Thursday, 28 June 2012

A few custom order kitties.

Hello, just a quick post today.
I have been at home today busy catching up on things I needed to catch up on. Drinking tea, watching programs involving auctions and making some kitties for custom orders.

Rusty and Pinkie are off to France.

They are going to sisters in Boulogne....lucky devils.

This kitty is called Merete.

This is going to a little girl called Eve who loves pink.
I think I love the White kitties the most.

This little fella is called Dodger.

There is a possibility, all being well, that Dodger could be on his way to America. Very exciting!

Dodger is a real kitty too. My new blog friend Heather over at Hoots Cove has asked me to make this kitty for her son who she misses terribly.

How flippin cute is the real Dodger.....makes me want another kitten ;)
Don't panic Mr Betty, I'm only kidding.

If anyone would like a custom kitty just ask. There is no commitment to buy, I love making them.
I have added a few new kitties to my shop too, you can find them here.

Tonight I will be eating Pizza Express Pizza (Padana if you're asking) with rocket salad.
I will be drinking tea and hoping Billy catches the fly he has been chasing for the last 2 hours.....he is exhausted.

Thanks for reading. X

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Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Shopping with Mrs Teawagon and a few other thingy majiggys.

I'm back with my third post of the week, always a good sign of a happy, fruitful week.

Yesterday saw me 'on the road' with my lovely friend Mrs Teawagon.
Before we even set sail we had exchanged little paper bags of treasure....I was most pleased to add one of her special matchboxes to my own matchbox collection (I had admired them in her shed only days earlier).

It was full of buttons too.....perfect!

We both did very well during our shopping expedition.
I purchased 2 sewing boxes. I will be saving the cantilever box for my workroom. Mr Betty may be on the verge of treating me to a shed (fingers crossed).
The little pink one needs relining but it is a great size for transporting essential stitching items into the garden or up the stairs for a bit of bedtime crafting.

I also added another birdie to my china aviary.

This one is teeny and I love it.

Remember the other day when I shared a pic of my first bit of Royal memorabilia? Well.....
I have a new hobby/collection developing. I have visions of a large collection in my soon to be new kitchen.

I am thinking hooks, plate rack, the whole caboodle in fact. Has anyone else been affected in this way by all the recent Royal celebrations, please speak up!

Just today I have bought a couple of nice things too.

I found this rather pretty vintage sheet for 50 pence.

And this pretty hinged tin that I paid a pound for. My tin addiction problems are still rife.

I forgot to mention this recent find.

Not like me to keep new additions to myself??
I think I had struggled to find a place for it in my 'house at the end of the runway' and therefore forgot to take a pic etc.
It is a lobster pot stool in rather a shabby condition but I am already rather fond of it.
I did have one a while back but it had a bad case of woodworm and had to meet it's maker in our wood burner (it is a painful memory as you can imagine).

I sit in this here chair, with my feet up, when I watch TV. My TV is the smallest TV in the world and I am short sighted...bad combination. I have to sit with my nose up against the screen (slightly exaggerating).

Tonight I will mostly be joining a Pilates class with 'other Oooh Betty'. My aim is to gain the posture of a ballerina and the body of a porn star. It could take a while.
Thanks for reading. X

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Monday, 25 June 2012

New kitties and a fabby thrifty find.

This week I am doing quite well, 2 posts already.
Today I have been listing some new kitties, Mr Betty let me use his super duper computer. He was huffing quite a bit though. He huffed even more when I used some of his 'big envelopes'.

I have now moved away from Mr Bettys office area and I am safely tucked away in my favourite corner.
I have been attempting to make some new kitties so that they resemble certain breeds.
Here are my Orientals/ Siamese.

I have used rather a lot of artistic license with these but I quite like their little faces.
So that's Penny, Susie and Priscilla.

I also made some tabbies.

Jinty and Mimi, I may do some more little shawls in the future. I quite enjoyed making this one and it is a good use of some of my button collection.....I've gotta do summat with them!

And I felt the need to do a boy cat.

This is Freddie and he is a British Short Hair and I think they call them Blues?
My mum has been going for it on the kitty jumper knitting and is now making all sorts. Freddie has a cool hoodie and she has been making many variations of girl kitty sweaters. My mum is a legend!

I have listed the above kitties here along with a few more. Have a mooch and tell me what you think :)

Today I just 'popped' into my favouritist local charity shop and I found this.

I absolutely love this. It is a 1975 crown ducal coffe percolator.
Will I percolate in it? Probably not. I shall just gaze at it.
I am mad for Folk design at the moment and I will be looking out for more of it on my travels.
I paid £8 for it but I think that is ok for something that really makes you smile.

