Monday, 30 January 2012

Lazy blogging.

This eve I am being a lazy daisy in regards to my blog.
I have earned the right to slack as in contrast I have been a busy Miss Lizzy for most of my day.
The garage is partially organised. Lots of stuff has been tipped and boxed for recycling and jumbling . The tip was particularly stinky today might I add. I was gagging and I didn't even get out of the truck. Whilst Mr Betty huffed and puffed over the trailer I did take the time to remind him that I didn't buy him a pair of Hunter wellies for standing about in ;)

We enjoyed a short but sweet break for lunch and coffee.

So, if its ok with you , and you understand my weakened state , I am just going to share some pictures of my fair stuff with you.

More effort promised for the next blog. Just putting together some little messages in Lexicon cards whilst watching crap tv.....
Btw, I have put my back out shifting stuff and sorting out eldest boys room and my son has come home and is displaying an obvious lack of vision and enthusiasm regarding his room.

Location: my sofa.

Sunday, 29 January 2012

Kitten Life and a request for ideas.

Well, as you can imagine, my life is all about the kittens. Lots of feeding, cleaning of poop trays and searching for the little devils......of course I am loving every second.

They are making good use of Perrys old bed. Luckily they do sleep quite a bit!!

Today I have been gutting my eldest sons room. It was an office when we moved in so had an abundance of shelving, all across the chimney breast and into the alcoves. I have ripped it all out and revealed the hearth and fire place (hole in wall). We have pulled up carpet and underlay.
I will take pictures of before and after as I have good plans for it. The eldest doesn't give a stuff what I do but I am ploughing on regardless.

I am after a bit of advice/some ideas if you can help.
I have acquired some amazing, well I think so, retro towelling. Large pieces too.

I have never worked with towelling fabric before and I have no idea what I could make with it??
I just know that I love it. Btw, it is all unused. The woman that owned it told me that her German mother had purchased it in the 70s to make outdoor cushions for sun loungers etc but never got round to it. I may sell some on.

I have been round at my inlaws this week. They have an old aunt living next door and she has loads of out buildings that I just love to nosey round. I managed to find a couple of battered old suitcases that I will picture when clean. Inside one of them were a few glasses.
Amongst them were these little beauties.

Vintage Britvic. Such pretty designs. I have put them on my fireplace for the time being so I can see them whilst I cook. Very cheery indeed.

My plan this week is to be at home as much as poss. Mr Betty and moi are on 'Mission Sortout'
It is a mission on a grand scale and is to involve many trailer loads of recycling and rubbish. Mr Betty has informed me, in a stern tone, that I must be brutal. Eek!


Thursday, 26 January 2012

Thrifty Thursday, regime back on track!

Yesterday I was taken on a magical mystery tour. I was picked up at 9am and driven down a few different motorways for approx 45 mins. My tour guide and I filled this time with our usual chit chat so it flew by.
We arrived at an Antiques centre in Nantwich called, Dagfields. My chest tightened with excitement on realising there were 5.....yes 5 large buildings filled with treasure.
Now I am not going to tell you we found loads of treasure as that would be a lie. What I will say is this, it was very cool. There were many furniture items that I could have bought had I have had any space. Lots of brill kitchenettes, Ercol bits, stools etc.
My tour guide bought some amazing Carlton Ware salt and pepper pots.

They were the pinky ones from the above set. Real heart stoppers!

I got some little bambi salt and pepper to come.
I also got a cute little retro children's mug. I am a bit of a collector of kiddie cups.

The one with the cats is my new addition. Gorgeous.

Today I was not thrifting but I did purchase a vintage maxi skirt. I may model it during warmer climes but for now it is just here to be looked at.

I figured that even if I fail to wear this little beauty I will defo make good use of the amazing fabric. I am thinking, little White top and a choice of my ever growing clog collection. Bring on the sun:)

I have been sorting of late. It appears that everyone has. All the blogs I read have tales of the sorting kind, clearing attics and cupboards, donating bags of stuff to the charity shops etc.
I took huge amounts of stuff to my church today all in preparation for their twice yearly jumble.
I came away with a little something. Mavis Davis (yes really), the legendary jumble organiser extroadinaire let me have them.

I love stuff like this. Fabby little images of joy all packaged in a wonderful retro box. Love it.

Lastly, for today is just for all my cat loving blog friends.

Adorable. Xx

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Tuesday (but really wednesday) book club.

