Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Kitchen progress report.

It is just too hot for kitchen cleaning and organising. I am not complaining though, the sun is a welcome visitor to these parts.
I was planning on making my new kitchen perfect before the big reveal but because I feel that I am among friends on my blog I am biting the bullet and showing you some pics today.

Henry has been a busy vac!
The cupboards are fitted as are the worktops.

The cooker is in place and working......praise the lord.
The cooker is hi-tec so as of yet I haven't the foggiest what I am doing.

We have running water, woohoo, and the dishwasher is up and running.
The decorators are coming tomorrow and i have some finishing touches in mind, watch this space.

Due to being marooned in my living room for many an evening this week I have been busy with the kitties.

I made one for Littlests teacher, he chose the colours and the name.

A new boy kitty for the shop.

And just a few more for the fairs and my little Folksy shop. You can find them right here.

And, I treated myself to a kitty.

I just had to own my very own Jane Foster kitty, aren't they wonderful.
I am sure everyone knows about Mrs Foster and her lovely owls, cats and bunnys but just in case you are a little behind the times, here is her wonderful shop.
I may have to buy an owl very soon.

Anyhows, back to the cleaning!
Thanks for reading. X

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Monday, 23 July 2012

Look once and look again.

Today is the first day of the kitchen installation. As can always be expected when it comes to this sort of thing, there are 'problems' or as a builder would say 'a slight hitch'.
Things ground to a halt at around 1pm and the fitters have disappeared to attend to the 'slight hitch'.
I think this involves a drive to Ikea to retrieve missing parts, one of them being the tap.
Looks like we will be eating salad for dinner ;)

Yesterday I awoke at an early hour, 6.11am to be exact. After sipping at my first coffee of the day and realising it was only 6.23am I decided that there was nothing else for it, I would have to fill my lonely morning (boys and Mr still asleep) with a bit of car booting.
So, off I drove, coffee still on the go, to a local booty site for a schmooze.

I got a few bits which I will save for Thrifty Thursday but I just wanted to make a point on this sunny Monday.
I have a booty shopping rule and it is this. Do a first frenzied shop around the site, glancing at the stalls and assessing which may have suitable treasures. Make a few 'pence purchases' and take aforementioned purchases back to the car. Then, do the whole booty again but this time with a keener eye.
I followed my usual plan and I am so glad I did.On my second trip round I found my most favouritist favourite treasure.

I know what you are thinking.....Mrs Betty is always finding sewing boxes, stools, etc
Yes, yes, tis a fact. But, what I really like to find is a box that has not yet been emptied of all it's contents, or it's treasures one might say.

This box needed sorting, they always do.
The sorting is the fun part, discovering little tins of buttons and old wooden reels amongst the tangle of ribbons and thread.

Finding bits of haberdashery that you were almost going to have to stock up on. kitty skirt elastic, dressmakers pins, etc.

This is truly one of the joys of life, in my opinion.
My second coffee yesterday was spent in utter bliss. At home, playing with treasure, with all the boys and Mr still tucked up in bed.

Tonight I will mostly be eating salad, drinking Shloer (it is sunny) and watching Corrie.
Thanks for reading. X

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Friday, 20 July 2012

A filing cabinet of sorts.

We are in chaos. My dishwasher has left for a new home as has my cooker.
Things have been forced out into the wet garden and I can't find my spoons anywhere (they may be in the garden too).
Today is kitchen delivery day so I am off to have my hair done, by way of celebration of new kitchen of course.

Yesterday was a full on day of cleaning, I was knee deep in grease.
I took a break at around 2pm to have a coffee and do something nice, it can't be all work and no play for goodness sake.

I decided that my desk had become too cluttered of late. I reached this realisation when I found myself working at the kitchen table as I just had no room for cutting, sticking and other such lovely pastimes that take place at ones desk.

I picked up a little chest of drawers from a local second hand furniture place (tis a secret location). I paid 4 pounds for it and I knew it's future place in life straight away.