Tonight I will mostly be eating Chilli chicken and Fattoush, playing Cadoo and then watching Salvage Hunters.

Thanks for reading, tomorrow I am going on an adventure with Mrs Teawagon so there is no doubt in my mind that there will be plenty to blog about. X

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Saturday, 23 June 2012

Things that are making me smile through the rain.

Hello....where have I been? Even I don't know!

I have been busy with these.

They will soon be listed on Folksy and you can buy them here
I have made another Tom cat called Freddie. Since I sold Peter the girl kitties have been a little grumpy so I knew they needed a man to 'sort things out'.
I was very lucky to receive an amazing bundle of kitty skirt fabric during my visit to Mrs Teawagons shed for tea. All my kitty's are now looking picture perfect in their vintage skirts.....Freddie has shorts of course.

I stumbled across a few pretty buttons whilst thrift shopping for kitty stuff.

I must stop buying buttons, it is so difficult though. I think I am addicted to buttons just like I am addicted to cadburys chocolate covered popcorn.

I received my Jubilee swap package from Miss Rayne
The swap was organised by Faith Hope and Charity Shopping and it is the first one I have been a part of.
I was most pleased with these amazing fabric dyes in the most perfect colours.

I am going to get started with these little beauties on Monday and do a bit of doilie colouring and maybe my crochet cushions.....ooh the mind boggles with dye opportunities.

I also got this little Spanish Garden teapot.

It is tiny and perfect.

I have made some nice summery cushions this week to try and lure the sun out and scare the b****y rain away.

The yellow flowery cushion is made from a piece of towelling that I purchased for 50p from my local charity shop and the green floral cushion is another bit of fabric from Mrs Teawagon...she is the queen of the vintage sheet don't you know!

I treated my self to this plate.
I suddenly felt the urge to own some Jubilee memorabilia. I have got quite carried away with the whole thing via the excellent TV coverage and have found myself to be a bit of a Royalist after all.

It was from John Lewis and was a very reasonable £7 (I think).

Guess what Mr Betty and I added to our bedroom this week, no it is not fluffy handcuffs, it is actually this.

My very own, long awaited for, dressing table of muchas delight.
It needs a good paint job but I am ever so pleased with it. I have put things in the drawers, hair stuff, scarves and such like. I have my make up and nail polishes at easy reach and I am looking forward to 'putting my face on' tonight using the biggest round mirror I have ever seen.

Mr Betty and I are dining out this eve with Mr Other Oooh Betty and Mrs Other Oooh Betty....whoop!

I thought that I should take a few more pics of our bedroom whilst I had my camera poised.

No, I don't iron my sheets....

Too many house books.

And I share picture of the kitties looking particularly adorable.

Don't be fooled though, they are still as evil as they ever were.

Tonight I will mostly be.......GOING OUT....whoop!

Thanks for reading. X

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Monday, 18 June 2012

Magpies and I post fair pics and patter

yesterday I stood at the Magpies and I vintage and craft fair in Altrincham
i was in the hall this time
we were warm and dry but i did think it slightly quieter than the area i am usually in
it is a lovely hall though

i had a little helper with me 

in the form of 'middle' son
it was nice having some company although i did have to buy him a game, hot chocolate and a rather substantial pin'n'mix

it was rather nice just focusing on the haberdashery and kitties, i was set up within 10 mins and i only had to lug 4 suitcases in (i say I, it was actually Mr betty).

i had lots of lovely visitors as always

it was lovely chatting with Vanessa and Sarah, i can't tell you how much i appreciate your visits

i didn't do amazingly well on the sales front, i only sold 3 kitties this time but i did really enjoy myself
i will be in the same spot next month so lets hope it is a bit busier

before i go (i am knicker knackered) i must update you on Mr Bettys robbery

the good news is that almost all the money has been refunded
we now know that Mr Betty drew out £20 from a cash point to get a taxi home and within 10 minutes of that event the thief had pick pocketed his card and used the same machine to withdraw £200 from our account
the police are assuming that the thief must have looked over his shoulder to obtain his pin number
the next morning they shopped at Asda and then went to a Lloyds bank and withdrew (over the counter might I add) £1930 leaving us heavily in to our overdraft

Mr Betty feels shocked and ashamed. he feels that he had too much to drink and was taken advantage of
i don't feel like this towards him at all
Mr betty never drinks and this was just an unfortunate event
it is a stark warning that you can never be too careful
Mr betty is a big, strong man but these people/ person took the risk
he only had his phone and card and had deliberately left his wallet and keys at home
from sharing this awful story on my blog it has become shockingly apparent that this is not uncommon and i have had a lot of messages of support but sadly many of them tell of similar stories and prove that it can happen to anyone
i want to thank everyone for their support it was much needed at a very stressful time but it seems we will live to afford another day :)

tonight i will mostly be relaxing...i need it, drinking sweet sweet tea and watching 'the street'
thanks for reading, you are all amazing. x

New Kitties (in boxes of course).

