Monday, 31 December 2012

Flying Miss Daisy

Another quickie!

Pop over Here and check out Fox on his travels

across the seas.

Amazing blog it sooo much!

Thanks Miss Daisy. X

Saturday, 29 December 2012

Clearance Sale...Now On!!

Just a quickie (no not in that way rudies)
I would just like to announce a level of productivity very rarely achieved at this
 time of the year or any time of the year come to think about it.
Today I have managed to leave the house, pop through Maurices door 
(my 70s Sprite 400 caravan) and sort out my fair stock....I have astounded myself!

I must warn anyone that is averse to 'kitsch', the 70's or total retro to gogo that this
 might not be 'your bag'. Funnily enough there is a bag ;)

Anyhows, pop over to my Ebay shop and have a mooch.

Here is a couple of snippets of my wares.

I love this! Matching girl print also for sale.

Rather sleek portable typewriter.

My attempt to reduce my pottery collection.
Right now I am off to purchase much needed fox and kitty supplies.
I will be busy making over the next few days, re-stocking essential.
I am debating a bit of a giveaway (Badgers in mind). 

On a more serious note, I am poorly again.
I thought my Graves Disease had flared up so I sloped off to the Docs.
Blood test has informed me that I have a very low blood count, probably due to
 medication and I am anaemic....YAY!

I am not one to worry so I am just taking it easy and making Mr Betty do everything. 
Every black cloud hey ;)
Going to the Docs again to find out more, I will report back soon.

The big boys are flying off to France today for a week of skiing with their Daddy.
It will just be the three of us for a few days.
I can never get used to them going, even after 12 years.

Sorry, I seem to have gone a bit morose.
Lets end on a high note.
I smell nice, I have shiney hair and luminous skin. Thankyou Chanel, Benefit and Avon shampoo for kids (don't ask).
Thanks for reading and I hope you all had a fantastical Christmas. xxx

Monday, 24 December 2012

Merry Christmas from Mr Betty, The Betty Boys and Moi.

Mr Betty and I love to make an effort on the Eve of Christmas

The boy's were unwilling to be photographed in their matching 
reindeer jumpers.
 They are very excited about tomorrow and I am pleased to announce I am Christmas READY!!

Make sure you all check where Santa is.
When I last checked at a half past two he had reached Qindao, China and
delivered over a billion prezzies.
I think he will be desperate for a slice of cheesecake when he arrives at our 'house at the end of the runway'.

I hope you all have an amazing Christmas.
I send you all love from rainy Manchester. xxx

Monday, 17 December 2012

thrifty christmas continued...

today i would like to share another of my thrifty christmas makes.
these will be gifts for littlests' teachers.
are they crafty types?, who know's, and at this point in my poor christmas preparations,
 to be quite frankly frank (thats for you jane), who cares!

i pinched this idea from a magazine called MAKING
it is actually a rather good magazine
i hope they don't mind ;) me stealing from them...desperate times and all that.

tartan/tweed top, contrasting felt bottom

any old random buttons for the eyes and nose

basic, cheap as chips pins

unbelievably simple and rather cute
littlest thinks they are great so that is all that matters to me

anyone else sending handmade gifts in to school?
anyone any ideas on how i am going to package the prickly b****rs?
i will be back soon, back to the planning today!
thanks for reading. x

Saturday, 15 December 2012

nice things

this post is a tad on the lazy side
mainly pics of randomness
littlest has been really poorly all week, lack of sleep
and worry has taken its toll so i am taking it easy
i missed my blogging 

little fireplace setting created from vintage railway bits
dream house

new/old vintage deco's
bought at VV

the knitted gators
church fair purchase

i have done a bit of christmas shopping (thank goodness)
middle son and i had a great day in town
it turned from serious shopping to mooching round the northern quarter and eating nice food
i did buy a few prezzies but i am a devil for treating myself

muji mini letter/number stamps
i have been after some of these for ever

yep, some more stamps
purchased in oklahoma 
these above 2 purchases can be considered as investments
i will be using them for labels etc

a scarf for terence
charity shop purchase

i am hoping that things get back to normal this week
littlest back at school and enjoying the christmas build up
me finishing off my mountain of christmas prep
the birth of 'a mouse in a house'........possibly

how are you all doing with the christmas prep (feel free to tell me if you are not doing too well, it will make me feel better)
i will be back soon with a more cheery attitude, i promise!

tonight i will be eating mr bettys' thai curry, yummy 
thanks for reading. x

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

a new box for mr fox

is it ok if i run something by you ?

i had a bit of a sleepless night last night, not for any particular reason.
i decided to fill my mind with a new design for my fox box.
so, my fox is now 'in a box'

your thoughts please

in other news, the tree is decorated!
miracles do happen

i was forced to move the whole living room around to accommodate the tree.
it is mahoosive!

i had a great day at the vintage village on sunday
i did buy a few things

most of my purchases are xmas gifts but i had to show you
these from jodie-jo-retro
the magnets are old wooden jigsaw pieces...genius!
i have had a word with jodi-jo and i am hoping she will fill her etsy shelves very soon
i will be sure to tell you when she does

lastly, for today, i just have to show you these
i bought them from the church fair and i love them

strange?? cute, definitely.
littlest got a pair of knitted aligators

tonight i will mostly be christmas shopping with Mr Betty
we are only just starting oops!

thanks for reading x

Saturday, 8 December 2012

Vintage Village Pre Fair Peep Part 2

Why oh why am I such a do things at the last minute person?
I spend my life on catch-up.
Today, apart from taking mother to the church Christmas fair, I have been full on busy.
You know when you realize, at 4pm, that you haven't sat down or even had a wee.
That has been my day.