Perfect for bits and bobs.

And just like a desk side filing cabinet don't you think.

I used some wonderful vintage paper that I recently recieved from my good friend Vanessa.
I applied layers of Mod Podge (what did we do before Mod Pogde?).

And my desk is now spacious as spacious can be.

What is that there letter I hear you ask....

I will tell you.
It is the most loveliest letter from my new friend Eve.
Things like this make the ups and downs of a crafty life worthwhile.

Tonight I will mostly be eating uncooked food and hoping the new kitchen is worth a few days of upheaval. Of course it is :)

Thanks for reading. X

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Wednesday, 18 July 2012

I actually did this post yesterday but as I came to the 'publish' stage the whole thing vanished into an abyss and has not been seen or heard of since.
As you can probably imagine, I took this in a calm manner and didn't say a word beginning with F or S once.
I am now going to do the same post but with less content and I will be huffing all the way through it...imagine me huffing after every pic and every paragraph if you will.

Well, I had a good day at the fair. Lots of people visited me. Here are some pics.

Brief, I just can't repeat the same things for a second get the picture I am sure.

Tonight I am pooped after a full day at the charity shop. It is such hard work, I didn't even stop for lunch.
I actually really like it even if it is a little bit frustrating. Just as you get to the bottom of the pile somebody arrives with more piles, bit like my laundry basket at home really.

I forgot to tell you, the kitchen is going ahead. It is being delivered on Friday and the install begins on Monday.
I have loads of prep to do before Monday, just need to stop dithering around and get on with it.
I will be back in the next couple of days with kitchen finishing touch ideas and I may need some help with decision making, will you be able to help??

Tonight I will be eating prawns, that is far as my plans have got.
Thanks for reading. X

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Sunday, 15 July 2012

Katie Holmes-Cruise, I'm here for you!

I feel for KHC, not because she is too beautiful, part of a dangerous cult and just recently separated from a short man ( although I did have to once separate from a short man ).
What I do share with KHC is the challenges of parenting a six year old and I think I have some advice that she may very well need.
I of course am not a single parent, I have Mr Betty, but I was once a single parent and it is tough although a shared custody agreement can bring such delights as a girls holiday to Ibiza and many more things one never thought they may experience once a mother.......Oooh the memories.

Anyhows, back to my WOW (words of wisdom).
I am no super parent, trust me on this, but what I do know has come from experience mainly of a grim nature. So, here are a few tips that I think may be of help.

1) when in a busy supermarket checkout queue and your 6yr old asks "mummy, is herpes a swear word" don't try and brush their enquisitive little query aside. What I have found is that these sorts of questions need a short, satisfactory answer. If one attempts to merely ignore said query what may happen is that 6yr old then makes the enquiry into a ditty and even adds in a catchy little tune.
Whilst ones child is singing the ditty the rest of the aforementioned supermarket queue becomes involved in their thirst for knowledge and the child will then thrive on the general amusement that has been caused.
So, by way of support in this kind of circumstance, here is a general answer that can be used in a number of instances. please feel free to use it if the need arises.
" yes, herpes is a swear word, I don't know what it means but I do know that you can be arrested for using it in a supermarket "
You may also add that sirens can be heard approaching, if extra clout is required.

2) this is an essential list of 'top shelf items'
This has nothing to do with rude magazines btw

This is a general guide to the items that really should be kept on a top shelf at all times and I will be showing some rather disturbing photographic evidence of what may happen if these rules are not abided too.

Crayons - not fun, never comes off walls, crumbly, strangely drawn to mouths.

Playdough - only to be played with under scrutinous observation. Not fun, never comes out of carpets, crumbly, strangely drawn to mouths (and hair).

Water guns - once in a child's hand they can never be removed. Only to be played with in the garden when temperatures go over and above 100f. A guaranteed start to sibling wars and eventual tears ( most likely the parents).

