I have enjoyed it thoroughly. What do you think?

I also made some christmas themed lavender bags that could also be fragranced baubles using some super duper iron-ons.

My living room smells divine and just in case you were wondering??... My little horsey friend was a gift from my pal Jayne, I use the word gift loosely as I did actually ask her for it! Nay.

Lastly and leastly I must show you my 3 little birds of joy.

I have wanted flying wall ducks for some time now and truth be told I just cannot justify the cost of the 'real mccoy'.
I spotted these online and just fell in love with the little blighters. They are damaged, they are not ducks but who cares? Not me!
Just got to come up with a way of encouraging them to embrace the season of goodwill along with my cruet clan. I am thinking stripey scarves. Xx
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Wednesday, 23 November 2011

A happy hoop, a thrifty pan and a basket of yarn.

Of late I have been a 'busy miss lizzy'.
I have been doing super duper things so I mustn't complain.
The Christmas shopping has begun, my cruet clan members have been getting into the spirit of things.

Bless them!
I have completed the re-jig of medium boys bedroom. He is as over the moon as a teenager can manage.
He has the box room, he does like cozy.
I have not given him the box room because he is 'middle child' it is just because little son has so many toys he HAS to have the largest room and largest son HAS to have a double bed (don't ask).
Anyway, here is a little glimpse.

Yes, he has taken my most greatest Robin Day swivel chair with original orange leather look cushion!

Between trips to the Swedish furniture super store I have been producing goods for my Christmas stall.
I have muchess fabric so I have made up little packets of some Vintage St Michael fat quarters.

I also made a little something for myself (and why not?).
This has meaning to it.

It is a Happy Hoop of Wales and in particular the LLeyn Peninsular. I love this region of our little country. It holds many cherished childhood memories, family holidays, camping and the most amazing views you could ever hope for.

It will take a little spot of wall in my living room.

I did mention in my last blog that I hoped for a bit of thrifty treasure to share with you.
I have only managed to discover one piece in the last couple of days but what a grand thing it is.
Very useful indeed.

I just love enamel pans. I have many!

Lastly, I have made a major investment of £18 on a super duper handy yarn basket.
I would usually have thrifted something of this nature but it was so ideal I just treated myself.
Why hide away such luscious yarny colours?

I am off to enjoy coffee and cake (fingers crossed re the cake bit) with friends shortly which highlights quite clearly that I cannot, at present, fit in a full time job. I will be reminding Mr Betty of this fact later whilst serving up a quick but tasty supper.
Chin Chin! X

Saturday, 19 November 2011

Thrifted mug, chain of hearts and extra Christmas seating.

I have had a nice week, seen lots of friends, thrifted etc.
Sometimes however, I just wish for weekend. Sometimes I do question why?
I did work once this week, maybe that 1 day of hard graft is why I crave the weekend so much?

I was keen to 'get things done' today. I have failed!

Mollie Makes Christmas edition put paid to at least an hour of productivity, it goes so well with a nice cup of tea and a bit of peace and quiet.
All the other hours I have no excuse for.

Anyway.....a few snippets of this week.

I thrifted a fab Staffordshire Potteries mug. I have been trying to collect these for a while now.
The new one is the green beauty that I have displayed in gold medal position to highlight it's great importance.

So 70s don't you think.

Also in preparation for the season of goodwill I have dragged in a garden chair and 'grannied it up' a little.
We are entertaining this eve so I am NOT being over zealous, honest.

I finally broke away from cup cozies and granny squares. I have regressed slightly on the skill level but these are so easy and addictive.

I have made loads. They are fab in chunky cream yarn and I have attached Christmas themed ribbon to make deco's. These will appear on my stall for December.
Pictures will follow.

Lastly, I have had a little adjustment to my desk area in the way of a red, spray painted standard lamp.

What do you think?
Pictures tomorrow of Middle sons new bedroom. The aforementiond heart deco's and maybe just maybe some thrifted goodies. X

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Beavering,bedroom shop display and an addition to the cruet creature clan.

I have not blogged for a few days. The reasons for this are vast and varied. They range from squits (largest son) to Swedish furniture superstores.
I have been beavering quite a lot, getting prepared for The Vintage Village

My little corner in my bedroom is just not big enough. Is it a bad thing to be thinking ahead to ones eldest heading off to university and therefore leaving a room uninhabited and therefore crying out to be a super duper work den? I feel so bad about this wonderful thought that I almost deleted it!!
Anyway.... I have been building up my stock in crates in the kitchen and anything that has just been made (and looks pretty) is laid out in my bedroom. Not ideal I know.

Mr Betty has used the word 'cute' recently and is blaming scenes like the above ^ for affecting his masculinity. I have told him to "get a grip".

I have visited ikea today with my pal Jayne. I am sorting out my medium sons room. It is the box room and it needs careful negotiating. Luckily he loves orange (my fave too)! Pictures will follow when Mr Betty has charged his drill.
I was mentioning Ikea for a reason actually. The reason being this. Right next to our local ikea is a massive YMCA shop. It is new and it reminds me of the huge thrift shops in America that I am so jealous of. I think it needs time to develop as it was quite empty. It has promise.
I got 2 massive cones of vintage yarn and a little addition to my cruet clan.
He is a duck and he was 50p.

This is just part of my clan, obviously.
Doesn't he look proud to be part of a clan!

Friday, 11 November 2011

Another stool, a piece of oil cloth and more crochet!

Today my smallest boy was free from the dreaded squits and therefore able to return to school....hoorah!
By way of celebration I went a thrifting. It was all very unsatisfactory other than a quick break for a coffee and a much awaited for mince pie (served hot and with cream).
I did, however, find a stool. Now the problem I have is that I do have a ridiculous amount of little stools, I may even count them and give an exact figure just to highlight how bad the problem has become. After much deliberation (a few seconds) I purchased the stool anyway.