Let me assure you that I am most definitely not complaining. I am just sharing my thoughts.

I haven't got a huge amount of goodies for tomorrow but I will, of course, be taking a few foxes, a handful of badgers and a bevvy of kittys too.
I really do hope I see you there :)

Tonight I will mostly be eating homemade soup with cheese on toast....winter warmer food.
Thanks for reading, I shall now crack on. x

Friday, 7 December 2012

Vintage Village pre fair peeps.

Afternoon all !
Today and tomorrow just have to be all about this weekends Vintage Village fair.
I have some glimpses of our stall goodies as I always do.

See what you think and let me know if you will be popping by our stall to say hi!

All the above are OOB's (Other Oooh Betty's).  

I will show you a few of my wares tomorrow....truth be told, I am having troubs getting round to it.
Christmas prep is just about getting under way at our house at the end of the runway and it is a big job!

We will be at the Vintage Village from 10am on Sunday morning.
One can find all the details right here. It would be lovely to see you.

In other news, and I am just a tad excited about the whole thing, Maurice my 1970 Sprite 400 caravan has just been featured in Mollie Makes 'Gathered'.
If you want to check it out it is available from the iPad news stand. I am thrilled with it, absolutely over the moon.
Sarah Montrose of Mollie Makes has done a mighty fine job of making me sound cool and Maurice looks quite grand for such a tiny fella.

Tonight I will be having a couple of beers by way of a mini celebration. Maurice is getting an evening warm up, he loves that.

 Mr Betty has been suckered into helping out at Littlests school fair....he has a lot to learn ;)
I might pass on my little book of 'feasible excuses for not getting involved in things'.
He is decorating baubles. I am laughing out loud just thinking about it. 

Thanks for reading and if you are lucky enough to have an iPad (and you manage to detach it from your childs hands) please do have a nosey at Gathered. Once you have purchased one issue I can guarantee you will be back for more. x

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Christmassy Giveaway Winner....

Sorry, day late as usual.
Just here for a few ticks of the clock to announce my Christmassy Giveaway winner.

Littlest made the draw with his sweaty little hands.
And the winner is Lazy Daisy Jones

Miss Lazy Daisy Jones, please let me know if you would like a fox, a badger or a kitty along with all the Christmassy stuff and lastly, congratulations. xx

I will be having another giveaway very soon, probably involving New Year and maybe a Badger.
Badgers have absolutely no connection to New Year but this does not matter in the slightest.

 I will be back tomorrow with some of my retro goodies for the Vintage Village fair this Sunday.
I am what you would call 'giddy'.

Thanks for reading. x

Monday, 3 December 2012

A Secret Christmas Crafternoon Tea Party.

Here are some pics from yesterday.
This event was a Christmas crafternoon followed by afternoon tea, finger sandwiches and the most amazing cake selections.... EVER!!
I wasn't crafting myself, I had my little pop up stall with me. I did have sandwiches and cakes however.
This venue is the most wonderful place to be. Everything about it is to die for.
The best haberdashery cabinets, beautiful art work and much more.
If you want to host an event in this marvelous building (I certainly will be), you can find all the details

Ummm, yes!

Yes please!

Yeppity do!

The craftroom, all set up by the lovely Jo of French Knots

Count me in!

Ooooh yeah!

Oooh Betty!

Groovy Gang soaps from Rose and Lee Vintage Living

The mezzanine office.

Tea anyone?

I had the most wonderful afternoon, it certainly couldn't be classed as work.
Big respect to Gwyn of Vintage Afternoon Teas.
The food was amazing and I was particularly impressed with the mulled apple and her florentines.

Her future events are to include An Arty Afternoon Tea Party on 16th Feb and a Cake-tastic Afternoon on 9th March. I think I will treat my Mum to the latter as it coincides nicely with her birthday.
Thank you for all the kind comments regarding my mothers op. She is home and ok-ish. I am being a good nurse.

I have just been informed that OOB (other Oooh Betty) has fallen through her Nanas loft and only her breasts stopped her descent. I am not laughing in the least.
Christmas can be a dangerous time......I nearly killed Mr Betty last night. Wait while I show you the size of the tree he brought home yesterday. Such a numpty!

Tomorrow I will announce the winner of my Christmassy giveaway, if you have yet to enter, hurry up!
Thanks for reading. x