DVDs that look like cartoons but are actually South Park (secretly owned by older siblings).
The story about this is too painful to recount. It involved salty balls, a dinner lady and a rather serious and awkward after school discussion......lets move on.

Scissors (this is where photographic evidence will be used).
A big part of the whole 'motor skills development process' is the use of scissors, every mother knows this. Ones 6yr old will sit for a happy hour or two, scissors in hand, concentration on face, maybe with their little tongue sticking out for added focus. The joys of using scissors, the danger.
Ones 6th old will cut out a wonderful assortment of shapes and maybe even involve some sticky tape ( put that on the top shelf too).
Once the initial buzz of using a pair of scissors has worn off things can go downhill quite rapidly. I think the best word to use would be carnage.
Don't think that child's safety scissors are a reason to be less vigilant. It is amazing how determined a 6 yr old can be when armed with some crocodile scissors.

I think I will end this part of my advice page now as I have some itchy patches developing around my neck.

To keep this simple I have decided to compile two toy categories. Good toys and Bad toys.

Good toys
Lego (unless stood on, and you will, possibly many times in a day).
Action man/Barbie plus accessories.
Sticker books, story books, any books (maybe not 50 shades of grey or the karma sutra).
Colouring books and colouring aparatus (not crayons or anything permanent).
Farmyard + assortment of animals (dinosaurs seem to be ok within this category although prone to getting stuck in the hen house).

Bad toys
(see top shelf advice)
Light sabres, nerf guns and boomerangs.
A combination of the above two items.
Washing line prop.
Elastic bands.
Gaffer tape.
A lemon squeezer combined with any sort of fruit or veg.
Daddy's tools.
A shower attachment.
Important keys.
A garlic press combined with any sort of fruit or veg.
Plasticine (top shelf it immediately).
Technology belonging to older siblings.
Technology belonging to daddy.
Technology belonging to mummy.

Of course, my 6 yr old is perfect and this advice page has been composed using stories from other less perfect mothers.
My itchy patches are now moving down from my neck to my torso so I think I may have to come back to this post at a later date, it must be the pollen.
I am off to the fair today to run my little stall of goodies.
'Magpies and I' is from 11 til 4 in the Market Hall, Altrincham. See you there if you dare!

Tonight I will mostly be removing gaffer tape from the washing line prop, picking play dough out of Lolas fur and adding household objects to the top shelf.

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Thursday, 12 July 2012

Charity shop shenanigans

I have just done my first day (half day to be truthful) of volunteer work at the local Beechwood charity shop.
My task today was to sort out the donation bags. This involved gloves, bins and common sense.
Lots of donated stuff is rubbish but it does at least go to the rag man rather than joining our serious landfill overload.
Shoes that are in a poor state also go to the rag man, I think a lot of them go to third world countries. The clothes that are considered saleable have to be in perfect condition and preferably are a descent brand ie, M&S. The whole process is rather impressive and I thoroughly enjoyed myself.....tagging and pricing being my fave bit.

Anyhows, I know what you are all thinking. You are all thinking that I became distracted from my important sorting role and ended up buying very dare you!!

I may have come home with a couple of things.....

This is a laundry bag of the hanging variety. I love the graphics to be honest, who can resist an owl and a squirrel?

And then there was this....

Oh my, is it not the nicest retro deck chair ever?
It is in such good condition and the pattern is perfect. Because I already have plenty of deck chairs I may just sell this one but at the moment I need more time to think about such a serious matter ;)

I am working at the shop again on Wednesday and for a full day might I add. I am hoping to make it a permanent thing.

Tonight I will be having an early night which will mostly involve a cuppa tea and a book.
Thanks for reading. X

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Wednesday, 11 July 2012

A Pepper, A Bit Of Sun and a Daisy Stool.

We have sun!!
Only since about 3 this aft but nevertheless it has bought a smile to my face.

It has to be said that this funny weather we are experiencing is doing all my plants the world of good.

