Monday, 30 April 2012

A very happy day :)

Let me tell you a little story.
I have always loved Paddington Bear, really loved him.
I love all the books even to this day. I enjoyed the TV programme when I was a Little Betty.
When I got a bit older I bought myself a Gabrielle Aunt Lucy Bear and a Gabrielle Paddington Bear. They were both bare bears, they were both missing their outfits.....completely.
I bought them cheaply and then over time I gradually bought all their clothes, tags and hats etc.
I wish I could show you a picture.

Not long ago, a short time after we had moved into our 'house at the end of the runway' the Betty family fell on very hard times. Mr Betty had no work, my work was slow and we were really struggling.
It got to the point where we had to start selling things. We sold our tumble dryer. We sold bits of our furniture and because I knew that I didn't 'need' my beloved bears I sold them too.
I remember putting them both into a box and handing them over to the courier and feeling absolutely devastated. I know this sounds dramatic but that is how I felt.

I have never replaced them as they are so expensive.
Today, on the way home from enjoying an early morning coffee with Mr Betty (times are better) I shrieked at him to pullover. I think he thought I had just spotted David Beckham wandering through Heald Green!!
Forget DB, I had spotted a PB. I would have spotted him a mile off.

He is missing his hat. I don't care. I am so utterly happy to have a bear in my life again.
I am going to make him a new felt hat tonight and I will be staring at him for some days to come.

Yesterday I was crochet mad!

The weather was pants so it was an indoor day and what better way to spend it than knee deep in yarn and hook in hand.
Lots of tea was made and I have to admit that a bit of cake was consumed on more than one occasion. Mr Betty and Moi both commented on how lovely it is to be marooned indoors due to poor weather. It really is good to relax and do nothing of any importance sometimes.

I should really be saving these bad boys til Thrifty Thursday but I think it is just too long to wait. You know what a show off I am.
I do believe that I have stumbled upon the 2 bestest Pot Towels ever.

What do you think?
I just love them. I am very much considering a giveaway within the next few days. I am very much considering that one of these bobby dazzlers could be included......

This evening I will mostly be seeing my friend for dinner (she has just turned 30). Ignoring the Derby that both my sons will be at as I cannot cope with the stress. Drinking tea and bundling fabric.
I have a very exciting announcement to make prior to the Magpies&I Market.
Watch this space and thanks for reading. X

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Saturday, 28 April 2012

Wish list número 4

I am a needy type I am.
I always need things. One could argue that these things are wants rather than needs but I beg to differ.
I will probably never have these things because they are a bit pricey and as you all know by now I am of a thrifty nature.

I love polaroid cameras I do. They are just such an Iconic design.
The last one I bought I decided to gift to the photographer Tom W. He visited my home to take pics for Vintage Manchester and was so passionate about real Polaroid pics that I felt the camera would be happier in his capable hands.
The one pictured above is the one I really want. It is my fave design of all.
I will find one of these on my thrifting journey I just know it.

I have gone a bit potty over animals on wheels since Trevor came into my life.
After much investigational research (not that much) I have decided that I absolutely must have an Elephant to keep Trevor company. I feel that in a Toy Story stylie they can wheelie about together when no humans are around. Wouldn't that be nice.

I really feel that I am ready for another piece of Ercol furniture. Ideally I would like the little bookcase/side table. These cost approximately a million pounds so it could take a while on the savings front.
How handy dandy is it though. I think this could justify being a 'need' rather than a want. Food, shelter, love and an Ercol side table/bookcase thingy.

I am just loving Vintage Sanderson at the mo. Well, truth be told this affair has been going on for some time. The next on my list is the poppies design. Any colour will do!
I think I would just look at it for a few months and then maybe it would become a cushion.

Retro Staffordshire children's mugs. Have I bored you with these before?
Tough! I am going to bore you some more.
I have 2 so it is far from being a collection. These sell for quite a bit on EBay etc so these will have to be gradually discovered on my travels. I think they are so ace.
I would like at least 6 and then my life will be complete.

Lastly and most expensively I have a major artist crush.
I have had this crush for a while now and the love is getting stronger.
Her name is Sanna Annukka (it is a lesbian crush). Her work is just amazing and the prices are more than justified. If I could choose one piece then it would have to be these.

I have been wishing for these for a couple of years now and I really should save up for one.
They are so beautiful and I think I would enjoy them forever (them she says, as if I will own a few).
All her work is fabby and I would happily own it all but here are a few of her other items that I have in my dreams.