I am not cut out for a life of routine. Is everyone ok with me sacking off my new regime?
I will cover the same topics but in the style of results on a talent show they will be "in no particular order".
I have a genuine excuse for my late book club. The book I am featuring arrived late and obviously I needed time for perusal.
Today's book will be well known to most of you but I think that sometimes one needs a like-minded soul to get to the nitty gritty.

It is on offer at the moment if purchased from Amazon. It is reasonably priced.
The layout and images are brill, very inspiring.I haven't made anything yet but I am sure I will tweak some of the ideas to suit my style (and skill).
I purchase a lot of books for inspirational purposes, display ideas, collectables etc. This book definitely fulfils this requirement.

I will defo be looking out for a set of these hooks. Perfect!
I am already an avid follower of Pip Lincolne (the creator of the book). Her Blog is brilliant. If you haven't already checked it out, do!

Now for some non-book news.

As you know we had a terrible loss in our furry family. Perry is still very much in our thoughts and we all miss him terribly. I can honestly say that there will never be another cat like him.
He hugged, he kissed and he was bloody funny.
We avoided telling smallest son for a few days as we were not in a good way ourselves. Eventually he started asking about him and Mr Betty had to break the awful news. It was heart breaking. Smallest son said "I did not want you to tell me that, I really liked Perry" .

Anyway, as I have said before, I am not one to maudle so it is with great pride and excitement I would love to introduce....

They are mending my heart. X

Saturday, 21 January 2012

A real heart stopper!!

Hi, I was going to have a weekend without blogging but sometimes things just happen.
Met my friend Kaz as planned. Had a lovely lunch with a cheeky drink.

She is very pretty!

On the way home I spied (I wasn't looking honest) in the charity shop window a thing on my 'most coveted' list. I was super duper chuffed.

Staffordshire Potteries 70s jar of wonder! Oh how I love thee.

What do you think? Am I alone in thinking this is amazing?
Now I just want more ;)

I have been creating a few things for my Valentine fair. If it's ok can I have your thoughts?

Some variations of pin cushions. I always like to incorporate some vintage elements so that they sit right within the Vintage Fair. How sweet are the heart pins!

I am going to do some valentine corsages brooches too.

This is a tester, not overly sure on the design yet.
Needs something else??

I am now going to enjoy a nice cuppa tea and a bit of cake whilst I chill out pre evening out.
Enjoy your weekend folks. I am not thrifting tomorrow so unless something tres exciting occurs I will see you in the week. I have ordered a couple of new books, let's hope they arrive in time for Tuesdays book club meeting. X

Friday, 20 January 2012

Late (again) Thrifty Thursday.

A thrifty 70s doggie....oh how I love thee!

I must start my post today with an apology. I am not keeping to my new regime.
Last night was parents evening, it went on for what felt like hours and actually was hours.
I also failed to complete my 'pic an hour' post. I started by taking a picture of my adventure gear ie; bag,camera etc and then took a snap of my breakfast (special K with full fat milk and a pound of sugar) and that was that. I really need to become more snap happy particularly now I have such a lovely camera.
I am going to attempt to complete 'pic an hour' blog post in the next few days.

My adventure day, which by definition is actually a thrifting marathon, was great. Just what I needed after recent events.
Jayne picked me up at 9.00 and we were straight onto the M56 on our way to Frodsham. Jayne and I had an Oooh Betty unit in Frodsham a while back and we do like to go back and visit from time to time. It is a great place to search for treasure.
I snapped all my buys on my return, well not everything as some will appear on my stall.
The following selection are all keepers.

Cute little blue typewriter for my desk. My yellow typewriter is to be sold on my stall next month.

Yet another tin. I really like the colours on this one. It is a little battered but that doesn't bother me.

A sweet little Swiss music box. It works! It is also a bit worn and torn but the picture is gorgeous.

A kitsch bambi letter rack. Just perfect! It is hung above my desk.

I am up for a quiet one this weekend. My eldest needs to revise like he has never revised before. Mr Betty, the littlest boy and moi are off to our friends 'The Herbs' on Saturday evening and Sunday .......

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Tuesday book club plus a new project.

Hello and welcome all to my 4th book club meeting.
Today I am going slightly out of the box with a non-reading book. This little book was a purchase from Oxfam.

It is so Brillo!
It has really cool little iron on decals and fab ideas.

Great to embellish lavender bags, needle books and little t-shirts.
Really easy to use, yes I have tested some. Also includes loads of letters and numbers in different styles. If you love to craft this is a really good buy.
I made these.

Just felt, lavender and pretty ribbon left overs. They were great at Christmas.