Quick post about some new kitties I have just listed on Folksy.
I think I have been withering on about my Kitties in Boxes without having the common sense to explain what they are, where they can be purchased and how much they cost.
I am a bit thick like that!

I have recently got really in to making and selling my kitties and have been doing rather well at the fairs, ok on Folksy (mainly thanks to my lovely blog friends) and also selling to family and friends. They do make rather good gifts if I do say so myself.

Basically, cut a story and all that jazz, my kitties are made out of felt and are hand stitched using embroidery thread.
I hand stitch their faces so that they all have individual, unique expressions.
I use vintage buttons for their eyes.
My mum knits all their sweaters and vests at my demand and I am very demanding ;)
I make the little skirts. Both the jumpers and skirts are made from thrifted fabrics and yarn.

Each kitty comes in its very own retro house box that is handmade (by me, my mum has refused) out of recycled card. the boxes are lined with recycled card that has a retro wallpaper print.

I have just listed some new kitties on Folksy today and you can find them all here

I would love to make some custom kitties if the need arises with chosen names, breed and clothes.

Thanks to everyone has bought kitties from me so far I really do appreciate it.

I will be back shortly with a post fair post and some news (good) on the robbery situation.

Sunday, 17 June 2012

My 'Vintage Manchester' article. Vintage Favourites.

Evening all.
Mr Betty is out getting pizza. I absolutely cannot cook tonight.
I will update on the robbery story tomorrow and also do a post fair blog.

I just wanted to share this article with you.

Have a little look and tell me what you think.
X x x

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Saturday, 16 June 2012

Mr Betty has been robbed.

Third post of the day. Very unusual but I have to share some awful news.
Last night Mr Betty was robbed of his bank card.
Over night they have spent all our money and took us to our overdraft limit.
We are devastated, how do people do this to others?
Just when you think you are getting somewhere in life something makes you realise that nothing should be taken for granted.
The police are calling tomorrow at 9 and they are confident we will be reimbursed by the good people at Lloyds TSB. I pray they do or god knows what will happen to us financially.
The b*****ds have spent £2000 on football tickets and I bet they are making a holiday of it. We have had to scrape all our pennies together to afford a holiday abroad this year....why?

Sorry, I just had to get this off my chest and thank god I have my blog.

I will update you on any developments. Mr Betty is distraught :(
I love you Mr Betty. X

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Things that are making me smile.

Hello again, bet you are sick of me today.
I am like a bus, nothing comes along for days and then 2 appear in quick succession.

I did want to be a little earlier with this post but I have been bogged down with things.
Largest son has been a pain, coming in late last night when he promised he wouldn't and then getting up early to go to Chester for 'Chester Rocks' refusing to take a coat and there ore causing a ding dong. Kids!

Mr Betty went out last night and was 'forced' to drink too much. He is not a drinker and never goes out so he is in a big mess today. I am staying well out of the way....I do not cope well with sick buckets particularly when they contain purple stuff.
I can guarantee he will not want to go out on the lash for at least 2 years. He did blame his nausea on a man in a bar who sprayed aftershave on him??? Where the hell has he been??

Littlest lost his first tooth.
It was literally hanging off to the point where it had gone black over the last couple of days. Luckily he pulled it himself in the end, it has been a real hoohaa.

I thrifted yet another little terrier today whilst distracted from the planned purchase of buttons.
At 99p he was coming home no matter what. He will join the other terrier and poodle later today so they can 'mingle' into the eraly hours.

Littlest is crazy for cutting, sticking and stapling at the moment. He is wrapped up in it for hours at a time...literally. We have been displaying his work over the fireplace in the playroom.

I love it when kids craft.
I have been buying a sketch pad a day however and must get myself to the local DIY shop and purchase some rolls of lining paper, so much more cost efficient.

The kitties are adorable......
whilst asleep. During their waking hours, which seem a lot more than is natural for cats, they are an absolute nuisance. They demand I throw a toy mouse for at least an hour a day. I have just pulled the sofa out and retrieved 5 cotton reels, 2 rolls of elastic, 2 thimbles, 17 pieces of Lego, a pen, numerous bits of paper and 3 toy mice. I have taken to sitting with a bag of treats so I can distract them from my stitching.

I hope they will continue to love each other into their adult lives but that they will calm down into sleepy lazy kitties quite soon.

I have taken a stall at Magpies tomorrow.
It was a very last minute thing and I was going to give it a miss for a couple of reasons. Firstly because I did Vintage Village last week and I would struggle with stock and prep and secondly due to it being Fathers day.
Mr Betty said he wants me to do it and Middling son is going to come and help me.