Pop over to her shop Here to see more. I have linked straight to the birds as They are the bestest, to me anyway.
Tonight I will mostly be eating an M&S fuller for longer meal in the vain hope I don't have to eat cake afterwards, drinking tea and dreaming of Ercol furniture.
Thanks for reading. X

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Friday, 27 April 2012

Mrs Teawagon drinks coffee and a crafty birthday package.

Hello all.
I have a had a totally fabby day today. It started off with the purchase of new under-wear and ballet pumps and it is going to end with Victoria sandwich cake & tea.
Before I tell you about my bestest bits I just need your opinion on something.
How do you feel about receiving handmade gifts and when I say 'handmade' I mean by the giver of the prezzie.
The reason I am asking is this, I am about to give my very good friend Laura a complete package of goodies made by me and it is the first time I have ever done that.
I do sometimes give a handmade item as a little extra but this time it is the whole caboodle so to speak.
Let me show you what the goodies are and then you can get a better idea.

Brief description; crochet granny square bunting, fabric button ring, Oooh Betty kitty, vintage button paper jumbo paper clips and a Knitting Nancy (not handmade but shut it).

I am trying to be extremely thrifty and this has to be part of my new regime.
Would you be happy with this little lot?
Would you give your handmade goodies as presents? (Sophie it is my birthday in Feb and I would be more than happy with a 'Fading Grace' bag) ;)
Can I have all you crafty peeps thoughts on this please.

Also, I am happy to report that the kitties are recovering well from their ops. We do not want any furry babies if you know what I mean.

They are helping each other with the recovery process by having loads of cuddles. So sweet.
Just need to get Mr Betty sorted now.....only kidding.

Another thing that has made me very happy is the offer of a special crochet hook courtesy of sarah of Emily Loves Bagpuss. This is such a kind gesture and I felt a bit choked up about it. Blogging rocks!
I am now looking forward to when it arrives and I can crochet in comfort. Sarah has probs with her shoulder and the hook works for her and she thinks it may help with my achey arm thing.

I must now tell you about my most super event of the day.

Today I met up with the most fabby Mrs Teawagon. We have met before of course. We met at Vintage Village and Magpies & I but this was a proper date. We met in a cool bar called Folk that is in West Didsbury. We had coffee and paninis.
It was so nice. We really needed a full day to be honest as we had so much to talk about.
It is so great when you meet a like minded soul and particularly when you have loads of things in common and we had all of that. Just great it was, just great.

Tonight I will mostly be eating a massive slab of the aforementioned Victoria sandwich cake, drinking tea and putting together wish list number 4, or is it 5? Can't quite remember.
Thanks for reading folks. X

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Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Thrifty Thursday (on a Wednesday as busy tomorrow).

I have been absent from the blog world for what feels like weeks. I have just checked and it is actually only 5 days.
Truth be told, I have been feeling a tad blue. The reason for this low point is that I have developed yet another symptom of my Graves disease and this one is particularly upsetting. You will understand why when I explain.
I have started suffering with Carpal Tunnel syndrome which basically causes pain down my arms and makes my fingers all stiff and weak. As a lover of stitching and crochet this is just pants but because I am a stubborn person I have been doing loads of crochet and just getting on with it.

Anyway, I am now feeling more positive and I am not going to dwell on such miserable events so there!!

I have had a very thrifty day today (always good for the soul). I was going to blog on the official thrifting day but I am possibly too busy tomorrow and also I was very excited to blog as I have missed my blog and my blog friends even more.

What do I start with? (sound of my mind ticking or more realistically, grinding).

I got these lovely Sanderson fabric samples from a table top sale. I paid £5 for the lot which is quite a lot of cash for me but they are in great condition and very large pieces.

I am going to use some for cushions and I have in my mind that they will be very fancy pants cushions with 'in yer face' brightly coloured bobble trim. They will then appear on my Magpies&I stall. I may use a piece to cover this bobby dazzler too.

This sewing stool has me in a bit of a quandary to be quite frank. It is pretty cool as it is but could it be even better? Opinions please.

I also got all of this stuff on a trip out with 'other ooohbetty' today.

The first pic is a Holkham Pottery 'Owl' jug. I have had the mugs before but never a jug. I think it is quite a rarity.
Pic 2 is a rather lovely candle holder and some cute little floral bowls that 'other ooohbetty' thought were ideal for dips.
The 3rd picture is a Hornsea muramic pin dish but it is larger than I have seen them before. I like this a lot. It is therefore a keeper.
Pic 4 is a set of 6 Arcopal milk glass cake plates. Not my normal cup of tea but I just fell for the yellow Rose design, so pretty and springy.
Think pic 5 is pretty self explanatory. It is a rather nice one though. It has a really cool handle.

I got a bit of haberdashery too. Some funky mustard fabric.