.....and I even have a pepper dingle dangling from my pepper plant.

You need to look carefully mind.

I have just completed a stool re-cover project. I only purchased this fabric today so I have done pretty well (if I do say so myself).
The fabric was a vintage table cloth and I am really pleased with it.

This will be appearing at my stall in Altrincham. If I can bear to part with it ;)

I am just waiting for some more fabric to arrive so I can do another stool I have recently acquired. The other stool is a rectangular shape and I will be sure to show you the finished item.

I have also been making some boxes for my kitties today.
As you know, I give the boxes a retro feel by backing them with retro wallpaper. What I do is this, I place 3 contrasting pieces of vintage wallpaper together on the scanner and I print out on to recycled card. I had loads of off cuts of the aforementioned card and decided I should do something nice with them (being a recycling, thrifty lunatic).

I decided to make funky gift tags. What do you think?
I will package them nicely and then have a think what to do with them.

I am doing my first day of volunteer work at the local charity shop tomorrow. I am looking forward to it as you can imagine. It is a shop that I visit every day as it is en-route to littlests school.
It is a Beechwood Cancer Care shop and it is brilliant.

I am in the throws of discovering a bit about my ancestors at the moment. I have no knowledge of my fathers side of the family, in particular his dad. He never met him.
I have a helper by the name of Alan, he is helping me via email. Turns out, his gran was my granddads sister.....I am still trying to work out our relationship title??

The next couple of blog posts, all being well, will be fair related. I won't give too much away as I know of a few peeps that will be visiting.
Mabel and Bean, I have new trims.
Little Teawagon, I have 2 new boy kitties.
Den at Beechwood, I have a present for your gorgeous girl.
Other Oooh Betty, can you bring me a coffee?

Tonight I will mostly be, making kitty bags, drinking tea and eating cadburys fruit and nut (bikini body plan=complete flop).
Thanks for reading. X

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Monday, 9 July 2012

Recent Vintage Finds

Well, I didn't manage to make it to the Vintage Village on Sunday. For reasons I should maybe keep to myself I was unable to go and I was gutted. Not only did I have a bit of money to spend but I was also looking forward to meeting my lovely friends.
Anyhows, I am not one to maudle and I do still have some recent purchases/finds to share.

Last week we had a lady visit our 'house at the end of the runway' with the task of designing us a new, more functional kitchen. We are very happy with the design and we will be ordering it tomorrow.
We will be buying from Ikea and if we are unable to get the interest free offer we will be forced to put up with our existing kitchen for a while longer (possibly til the day we die).
With this in mind I have been a bit premature in purchasing the most amazing wallpaper. It is Graham and Brown, wipe clean and fab.

If the kitchen idea flops then I am sure I will find it an alternative purpose within my house.

I bought this umbrella stand from the Jumble for 50p.

It is in need of some serious restoration but I am up for the job as soon as I have completed 2 stools and a chest of drawers (probably be in time for Christmas then).

I also stumbled upon 3 very kitsch pictures.

I actually dislike these truth be told but at 50p each what was I to do.

And the most common of Dallas Simpson pics, again, 50p.
I bought the buttons too, close up they are pretty pretty.

Yet another vanity case! This is a really nice one, rectangular, with key and a lovely interior.

That is moi in the mirror. I am holding my camera in a very delicate fashion.

Lastly, cheapestly (made up word alert) and most pleased withly are these beauties.

How often does one stumble upon 1 or even 2 vintage greeting cards?
I couldn't believe my luck when I discovered all these.
I am debating whether I should sell these bobby dazzlers or just hug them to my chest for a few months. Any opinions on this debate welcome ;)

Well, I think that be about it for the time being. Wish me luck with the finance/kitchen sitch tomorrow.

This eve I will mostly be eating chilli prawn noodles, drinking lemonade and upholstering 2 stools, sanding a chest of drawers and restoring an atomic umbrella stand. I won't really be partaking in the last 3 tasks. I will actually be lay on the sofa eating the rest of my homemade cheesecake......ummmm

Thanks for reading. X

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Friday, 6 July 2012

Easy Ironing, Easy Baking and Easy Living.