It is a tulip stool (Sophie, you already know this I realise). It is in a test position at the moment as I have had to move my very special mustard stool to make space. We will see!!
I do like it, very much.

I have also been at the crochet again. I managed 4 granny squares before needing a break.

They need pressing and they also need bigger corner chains I think, advice very welcome.
I will do something with them as it is nice to look back at things you made when an amateur.

I have also made a headband. I have very short hair and I get very cold ears.

Sorry about the model, and yes my nose is that big.
I attached one of my previously blogged about corsages to 'jazz it up a bit' and detract from aforementioned large nose.
I am currently working on a red and cream version with a frill. I am quite enjoying using 2 yarns together to make a mottled effect.

Lastly, before you fall asleep reading this, I also 'jazzed' up my desk. It was given to me by my auntie and it is pine. I decided against painting it as I do have a lot of painted wood in my living room. I needed to do something with it, obviously, so I purchased a piece of oil cloth and .......

Ta da
'Jazzed up' desk. I am very happy with the makeover. Just need to find some pretty knobs for the drawers now.
Back to the crochet I go. X

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Squits,a granny square and a damaged pouffe.

Today has not gone according to plan. My smallest boy had a bad case of the squits so my plans to thrift with Jayne and purchase craft supplies with Mic were shelved.
Instead I spent my time making a 'Deadly 60' leader board and deciding whether a Trapdoor spider was more vicious than a Birdeating spider.
It was fun I have to tell you!

Smallest boy was very pleased with the new addition to the playroom!
Whilst aforementioned son lay about watching unsuitable things on YouTube (annoying orange to be specific) I got to work on some more...........crochet practice.
Today my challenge was a granny square, I am desperate to make anything and everything to do with the granny square. Desperate I tell you.

Now it's not perfect, it's not even that square to be truthful but it is so nearly there.

I am sooo excited and I think that after the really crucial house chores have been taken care of (squitty washing to name but one) I will be totally, happily,wrapped up in my granny squares for most of the day.
I will be taking a small break as the Yule time mince pies are now available at Costa and they come hot with cream.....say no more.
Just wanted to share my recent find with you too.
I found it in an Oxfam shop in Manchester and carried it home, on the train, in a bin bag. I was not a popular passenger!
It was very cheap as it had a split in it. I have repaired it quite badly as it is leather and I was not armed with suitable equipment. It will do.
Ta da!

It will be very handy for resting bums and putting feet upon.

Hopefully I will be able to thrill you with pictures of granny squares in tall stacks tomorrow. X

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Passing time

I spent yesterday travelling, waiting to start a travelling and travelling some more. There was a titchy bit of work in-between.
I was glad that I had my little bag of tricks with me.

I made some little drinks labels for all the mug cozies I have been producing (yes I am still thinking about moving on but not actually managing to move on). They are very addictive!

They are what I like to describe as 'freehand'. It was an extremely busy train and I would have felt atrocious had I stabbed any of my fellow passengers in the eye. The above cozies will make great stocking fillers.
People WILL be happy with them and use them at all times!

I also made a 'Hoopla' for my Vintage Village Market stall. I need to knuckle down in the next couple of weeks and yes, that does include stopping the constant crochet practice.

I arrived home at 8.30 in a very tired state. Mr Betty had to step into Mrs Bettys (my) household role and I have to admit that he did a very impressive job.
I will be investigating a new to us, quite local shop of possible treasures tomorrow with my pal Jayne.
I will be taking my trusty (but slightly crappy) camera with me just in case aforementioned possible treasure is discovered. X

Friday, 4 November 2011

Emotional day at the end of the runway.

My eldest son has turned 16 today and I have felt completely different to how I thought I would feel and completely out of character.
I am very proud of my son. He has been a dream to raise and he is quite bearable as a teenager to be fair.
I spent the morning drinking coffee and eating cake in a local cafe.

I was waiting for a friend and I got really sad just thinking about the decisions he will have to make and how quick his child hood has passed by. Luckily my good friend Jayne turned up and took my mind off it with all her woeful tales (she will read this and laugh)!
Thanks Jayne. X

Anyway, no stories about thrifting, no crafting dilemmas, just a funny day.
My birthday boy was unwilling to be photographed for my blog as he does have a bit of teenage attitude, obviously. Luckily a furry member of the family stepped in and showed that he too, although only 1, has hormonal tendencies.


Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Mollie Makes corsages and a pretty granny chic curtain.

I just love Mollie Makes magazine. I always, always feel inspired by it and I just have to make at least one of their ' how to's ' myself.
Last night whilst coming down from the Halloween high, I felt the need to make some of their fabric scrap corsages. They seemed uncomplicated and great for that low commitment, crafty high.

I got to work cutting out my variety of circles using my trusty pinking shears. I cut fabric scraps, crochet doilies and felt and I tipped out my vintage buttons. It was all very satisfying and I even managed to watch tv simultaneously.
The results were quick and thrilling.

I am going to use them for parcel decoration. They will be great for my girly friends presents and I can add a little suggestion card with ideas of what they can be used for after present is opened ie, brooch, bag embellishment, the list is endless.
I (well actually it was Mr Betty) also managed to remove the damaged doors from my old kitchenette and then I hang a piece of vintage Sanderson fabric in their place.
I am happy with the results but I am still feeling that I will, eventually, have to re-paint the whole cupboard in a different colour as the dark green just ain't my thing. Think it will now have to wait til spring however.

All opinions welcome. X