Although I have promised a more sleek, sophisticated and structured blog I am still a bit of a rambler so if I have something to say, even if it is Tuesday book club, even if it is not a book, I am going to have to speak up.
I am starting a new dolls house. Might I advise anyone with a love for interior design etc to delve into the world of dolls houses. It is a cheap, fun way of doing a house exactly how you fancy at the time. I love it!

It needs a lot of work but that is the pleasure of it all. I already have one of these that I have finished. I really like the style of this 70s Lundby house and it has a good shape to it. I just added these legs that I had stashed away (yes I do stash random legs).
I have started to paint some of the walls white but I am going to take my time over my choices.
I made an EBay purchase of a cool Danish style suite.

I will cover and pad the chairs and sofa, just need to find some funky small print fabric. Want to go down the Eames route. Heals fabric would be perfect!
Any suggestions welcome, as always. Flooring advice required in particular.

I am going on an adventure with Jayne tomorrow and I am considering doing a 'picture an hour' blog post. I will only publish if it is interesting ie, 12 cups of tea and my feet on a foot stool are not gonna make it!!
Does anyone else do this style of blog? Am I mad?
Worried now that I will have to have green tea and muesli for breakfast just to impress :)
See you tomorrow.......

Friday, 13 January 2012

Big thanks and late thrifty Thursday.

Thanks to everyone who left such kind comments yesterday. So important that people understand and feel your pain. I didn't manage to sleep too well last night, I wish I hadn't been the one to find Perry as the picture of him on the road is haunting me at the moment. I am sure, given time, it will pass. I want to remember the fun Perry!

As I am not one to spread my misery I am going to stick to my NY resolution of a new, more structured and sophisticated blog ( I hope no one is taking me too seriously).
Yesterday was to be the 2nd week of 'Thrifty Thursday'. I have moved it to today due to extreme circumstances. It won't happen again........I hope.
I have some treasure to share. I am slightly concerned that I seem to purchasing a lot of toys. Am I regressing to childhood?

How cute is this little gathering of goodies.
Knitting Nancy is for me, yay. Love it.
The little wooden pull-along hen is possibly for sale, I do love his wobbly little head though. Will have a think about it.
The tin is for me, it will be full of buttons....obviously.
The clog was a cheer-up gift from Jayne. It is going in my porch on the kitchenette. The boys will use it to brush down their school blazers before departing for school in a dapper fashion (yeah right).
Talking of the kitchenette. It was all green, I was a bit unsure about it's 'all greeness'.
So TaDa

Yellow doors and yellow drawers all ready for the spring.
It is in need of a few more nic nacs, this I am aware of. I could move some things from my existing collections or I could go out and find new things, ummm??

Thought I would start running some blog parenting classes too, sharing some of my perfect parenting skills with you, steering you all in the right direction.
1st lesson; the morning routine

Yes, this is how it is done. Toast, tv and a crumby mummy bed.
Whilst offspring is engrossed in aforementioned tv, parents should be slurping down medicinal coffee and rustling through the dirty laundry in a desperate quest for PE socks.
End of lesson.

Oh yes, forgot about this little lovely.

I just cannot get enough of wall birds at the mo. This is just so kitsch it has gone full circle and is now very stylish ( in my Unprofessional opinion).
Oh, and what about this for kitsch.

It is only a bloomin Swiss jewellery box that is in the shape of a guitar and musical. It is made by 'Reuge' and I think it is a bit special. Yes, you guessed it, it is a keeper.
Think that's all for now.
Might have some exciting news very soon. Will tell all as soon as I am sure myself :)
Thanks again everyone. X

I am NOT pregnant btw. (shiver)!

Location:Various thrift shops.

Thursday, 12 January 2012

R.I.P Perry

Today my blog is going to be very brief.
I am so sad I can hardly breath.
I found Perry on the road this morning. He must have got confused with all the strong winds and ventured out too far.
Mr Betty has wrapped him up in his favourite crochet blanket and buried him in the garden. The next few days will be very difficult.

I will never forget you Perry. Xx

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Tuesday book club.

Hello everyone!
I have now mentally recovered from my blog disaster. I achieved this with deep breathing and cake.
I have been to the dentist (again) today. I am not scared anymore. My new dentist is amazing and my treatment is complete. So happy.

Anyway. On to the important book recommendations.
I would like to briefly mention my last 2 recommendations as I did tell a lovely little girl at the fair about a great crafty book that I had mentioned on this here blog. I would hate for her to check my blog and not find it. She was so cute and keen to get started in the crafty world, very important that crafting continues to the next generation.