I also made a decision to make it more simple and just take my haberdashery supplies and my 'Kitty In A Box'.
This means that I am travelling very lightly.

I will take all my fabrics, bedspreads, curtains, hoops, handles and loads of threads.

And I will bring all the ribbons and lace.

I will also take a few choice nik naks. Lambs and fawns etc

It is quite nice knowing that I will be set up quickly and easily. It is nice to not worry about pottery and glass. I am now quite excited about a different direction for Oooh Betty.

Another thing that I have done today is de activate my Facebook account.
I read a post today by Fading Grace and it has really hit home. You can read it here and you will probably understand where she is coming from.
I commented on her lovely blog to say that I understood and that I would like to cancel my Facebook account too but that I maybe need it for promoting my stall, shop and blog.

I then got to thinking that actually, my Facebook 'Oooh Betty' page has never got up and running. I maybe don't really get it but I think I needed people to like it and they didn't.
So, what was I doing on Facebook? Well, nowt.

So, I have bitten the bullet and de activated, let's see if I can live without it.

The thing about blogging is that it enables you to 'mix' with like minded souls that can inspire and support your ideas. I blog about things I would never share on Facebook.
I will still Tweet about Oooh Betty stuff but for me it is just about the blogging now but as Fading Grace said, i will NOT focus on stats, I will realise how lucky I am to have the lovely followers I currently have and I WILL blog more efficiently....ahem.

I hope this has not come across as a rant.

So, who is coming to see me and Middling son at Magpies and I tomorrow?
It is in the indoor market hall in Altrincham and my stall will be situated in the brick built hall near the cafe. Let's see how it goes.

Tonight I will mostly be sewing whiskers on kitties, laughing at Mr Betty and having an early night (not like that, Mr Betty is too weak).

Thanks for reading. X

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Staircase House Museum, Stockport.

I have been meaning to do this post for a while now, well, since I visited Staircase House to be precise.
I have been busy of late and have had 'Littlest off school, he is now much better.
This will be my first of 2 posts today as I am really keen to do a 'things that are making me smile post' later. I also have a last minute fair announcement.

The pics don't really do the museum justice I am sad to say as I used my mobile phone. I wish I had taken my camera but it was rainy so I had rain jackets, umbrella, emergency entertainment toys (we were eating out, you know the drill).

Littlest and I got the bus in to Stockport and met our friends at Blackshaws cafe in the Market place. The cafe is good and it is connected via a doorway to the museum which is very handy in a downpour situation. I loved sitting in Blackshaws and looking out onto the red and green paintwork of the Victorian Market Hall, you all know how I feel about that place.

After our lunch we headed the extremely short distance to the museum.
We were given a very in depth talk on the house and how to get the most out of our visit and we were each given a phone like device so that we could be directed around and learn all there was to learn about each room. Mic, me and our boys of 3 were useless with the gadgets but the boys thought they were pretty cool and seemed to use them as walkie talkies.

Now, the thing about Staicase House is that it is all interactive or hands on so to speak and it is presented like a 'lived in house, ie, no plaques, information boards etc.
It is amazing for kids, absolutely brilliant. If you are local or willing to bob over to Stockport it is well worth a visit. My friend and I just loved all the decor and furnishings.

The rooms gradually progress through different eras in time as you cover the house.
I have taken a few pics so that you can see how much our boys got involved.

Checking out the 'dead scratchy' bed. They dressed up in this room too!

Littlest stoking the open fire in the kitchen. The kitchen contained fresh herbs, aprons and brooms and a bird to pluck.....Littlest was not up for the plucking and said it was too feathery.

Writing with quills. All 3 boys loved this bit and spent quite some time in this room. Us adults loved it too, I think I was quite good at it.

Our boys enjoying soup and bread. They found the little WC that was situated off this room utterly hilarious. Again, hats to wear and tall leather boots to try out.

This bedroom was my favourite room, so pretty. It had a wardrobe with a few garments of the time hanging inside. A dressing table of vintage lovelies and some beautiful old birthday cards on display....really lovely.

If you want to visit you can find all the important info here.

There is another museum next door which is free and really good. It includes toys throughh the ages (right up my street). Old shop fittings (right up my street). A 50s kitchen ( get the gist). So worth a visit, can't believe I didn't go sooner.
My friend and I have promised each other that we will go again, kid free. I would love to spend more time taking in all the finer details and stare at the 50s kitchen and kitchenalia for a much longer time than the boys gave us chance to do.

I hope the pics haven't been too pants.
Thanks for reading and I will be back later today with a 'smile' post and my fair news.

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