And a large selection of vintage buttons. Not the best selection in the world but all very handy dandy.

I also got these Arthur Wood jars.
I am always buying Artur Wood stuff. I am verging on being an Arthur Wood groupie!

They always look good though don't they? Just simple and cool.
I have the flour jar, the flour shaker and the cheese dish already. 'other ooohbetty' has the sugar jar, she keeps dummies in it! Don't ask what she keeps in her biscuit barrel!!

I got this for Mr Betty for his pension fund.

It is a vintage savings box with 2 keys. I think littlest has his eye on it though.

I just had to buy this vintage postcard. I just love it. It is going on my wall.
Lastly and possibly most importantly I got this little fella.

I cannot tell you how chuffed I am with this.
I know he is not one of the bestest Danish monkeys but to me he is just perfect.
I have wanted a hanging monkey for donks and I have always known that I would be unable to afford one off say, eBay for example. I spotted him and I just knew he was going to be hanging on my fire place within the hour and here he is.
There is nowt better for sorting out ones frazzled head than thrifting an item one has only dreamed of owning.
It has got me to thinking that I am due another wish list. Whenever I blog my wish lists I seem to find something great. Sometimes I don't even realise it was on my wish list but that is irrelevant.
I will have produced a wish list before the week is through and I am going to blog another room whilst I have a reasonably tidy house. actually, forget the house bit, I have just looked up and things have gone downhill whilst I have been computering.
I hope you are all being looked over by the god of thrifting (Thrifticus).

Tonight I will mostly be sitting in the car whilst my son runs around a boggy field, eating chicken and salad, drinking tea, watching the best nights tv and doing crochet till my fingers burn.
Thanks for reading. X

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Friday, 20 April 2012

Things that are making me smile today.

What a day!
I was up bright and early with the aid of a strong coffee. Well it was actually about 8ish and I had to have 2 strong coffees.
As I told you yesterday, I was awaiting some rather important visitors. Mr Betty installed the new loo seat and I dusted and vacuumed in a glamourous fashion. I now realise how good it is to be a highly efficient person as I am.
Tom and Susie arrived as promised at 1 o'clock. We also had a German visitor by the name of Boris who was collecting a Land Rover from Mr Betty.
Boris came with gifts of chocs, coffee and sweets for littlest. What a thoroughly nice chap!

Boris, you are welcome at our 'house at the end of the runway' anytime.

Tom and Susie were fabby. It was honestly like having old friends round. I must point out that they are not actually old, they are both very young truth be told. I didn't let this ruin things, me being middle aged and all that.
Toms views on photography were refreshing and I was most excited about his top notch vintage Polaroid camera. It has been added to my ever growing wish list. Tom, send me a pic of the aforementioned kit please!
Tom was mostly left to his own devices whilst Susie and moi had a good chat. You know what us like minded ladies are like when we get together.
I am not yet sure when the pics will be published but I will be sure to let you know as soon as. I am so excited to see what Tom has snapped. What pics did he think summed up the 'Betty family'? Will he see things that make our house ,our home, that we don't see? The anticipation will make for sleepless nights but I just know it will all be worth it. Big thanks to both of you for a great experience and opportunity. X

I will now share some highly unprofessional pics of my own with you.

A thrifted bird. Mr Betty has informed me that it is a pheasant. Isnt it pretty. She is called Phyllis.

Look at my kitties using their suitcase bed. They seem to really like it. Sometimes they are in look out position and sometimes........

.........they are in the mood for a bit of privacy. I imagine that they are whispering complaints to each other about the poor treatment they are receiving. Maybe the lack of cat milk or the unbranded food I had the nerve to serve to them last week.

My last smile maker pic is just about as good as it gets (to me anyway).

Let me just tell you why I have welcomed Trevor (Trevor the Terrier) into my home.
I am actually a cat person, if you don't already know. It's not that I dislike dogs. I am a bit scared of them but I am just not used to them as I was bought up with cats (not literally, I had a human mum and dad) but cats are what I know. Since I started blogging and I met Sophie I have been in love with her terrier,he features in her blog. He is not for sale. Also I saw a furry doggy on wheels at the Altrincham fair last week, I wanted to buy him but he was not for sale either.
When I saw Trevor on EBay I just knew he would be mine. I rarely bid on eBay as I forget when things are finishing. I only do the 'buy it now' thing but I wanted Trev so bad that I sat hunched over my iPad just waiting to bid. As you can see I won the bid and he was mine for £7.00. Can you believe that?
He is solid wood, he is big, really big. His wheels squeak and his paint is flaky and I am completely in love with him.