Sorry about my lapse in blogging, I am such a lazy Miss Daisy.
I have had carpets fitted this week which left my house in carnage and my head up my a**e, I cope very poorly with any form of disruption and the placement of a 'large screen tv' into my best room was enough to start my eye a twitching.

I am relieved to report that Biggest sons room is now finished. I have taken a couple of pics for you. It is a teenage pad so please don't expect Emily Chalmers or Country Living coz that it is most definitely not.
Biggest son is over the moon. His new room combined with a rather lovely Mum/Son trip into town has made him look at me with love in his eyes (all you mothers of teenagers will appreciate the rarity of these moments).
Anyhows, here are the pics.

I am well aware that it will not look like this for very long. I haven't been in there today, I just want to pretend it is still perfect for a little bit longer. I can guarantee there will be a pair of grundies on the new carpet!

I have added a few more vintage trims to my stock this week. They are brand new but old if you catch my drift and really pretty.

I have already started to prepare stuff for the Magpies and I Fair.

I will be taking (and hopefully selling) my new trims to the fair along with some new kitties and a few surprises!

Talking of kitties, I have been happily making kitty outfits today.

As you all know, my mum (the knitting legend) makes all the kitty sweaters. I used to crochet little vests but since mother got involved my attempts just don't compare.
Mother and I are loving making the mini clothes and I now have more clothes than kitties!
They are rather fun and easy to iron too.....far more pleasant than the 15 white school shirts I have to endure of a weekend ;)

Yesterday I had the most enjoyable of days.
I met up with Jane of Little Teawagon and Vanessa of Den at Beechwood. We met at an amazing little cafe in Chorlton called 'On the Corner'.

It is a record store/juice cafe and the food is ace.
The decor is to die for, Formica tables, vintage fabric lampshades, old mismatched chairs......just pretty perfect really.
I could of sat there, quite happily, til dark.
Janes friend joined us, her name is Verity and she is lovely. She makes and sells the most fabby cake mixes that come in boxes that the mix can actually be baked in.....genius!
I was very lucky to come home with a chocolate cake mix and a fruit cake mix. Obviously, being the eager beaver that I am, I had to make the cakes the second I got up this morn.

Being the cake obsessed person that I am and wrapped up in the excitement of the event I forgot to take a pic of the packaging in it's complete state but this gives an idea.
They were so simple to make and, Brucie bonus, no mess was created.

My boys of three have already demolished the choccie cake and they loved it.
Mr Betty and I will be having the fruit cake for supper. I will report back tomorrow( pics included).
You can find Verity and her Ivy Bell cake boxes here. If you discover that her cakes will be making an appearance at a local event, go and buy one and I can guarantee cakey satisfaction and a lovely cakey smelling kitchen.......yummy.

I also came home with some new vintage wallpaper.

A gift from Vanessa. How happy was I.

I also got a bit of Granny wallpaper from Jane and I have already used some in my little red wall cabinet.

And I have made some additions to my Royal mug collection.

So I am rather happy with my little corner right now.

Last night I was invited to 'OOB' house for a Jamie Oliver party. I took Mother.
We had a lovely time. I ordered a prezzie for my friend Mic and a little treat for myself of the tin variety (I am so predictable).
We drank Pimms and ate olives.

This weekend should be rather a nice affair. Jumble sale tomorrow day, friends for takeout in the evening.
Sunday will see me visiting the Vintage Village in Stockport. I am sad not to be selling but I have not managed to get myself organised this month. I will be taking a baby gift for
Mr and Mrs Mod Cons and making some purchases no doubt.

Tonight I will mostly be collecting some vintage stools (more info coming soon), drinking tea and making something out of fabric.
In the words of The Terminator....'I'll be back'
Thanks for reading. X
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