So this is 'State of Craft'. It is lovely. Great images, simple ideas and a little write up on each contributing crafter.

This is the book that I recommended last Tuesday.
Belgium Family Style is beautiful. It has inspired me within my home and in particular in the boys rooms. Anyone will find ideas within it's pretty pages but it is particularly great for parents.

Be warned, it is not written in English but I think the pictures say enough.
I have requested Paris and London family style for my birthday.....fingers crossed!

This weeks recommendation is a ver popular book but I do look at it a lot and I think it is worth a mention in case any of my readers have not yet got it.

Holly Becker is big in the Decor world and she does know what she is talking about. I will be checking out her other titles too!

Please buy this book. It is a keeper. Great images and fab ideas.
I will be back next Tuesday with a new book idea. I am going to go straight to Amazon now.
See you all on Thursday for Thrifty treasure. Can't wait. X

Monday, 9 January 2012

2 posts in 1 day

As you may have already noticed I have had a few problemos with my blog. I think it is all down to the Blogpress app, not naming names.
The outcome of this major hoohaa is that I have lost a month plus of precious, time consuming (slight exaggeration there) posts. To recap recent events would just be tedium, so this is the plan.
I will blog about 3 books tomorrow, 2 previous recommendations plus this weeks choice.
I will blog about my home and favourite bits and bobs which will cover any housey bits lost.
On Thursday (thrifty thursday to be precise), I will post a few pics of my favourite thrifted pieces including those previously mentioned, sorted!!
What has really annoyed me is this, and might I add that I went to bed early last night with a very bad temper.I had some really sweet little cards made with my shop, blog etc and handed loads out at the fair. I feel that if any new peeps take a look they will be most disappointed.

Anyhow, good nights kip = perspective.

Today I have re-covered my sofa cushions. This will be the second time. The sofa was an auction buy for 10 pounds.

Quite like the result. Look good within the room as I have a lot of grey painted stuff, fireplace etc.

I also pottled off to a local florist and purchase an Ivy and a Rose plant for a couple of new thrifted pots.

The pots were 1 pound each! I absolutely love them.
I have put them on my little tea trolley right alongside my fave sofa s I can see them at all times.

Whilst I waffle on I must mention Perrys new bed.
It was his Christmas present and he loves it. Sheepskin, right against the hot radiator, right next to me.

How cute! He flippin loves it. I think the fact that his fave crochet blanket is part of the set up makes it that bit more appealing.
Lastly, for today, I must report that I am feeling very jealous of my mum right now. The reason for this is as follows. She has gone to Brighton......for a whole week!
She is under strict instructions to send me photos of anything interesting ie, things for me. If my mother manages to send photos via her mobile phone this should all work out. I am not holding my breath. She does have a good idea of what 'floats my boat' so I am expecting treasure on her return. Love you Mum. X

Sundays post fair feedback.

How cold was it today? The answer is, COLD!!

Today was the wonderful Vintage Village in Stockport. Jayne (quite poorly with a cold) and I were together again for this one :)
We were packed up and on the road by 9.15. We were unloaded, displayed and sitting with a cappuccino by 10.00. Excellent work if I do say so myself.
I was very happy with my stall today, new stock, new display shelves and a good location within the Victorian Market hall. I have taken some pictures pre sales today....hurrah. I am usually so giddy kipper that I forget, my new camera made me that bit more keen.

I did really well.

Do you know what makes me happy? I will tell you. Selling my handmade stuff, selling a bit of everything and buying things from others......
Yes, you know what I am saying, I made purchases too.
This little 'Worcester Ware' bin is just ace. The cat is just like my Perry, White vest, white socks and trouble written all over his furry little face.
Jayne found this for me, I didn't see it??

This is unbelievably brill and extremely useful might I add.
A little magazine rack with a table top. I am not even going to upset you with the price I paid, just too much of a Billy bargain for me to disclose.
This will go alongside my sofa and my guests will place their coffee on the little table top and peruse over the fascinating magazines it will house.
I bought this from a lovely lady who's stall is named Agnes Darling.She has a blog by the same name, check it out.

Now I am home, getting warm. I have just eaten a delicious Sausage casserole made by Mr Betty and I will have a lazy night tonight with my boys. The 2 big boys just returned from skiing yesterday and I missed them terribly.

I will blog again with my Tuesday book recommendation on Tuesday.......predictable I know.
If anything really cool occurs in the meantime rest assured I will be sure to tell.

Here's hoping Sophie keeps Arthur! Some of you will understand. Xx

Location:At home, warming up after fair.