Tonight I will mostly be eating chilli chicken with green bean salad, drinking tea and catching up on all my fave blogs.
Thanks for reading. X

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Thursday, 19 April 2012

Thrifty Thursday (it's actually on a Thursday too).

What an achievement! Thrifty Thursday, on a Thursday.
I am very proud to be part of it.
The rain is still here :( Mr Betty is still here :( ......only kidding.

I will get on to the Thrifting in a mo. Firstly I must tell you some exciting news.
Tomorrow I will be visited by a photographer who will be taking pictures of my 'house at the end of the runway'. The pictures and the interview (which I have yet to do) will be featured here , I will let you know exactly when. I have been given this great opportunity via Old Fashioned Susie who is a totally ace person.
I am leaving all preparations until tomorrow morning as I dust work best under pressure. Also I have been out all day so needs must.

I have made a major purchase prior to this tres important visit. It was an absolute must. I could not have accepted such important visitors into my home without this new addition.
The old one was literally rotting away.
Yes, you know it, I have invested in a new loo seat.
The old one has been mistreated to the point of appearing to disattach itself from the loo and start a brave attempt to escape from the bathroom.
I don't have the heart to tell it that it will not be welcome in the outside world. It would be reported to health and safety and then the army would have to be called in with some sort of incendiary device. I will dispose of it in a kind and dignified fashion.
Anyway, what am I going on about? On to my important thrifty treasure. (don't get too excited, there is a treasure drought which is more serious than the water situation in this neck of the woods).

Yes sir! Yet another Vintage Polaroid camera. I just luv em.

Rather handy dandy spoon rest in the shape of an owl with a tacky poem to boot.
This will be used for teabags (thousands of them) and teaspoons between cups of tea.

An orange, melamine flour shaker by St Michael no less. I actually don't have a flour shaker, I always sell them. I may keep this one.

Quite possibly one of the best cup and saucer combos ever. It is Wedgewood and I am in love with it. Other Oooh Betty has one too.

A vintage Avon perfume bottle. Orange (of course) with a rather nice folky design. This has gone straight in my red cabinet.
I got a little table too. It needs renovation so I will blog about that at a later date.

Not the best selection I have shared in my blog life but it will do.
Tonight I will mostly be eating chilli chicken with stuffed butternut squash, drinking tea and making a little curtain to hide stuff behind (not the old loo seat, rest assured).
Thanks for reading. X

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Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Today I have mostly been doing this......

Rain rain go away.

I have stayed indoors today, other than a trip to the tip.

I have been pottering about doing and making nice things in my 'house at the end of the runway'.
I made a kitty.

I like his face and his green eyes. I got the green buttons from the thrift shop yesterday. He is called Bo.
I also thrifted this little lot of haberdashery essentials.

Hoop, handles,buttons,threads (kitty colours) and some 'in yer face' 70s fabric.

I put my new pillowcases on my pillows.

I rearranged and dusted my little red cabinet (can't do one task without doing the other).

I let the kitties out and was amused by how miserable they managed to look whilst sheltering from the rain (they still wouldn't come in).

I wrapped vintage bed sheet strips round a thrifted spot lamp. I was particularly bored at this point. This actually proved to be more boring than actually not doing it hence only half done.

Obviously there were many more important tasks that I could and should have been undertaking. I was just not in the mood for serious chores.

my bedroom door courtesy of Eldest son
pretty much bob on!

Tonight I will mostly be eating tomato,lentil and red pepper soup with tiger bread, drinking tea and watching the best night of TV.
Thanks for reading. X
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Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Snapshots of Littlest sons room.

I thought I would give you a mini tour of Littlests bedroom whilst it looks half decent.
Littlest is very keen for me to do this, so much so he actually helped me tidy up and spent quite some time placing his minifigs in his newly acquired letterpress drawer.

I think he will busy tonight as there are still quite a few compartments to be filled.
The retro leather poof was purchased from Oxfam in Manchester for £3. I had to carry it home on the train during rush hour. There were lots of tuts to be heard amongst the passengers.

Thrifted vintage desk made by Triang. I will be so sad when he grows too big for this!
The bookcase is a bulb box that has been tipped upright, I got this from Freecycle. Very handy dandy.

Vintage style map wallpaper and Pirate bunting made by me. He has an old Paddington Metamec wall clock (I love Paddington). This was a car boot purchase.
Thrifted tile top table £3. The tiles are vintage cars so perfect for a little boys room.

Thrifted handmade castle. Jumble sale purchase, only £1

ELC wooden farmyard set. I think I like playing with this more than he does.
I hope you like his room, he certainly does.
I will be back later with some thrifted haberdashery bits and some new Oooh Betty kitties I have made over the last couple of days.
Thanks for reading. X

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